How To Remove Watermarks From Videos Online For Free?

Watermarks are indeed an important part of maintaining the righteousness and ownership over one’s own creation. Watermarks prevent the created aspect to be used as someone else’s property. 

Why To Remove Watermarks?

However, at certain times, watermarks become a major distraction and eyesore especially when users are sharing it with a larger audience on various platforms. It is so because the eyes automatically rack itself over the watermark and the beauty of the creation might be lost. 

Also, there are situations where the app that had once been used to make a video is now banned and therefore, you cannot upload it on public platforms without being in trouble because of the watermark of the app. 

Oftentimes, creators pain the watermark so extensively over the face of the video that the content grows invisible beneath it. Therefore, removing the watermark becomes essential in these situations for better viewing of the content. 

What Can You Do?

In order to remove watermark, there are various methods to conceal or entirely remove it by using an apt software:-

  • Remove the watermark by cropping the place if the watermark is placed at a corner somewhere. Therefore, minor cropping will not hurt the overall outlook. 
  • Removing the watermark by blurring the watermark with a mosaic is better than cropping because cropping might remove a significant part of the video. 
  • Removing the watermark by replacing it with a new one is probably the best option amongst all as it does not remove nor blurs any other parts of the frame of video. 

You can follow any of these steps from the following apps that you can choose based on the compatibility of your device. 

Watermarks Remover For Android Mobile Users

For Android smartphone users, the Google Playstore is a haven to resort to. There are plenty of applications available besides the Remove and Add Watermark application that lets the user remove the watermark as well as replace it with a new one. 

The steps to remove the watermark involved in the video are as follows:-

Step 1: Open the application after successfully installing it on your android device and then move to the section where you can upload the video with a watermark to edit it. 

Step 2: From the section of video importing, you can get the video from your stored gallery. 

Step 3: Next, once the video appears pasted over your screen, you will be given various options to edit. Select the watermark removal option and then hover over the area where the watermark is present on the video frame. 

Step 3: Swiftly remove the watermark by appropriately zooming in and out. Then, save the video after removing the watermark with a satisfied grin. The video will be soon saved on your device, which now has no watermark, and you can easily access it. 

Watermarks Remover For iPhone Mobile Users

There are various third-party applications that can be used to remove watermarks from the videos. The apple or iPhone users can opt for any of the options available. Download the required application from the Apple Store, like Video Eraser

Steps to remove the watermark from the video are:-

Step 1: Open the selected application after successfully installing it on your mobile and then bring out the video from the gallery by surfing into the import section. 

Step 2: On the apprehended video icon, there is an option for the removal of the watermark. Remove the watermark and save the video. Maybe you will have to start the video while removing the watermark. 

You can later on the preview to check if the watermark removed has to be redone or not. 

For the mobile users, the various apps also include Remove Logo now works similarly to the other two mobile watermark removers.  

Watermarks Remover For PC Users

In order to sit fit with the PC users of Mac, Windows as well as Linux, it would be best to choose an online software for the removal of the watermark. While software like Filmora Wondershare for Windows, Video Editor Plus and iMovie are available for both Mac and Windows that perform all the three functions to remove watermark effortlessly, they have to be installed that might take up some space. 

Rather, Apowersoft surfs far better than all these. It is online software that can edit videos from all file types as well as convert them into a suitable file according to your wish. Although it is free to use, the paid version that gives unlimited access to the user starts at around $40. 

Besides performing the three functions to remove the watermark, it can easily outsmart other apps with its features of adding subtitles, regulating the durations and lots more. Follow the given steps to get the watermark removed from the video:-

Step 1: Open apowersoft software on your browser and then move to the bluish section where you can drop the videos. 

Step 2: Then, select a video from your system, either drag and drop it or import it from the downloads of your computer. 

Step 3: Once the video is projected over the screen, go to the ‘Add Box’ where you will find the Erase Option. Erase the watermark stipulated on the video. 

Step 4: In the last and final step, download the video from the download option. Your video this time without the watermark will be stored on your device. 

The PC users can also opt for Kapwing and Video Mark remover online software. 


So, these were some of the best ways that you can resort to in order to remove a watermark. However, kindly understand that the credit to the owner is equally important as presenting qualitative content in front of the audience. 

Therefore, do not forget to provide credits to the actual creator if you have removed the watermark and are presenting it on some other platform. Also, what you can do is ask the creator prior to removing the watermark to avoid the unwitting state of being convicted for copyright violation issues. 

So, what do you think about these amazing methods to remove watermarks online entirely for free based on the compatibility of your devices? Let us know in the comments!

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