How to Stay Safe from Cybercrime

Technology has had massive impact on human life, a lot have been simplified. For example, communication is at its best at the moment. Even though there are endless benefits of technology, let’s not forget there are some risks associated with it. In the current digital error, cybercrime has become a big threat affecting individuals and organizations.

Today, 70% of the globes’ population have access to the Internet. People use the internet in facilitating online transactions and digital communication. Therefore, safeguarding yourself from cybercrime is Important. In this post, you will read about the types of cybercrime, the identity theft concept, how to protect oneself and the pros offered by Norton.

Common types of cybercrimes


It is a kind of social engineering attack where the attacker sends factious emails and messages to the user. The aim is to fool them into divulging personal information about themselves or attempt to download and install malicious software to exploit the system.

Identity theft

This is where an individual illegally obtains someone’s identifications data like credit card information or personal pictures, typically with the aim of making/obtaining money or committing a crime/fraud.


This is where hackers gains illegal access to personal computers or networks and makes alterations on how they operate.

What is identity theft?

It is among the several common cybercrimes where cybercriminals use stolen personal data to impersonate the original owner. The thieves tend to go after information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other private information. When a thief has the above information they can perpetrate fraud, making the owner go through mental and financial hardship. Identity theft can occur via the following techniques, malware assault, data breaches and phishing.

How to protect yourself online

It requires awareness, vigilance and the use of strong security measures to safeguard oneself from cybercrime. Here are some of the precautions to take:

Keep your devices up to date

Ensure your computers and mobile devices have the latest security software, web browser and operating system. By doing so, your devices will be safe from the viruses, malware and any other online threats.

Strong password

When creating passwords, ensure you make it complex and hard to guess. You need to mix letters, numbers and characters. Doing this will make it hard for someone else to access your private space.

Enable the two-factor authentication (2FA)

By using 2FA you add an extra step in verifying your identity every time you log in. 2FA will make your smart gadgets safe from hacking and no one will be able to access your accounts or devices.

Be aware of phishing scams

While accessing the internet via your phone or computer, be careful about the links that you come across. These links might be sent to you via emails or messages don’t click on them if they are from unknown sources, as you might lose your data to the cybercriminals.

Advantages of Norton Security Solution

Norton provides a selection of security products that will safeguard you from the common cybercrime activities. Here are the benefits of Norton:

Exemplary features

Norton has features that play a vital role in fighting against cybercrimes. They have features like credit score check that enables you to monitor credit score regularly. This allows you to detect theft and unauthorised access at an early stage.

Parental control

Norton Security Solutions provide parents with tools that will enable them to monitor and control their kids’ internet activities. The tool enhances a safer online environment for the whole family.


With all the available features and tools of Norton is a product that regardless of your company’s size, it perfectly satisfies your security demands.

More than an antivirus

Norton is more than your typical antispyware and antivirus program. The product offers end to end protection for all your devices and servers. Additionally, it uses the proactive technologies that safeguard your devices and server from unidentified attacks.


In the current digital age, identity theft among the severe personal security breaches. One must adopt robust internet security mechanisms to be safe from it. This includes using strong passwords, updating the system’s software, being aware of phishing, etc.

Norton offers robust security solutions with important features like credit score checks, safe VPN and password management. Cybercrime activity can be reduced by being informed and taking preventative action.

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