6 Best Free Subtitles Download Sites in 2022

The world has evolved itself in many comprehensive and apprehending ways. The previous few generations had mainly preferred to watch and stream movies or TV shows that are solely affiliated with their understood language. Therefore, the barrier of languages had been drawn for creative arts like movies and TV shows. 

However, since the advent of subtitles that allows the viewer to understand the video even if it belongs to some other foreign language, this barrier has been vanquished. Now, you can connect to many exciting movies of various genres with the help of subtitles because you can read the dialogues and settings in your own language flashing before the screen. 

But, subtitles are not available for all the videos. It becomes increasingly frustrating when you are dying to watch a video but that is not possible unless you learn the language it streams in or find a suitable subtitle downloader. 

If you happen to opt for the latter, then here is your reward! Follow the amazing list of free subtitle downloading websites that will help you understand and watch the video you love without any language barriers:-

Best Free Subtitles Download Sites

  • OpenSubtitles
  • Podnapisi
  • Addic7ed
  • Subtitle Seeker
  • VLC Player

1. OpenSubtitles

A completely free-to-use site, OpenSubtitles consists of a vast library of subtitles present over a large range of languages. Be it film or TV shows of any region, the database of OpenSubtitle comprises the subtitles of all of these. 

The version is easy to use because of its lightweight as well as supportive enough provided that the interface works smoothly and proactively responds. The search key of the site has been optimised to the most advanced level of finally conveying the ability to present any type of movie from any genre and language before the user in no time, further aided by its multi-language search capability. 

2. Podnapisi

Need subtitles for the latest movie or TV show? Find it here!

The most up-to-date amongst all, Podnapisi is an absolutely free-to-use and avail subtitle site that offers the latest subtitles for various entertainment media outlets. The overall outlook of the site is pleasing and welcomes the user heartily to its User Interface. The UI has been known to function quite smoothly, comprehending the clarity and latest updates that happen regularly on the site. 

As the search bar has been optimised to impart greater search capabilities to the user, from the oldest to the newest of all is present in the database of Podnapisi. There is also a Global Language Filter available that allows you to surf through preferred language subtitles according to your desire. 

3. Addic7ed

Not only capable of viewing but also editing, Addic7ed certainly stands out of the crowd with its otherworldly capabilities as a subtitle download site. While the site might fall short of its user-attracting capabilities upon entering the site, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

The user is granted the extraordinary ability to set the preferred language from the home page itself and surf unrivalled throughout the entirety based on the preferred subtitles you previously selected. 

The cherry on top is the space for discussion forums provided so that like-minded individuals can form groups and discuss about a particular movie or TV show they watched. The search bar has been optimised for quick searches and presenting the newest subtitles available for the movies or TV shows. 

4. Subtitle Seeker

Graced with an easy to avail and use interface, the user-friendly site consists of a vast library that comprises content dating back to days and till now in recent times. Therefore, Subtitle Seeker would be the best choice for those looking for movies from all timelines. You are allowed to choose between a Zip or an SRT file during downloading of the subtitles. 

Also, along with the optimised search bar that can easily present the content asked for, the homepage has been equally optimised so as to provide the latest updates for the subtitles for the newest releases. 

5. VLC Player

Most people have VLC players on their desktops and that is quite an in-built software. Surprisingly, you can get subtitles for the video even using a VLC player. All you have to do is download the VLCSub which is a plugin of the software. Then, when you manoeuvre into the VLC sub, you will get the option to choose the video and also scour for popular subtitle providers. After finding the accurate one, you can easily move to stream videos. 

For android, if you download the VLC app, all you have to do is select the download subtitle option in the app and there is no need for any other plugins. You may also surf for extra subtitles options for a better user experience. 


Besides being mesmerised by the movies produced within the domestic boundaries because of the beauty of vernacular languages, International movies also hold a charm of their own. Therefore, in order to be able to access the movies beyond the borders, is the most relevant subtitles download site to use. 

Currently, there is a craze for Korean movies and TV shows. This site is capable of translating not only Korean but a wide variety of international films into the simplest form of justified English for the user to understand it well. 

The site is entirely free to use and concludes a pretty basic look to adore. All you have to do is select the subtitles you need and click on the download button for the video to be equipped with subtitles. 


There are many others available besides the above-mentioned ones, like English Subtitles, Subs4Free and the famous YIFY subtitles that are also equally easy to use and have the same method of functioning. There is also a DIVX subtitles available that works phenomenal on the desktop to create subtitles and your own SRT files. 

So, what do you think about these easy-to-use and avouch download sites for subtitles? You might need it to watch movies from various languages for the upcoming Halloween. Let us know in the comments which one did you like the most and why! Since you are here, check out these free movie download websites that you can use for the latest movies and TV series. Similarly, you can also check out the free movie download apps if you are using android smartphones.

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