Best Browsers for Android TV in 2022

Televisions have become a lot smarter, and smart TVs now have a plethora of features. You can use Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kodi, Plex, and many other apps to stream TV shows and movies, and even stream games from your computer. You can also do internet surfing though stock Android doesn’t come with a pre-installed web browser and you have to install it manually. So, which is the best browser for Android TV?

For people that wish to check several of the very best browsers for Android TV, the following choices ought to assist you lots. We’ve attempted to incorporate browsers that are at present in the development and act correctly with Android Tv’s remote navigation.

A lot of browsers, including Opera, TVWeb and Kiwi, claim support for Android TV, however, they are not engineered for TVs. That’s why I haven’t talked about them in this list. Still, if you really like Chrome, you’ll find that this list includes many of the most effective options. Since we are through it, let us take a look at the list.

Best Web Browsers for Android TV

  • Google Chrome
  • JioPagesTV
  • The Puffin TV Browser
  • TV Bro
  • Firefox for Android TV

1. Google Chrome

You might be surprised to know that Google Chrome is not as smooth on Android TV as it is on smartphones. Actually, Google Chrome is not offered on the Play Store of Android TV. But, you can sideload it to your Android TV box using the web version of the Play Store.

If you are interested to know what the experience is like? In fact, it’s not all that great. You won’t find any overlay navigators, and sometimes scrolling is caught on particular targets, which can be annoying.

Not only does voice search always work, but often the typing keyboard doesn’t show up. Along with that, you’ll have the option of syncing your Google account which takes optimized websites across the site, though that’s about it. For those of you who don’t have a wireless mouse and keyboard connected to your Android TV, you’ll have the ability to use Chrome. In any event, it is not optimized to work with Android TV’s remote.

 2. JioPagesTV

Reliance Jio offers a version of the JioPages internet browser for Android smartphones, and today they also have an Android TV version of the internet browser. You don’t need to be worried about sideloading the APK as the app can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. You can simply download the browser to enable you to get internet access from your TV. JioPagesTV offers a full range of different content apart from what you would find in the browser. The browser additionally supports local languages ​​and you are able to purchase a huge range of pre-selected videos. Plus, you’re able to use Incognito Browsing here too, and that’s extremely helpful.

You’ll find an integrated PDF reader, and download manager, along with a news area that can help you stay up to date with what’s happening in the world. In general, it’s great if you want to try out the Android TV browser.

 3. The Puffin Tv Browser

The 3rd most effective Android TV web browser will be the Puffin TV browser. The very best thing relating to this app is it’s sold on the Play Store for Android TV and that signifies that you are able to put it on your TV and begin using it instantly. The Puffin TV browser additionally features a similar, Firefox-like appearance which has cards along with a search bar for customized URLs.

In case you wish to view movies from a number of sites then Puffin TV browser is going to be of great assistance. The only downside with this browser is its restricted free usage daily. You will need to join its paid program when you’ve topped the limit. The paid package is better in case you are able to assure your browsing experience is seamless. 

4. TV Bro

TV Bro is an incredibly handy browser for Android TV that works quite well and is currently being developed. You have to sideload on your Android TV as it is not available from the play store. With regards to the browser, it is open source and also uses Android’s integrated web rendering engine (WebKit). It is fully compatible with Android TV’s remote and includes tabs, shortcuts, history, bookmarks and even voice search.

The program outperforms Firefox virtually within my tests, and it’s pretty remarkable. Not to mention, there is also a download manager. All this is available at no cost. Just download TV Bro Internet Browser for your Android TV and set it up right away.

5. Firefox

For Android TV, Firefox might be the best browser. It is a specific Internet browser for Android TV, built using its API and includes a card-like user interface and scrollable navigator. You’re able to just key in the URL, search using the voice button, or open any card wide.

The best thing about this is that it syncs your Firefox account with every little thing you can do to set your bookmarks, favorite sites as well as passwords from your PC. Note that Mozilla began working on a televised version of Firefox in 2017 and continued to work on it until 2020.

Firefox is most likely the best web browser for Android Tv in case you need one. With that said all of that, remember, the app isn’t on the Play Store due to whatever reason.

Which one is the Best Browser for Android TV?

These are the best internet browsers for Android Tv. There’re several additional browsers as well which we’ve pointed out above but in my tests, they had been packed with advertisements, the rendering was very slow, and videos refused to play. I consequently didn’t talk about such browsers. Anyhow, that’s all of us. In case you’ve any inquiries then leave a write down below and tell us how they are going.

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Common FAQs – Web Browser for Android TV

Q. Does Android TV have a Web Browser?

As stated earlier, Android TVs do not come with a pre-built web browser. However, there are several web browsers for Android TV that do the job.

Q. Can You Install Chrome Browser on Android TV?

Yes, you can install the Chrome web browser on Android TV, but you’ll need to sideload it from the web version of the Play Store. Alternatively, you can also download the APK file from trusted APK sites.

Q. Which is the best Web Browser for Android TV?

Firefox for Android TV and TV Bro are some of the best browsers for Android TV. You can go through our above list to find the best browser for Android TV.

Q. How Can I Browse the Internet on Android TV? To browse the Internet, you need to download any of the browser apps mentioned above and install them on your Smart TV. You can install them however you like and start browsing the web on your Android TV.

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