Best Chrome Video Downloader Extensions in 2021

Chrome Video Downloaders are certain web extensions that are utilized for downloading videos from various websites. These video downloaders are usually proficient in supporting a variety of video file formats and are quite compatible with almost any device you use. 

But, why are Chrome Video Downloaders extensively used? 

It is so because Chrome is coherently the most popular internet browser apps that presently has enraptured many users under its enigmatic features. The smoothness and accuracy of Chrome work in favour of being the ideal video downloader app platform.

Chrome is also highly integrative with not only online browser-based software but also external third-party applications. Hence, Chrome video downloaders are ideal for those who wish to watch an endless stream of videos from various websites easily. Some of the best Chrome Video Downloader Apps that you can use for your leisure purposes. Most of these Chrome Video Downloaders are free to use as well.

Best Chrome Video Downloader Extensions

  • Youtube by Click Downloader
  • Itebugo
  • Vid Juice
  • Leawo Video Downloader
  • Flexclip
  • Addoncrop
  • Flash Video Downloader

1. Youtube by Click Downloader

Compatible with internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, Youtube by Click Downloader predominantly gets the youtube videos downloaded for the user to stream. Sitting well with Windows PC, Youtube by Click Downloader is readily available to be used in free as well as paid versions for around $19.99. 

Adorned with the assets of easy to use and navigation options on the smooth User Interface, Youtube by Click Downloader lets you easily download longer videos in less time as well as you can download Youtube playlists

Applicable to perform the same formidable functions even via proxy servers and other connections, Youtube by Click Downloader supports the downloading of both public and private videos.

2. Itebugo

Specifically designed to download the Youtube videos for the users, Itubego is capable of converting the downloaded videos to any of the feasible formats available as per the convenience of the user; these include MP3, MP4, 4K as well as HD MP4. 

The versatility of Itubego clearly shows in the form of multiple platforms, video and audio formats it is able to support. Also, it automatically looks for relevant subtitles while streaming the probable TV shows and movies. 

There are two versions available for Itubego: the free and paid editions. You can opt for any, however, the paid version would lift the restrictions free version comprises. 

3. Vid Juice

This video downloader software lets you have access to more than 1000 websites along with converting the downloaded videos to the highest resolution and format possible, around 8K. 

It can easily access, download and convert the video file formats into legible modes to view later at 10 times more speed than estimated. The software is comparatively easy to use and store seeing to the mere steps involved: select the video you wish to download and convert, select the resolution and format, get the video converted after pasting it, with additional steps (if any) flashing on the screen. 

It easily manages and stores the downloaded videos. Plus, it lets the user have access to downloaded subtitles.

4. Leawo Video Downloader

Available for downloading almost all the video comprising websites on the device being used, Leawo Video Downloader has been known for its extraordinary 6 times more download speed capacity. 

The highly compatible tool that sits well with Windows and Mac PCs, the Leawo Video Downloader comprises letting the videos be converted post download into reasonable resolutions of 720p and 1080p. 

The best part is that the software also possesses an inbuilt video player system where one can possibly watch the downloaded videos. Even though you can try the software for free, the pricing starts at $29.95 per year. 

5. Flexclip

Have you ever wished to edit the video that you downloaded because there are certain changes to make for a better streaming experience but could not? FlexClip is the answer to your queries. 

The excellent video downloader software lets the user edit the videos with full-fledged editing services at hand’s reach, FlexClip is also equally capable of providing the most joyous and colourful experience to the user given that it has a brilliant User Interface. 

The library of FlexClip consists of a variety of media files like audio, video, images, stickers and more. The fact that this entire set of services is available free of cost should be enough to make you get the software right away. 

Ps. There are several customisable and personalisation options to avouch too. 

6. Addoncrop

The Addoncrop video downloader is not only compatible with Chrome but other internet browsers like Opera, Edge Vivalidi as well. Designed and executed for accessing and downloading videos from the Youtube platform, Addoncrop supports video quality over a framework of 1080p, 720p as well as 480p. 

Delivering qualitative video streaming resolution, Addoncrop can be accessed after installing Crosspilot extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. Amidst the several permissions granted for installation, the path of downloading videos will involve the browser being active. 

Then, the video will be downloaded after making appropriate selections of resolution and format specified. 

7. Flash Video Downloader

Regarded as the ‘Smart Chrome Extension,’ Flash Video Downloader, unlike other Chrome Video Downloaders, has acquired the title because of its extremely smart automation techniques that cannot be underestimated. 

Surprisingly coming as an entirely free-to-use software despite the advanced features associated with it, Flash Video Downloader involves neat and tidy steps for simplified download to begin for the requested video. 


The aforementioned Chrome video downloaders are capable of downloading videos from not only Youtube or online-based websites but various other installed applications on the system. These are even able to get hold of the videos on social media platforms and download them for you. 

However, one important note must be taken into account regarding the usage of the downloaded videos. No video should be downloaded without the official consent of the creator. These created materials should neither be shared on other platforms with the concern of the owner nor without credits to the creator. Also, it would be equally offensive if an attempt is made to tamper with the videos in order to remove the watermarks or ownership. 

Doing so would call for strict measures against breach of privacy.

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