Best Android TV Apps To Use In 2021

Television is no longer limited to certain cable connections; it has further evolved into a larger base like the world has in the field of technological advancements. Deployed by Google, an android TV is based out of a TV operating system of Android.

First launched in June 2014, the android TV of google includes the following:-

  • Digital set-up boxes
  • Television sets
  • Digital media players
  • Sound bars
  • Integrated with Google technologies (Google Assistant, Knowledge Graph, and Cast). 

The entire setup of the Android TV app has been well-integrated and supported by the operating system networks. It is so because the Google-developed product is then meticulously integrated with smart tv hardware. 

Some of the best Android TV Apps to use and stream your favourite shows as well as movies and other media channels are the following:-

Best Android TV Apps

  1. Sideload Launcher
  2. Wake on LAN
  3. Airscreen
  4. Total Commander
  5. Network TV Apps
  6. X-plore File Manager
  7. TVUsage

1. Sideload Launcher

While Android TV apps are largely compatible to use and avouch, the existing updates require the apps to be updated and get them installed in the Google PlayStore. Therefore, there are certain apps that are not yet compatible with the Android TV OS and the only way in which the apps can be restored to their is by getting them sideloaded. 

Hence, the sideload launcher is readily available for this purpose. 

The sideload launcher is easy to install and allows the user to sideload for using the apps when the device faces compatibility issues with its operating system. The software is free to use and avail by a mere process of the download. 

2. Wake on LAN

Regarded as the only android TV app that is capable of remotely waking up the computer system, Wake on LAN with the following set of features that justifies its existence:-

  • Mostly turns out as a subordinate and helping platform that facilitates a better streaming experience for the users of Kodi and Plex
  • The main function of Wake on LAN is that if the server happens to fall asleep, the software shall jerk it awake on the remotely operated computer. In this way, you can easily stream the content.

3. Airscreen

Forthright and widely supported as well as appropriately integrated with the Google Cast platform, the AireScreen can easily cast content of any sort from the smartphones or android devices of the user. 

The features it upholds highly of include the added integration with Miracast DLNA protocols. Not only Android but AirScreen is even capable of casting and streaming the content from Apple forums as the AirPlay of Apple is not often well-supported. 

The ability to mirror the screen of mobile devices on the Android TV screen is quite laudable. 

4. Total Commander

A file manager of Android indeed but falling in the category one of the top-notch of its kind, the Total Commander has been highly regarded for its following features as well as functions:-

  • It can easily browse the files designated and perform effective side-loading functions of apps efficiently
  • It comprises an ingrained media player for the audio and video files available in the device
  • Total commander is proficient in managing the files and folders of your device properly because of the dual-panel system
  • Supporting servers: FTP, LAN, SFTP, and WebDAV. 

5. Network TV Apps

The Network TV apps come out to be an intersection or junction of all the media aspects one had been looking for (like sports, music, food network, comedy, movies and TV shows). The completely free to use and avail come along with the following facets to appreciate:-

  • The timeline of the entertainment media ranges from the brim of the old classics to the newest mobile available for downloading and installing pictures. 
  • Sometimes, the software is even capable of making it all turn into an absolute live TV streaming. 

However, there is a possibility that some of the apps may require certain subscription-based services. 

6. X-plore File Manager

X-plore file manager acts as a file manager that stores the data downloaded or imported in the local storage file and folder of the device. However, the actual function of the X-plore file manager comes into play when you are performing sideload app functions. 

The reason behind the high recommendation of the X-plore file manager lies in the following features it possesses:-

  • By taking in account the ease of management, simplicity of navigation and to promote the user-friendly aura of the software, x-plore file manager consists of a dual-pane approach so that the loading and transferring of the APK files becomes easy. 
  • It comprises the ability to transfer the APK files from USB stick to the cloud drives of the accountable device. 

7. TVUsage

Equipping a swift and smart parental control, the TVUsage software is free to use but does come with in-app purchases. The main advantage of this app is that the parents can now save their kids from being introduced to the regressive themes telecasted on TV nowadays. 

The app also lets the parents keep a daily record of the entire usage along with daily as well as weekly stats. The parents will also get to know about the screen time watched for. There will also be daily reminders set if the limit has been crossed or an extensive usage has occurred. 

If it happens to be a need ultimately, the TVUsage permits the parents to set a pin and then lock the Android TV. 


The main benefits of using an android tv app are that it provides a great deal of voice-operated command control over the devices as well as ensures that the user is not burdened with handling the functions of the TV. 

Along with being easy to use and control, the Android TV rewards the user with further advantages:-

  • It offers high compatibility with the Android devices and sometimes even the iOS branches come into play
  • The built-in Google technology features and the added support from the Google forum is well-appreciated
  • It also provides access to a wide range of android apps in the android devices. 

So, what do you think about the above-mentioned android TV app suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What TV channels are free to stream?

There is a limited number of free TV channels that one can stream on Android TV. You can use Pluto TV where you will get a few ad-supported channels to watch. You may take a subscription to apps like SlingTV.

2. Do all Android apps work on Android TV?

Yes, almost all Android apps support Android TV. A few may not show up on Google Play Store and that you sideload and run them on Android TV.

3. Does the Android TV box use a lot of data?

Yes, the Android TV box can consume a lot of data if you’re watching HD content. However, you can enable data saver mode on Android TV.

4. How do I install Google Play on my Android TV?

You don’t need to install Google Play Store comes on Android TV. It comes pre-installed which you can find in the Apps section.

5. Which apps stream live TV?

As mentioned earlier, there are few TV apps like Sling TV and Pluto TV that allows you to stream live TV channels on your Android TV.

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