Best Chromecast Apps For Google TV to Use in 2021

Google Chromecast is a dongle type device developed by Google. It allows you have a good streaming time by accessing the entertaining media content from the small screens of your mobile phones to the big screen without any subscription charges. The Chromecast gets plugged into the HDMI port of the TV and is connected via a USB cable.

Google TV is an online platform where users can stream videos, available TV shows and movies. A belonger of the Chromecast family, Google TV Chromecast gets accompanied with a remote and Android TV interface. The pair now gives you more access than ever using the basic principles it had been using from the first editions of the Chromecast family. 

Do you want a Chromecast app that comes like a complete package of all these inbuilt systems and features so that you are entertained and streaming content is never short? Here is a list of the best Chromecast apps for Google TV that you can use in 2021!

1. HBO Max

Passing as the successor of HBO Go and Now, HBO Max turns out to be one of the best Chromecast apps for users. Flooded with a vast pool of movies, TV shows and various other entertaining channels like sports, HBO Max stands as the number one entertaining platform seeing to diversity and availability of various genres it has.

HBO Max continues to be one of the most preferable platforms because of the diurnal updates it provides in order to incorporate the newest and latest shows or movies. Plus, it does not leave out the classic contents in the haste of acquiring the new. 

2. Netflix

Being one of the largest OTT platforms and contending as the topmost streaming means against other platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix is known for its interminable high-end quality with which it releases TV shows and movies. 

There are original TV shows and no ads to create a disturbance while streaming the videos. The vast archive is an added benefit that is available in a variety of genres and languages. 

The pricing of Netflix is available in a variety of ranges and for different accounts. The app goes perfectly well with both Android and iOS users. 

3. Pocket Casts

The lovers of podcasts, audio shows of various kinds, should not miss the opportunity to get hold of Pocket Casts because the app profoundly ensues on the trail of letting its listeners be immersed in a soothing palanquin on the ride. 

The user-friendly platform is easy to navigate as the podcasts are methodologically present in the grids and bundles so that upon a quick search (the search bar is highly optimised for fast searches) you can get the episode you were starving for. 

There are various filters available as well lest you can have the best possible method of looking up podcasts. It also has a Trim Silence that can easily save your time by cutting down the extra-long silence. 

4. Media Monkey

An appreciable Chromecast app indeed, MediaMonkey allows the user to record and download and stream the videos and podcasts that they desire. With an easily syncable wifi internet connection, the software is broadly compatible with Windows, Android and iOS platforms. 

Not being limited to the terms of deployment of services of entertaining content merely, MediaMonkey provides an eloquent space for managing the vast library it grants you permission to create. The platform further spreads its wings in the form of various plug-ins in order to get the full potential of its functionality. 

MediaMonkey Chromecast app also lets the user play videos from other devices like CDs and drives. 

5. BubbleUPnP

While surfing for Chromecast apps that ardently promises a secured network and internet connectivity, BubbleUPnP should be the platform one should resort to. Working on the gameplay of getting the entire connectivity done via the means of transcoding, the Chromecast software promises a user-friendly and easy to use platform.

The user will be conveniently able to scour for media channels. Also, the software is proficient in offering the right means for solving any media server-generated issue. Due to the renderer systemic provision of Chromecast, the Chromecast software BubbleUPnP is highly compatible with most of the devices. 

6. NPR One

Designed for presenting itself as a news narrator, story-teller and podcast streamer app, NPR One works like an automated tuner of your interests. Its system analyses your activity on the Chromecast software and then presents you with recommendations based on your past activities. 

Compatible to synchronise with both Android and iOS users, the NPR One has a wide range of topics and subjects available to let you have a glimpse of the world within and beyond barriers.

7. THX tune-up

Working coordinately with the TV and applications, the THX tune-up app has looked forward to yielding the best results out of the methodologies that have been deployed than ever. Like how you manage the themes, colour and brightness of your main, THX tune-up present by gathering these data and diligently to finally present the application.

Due to its robust system, the software will look forward to adjusting the aspect ratio so that the process can go smoothly after the sign-ins. 


Chromecast has to be connected to the HDMI port of your TV in order to work along with a wi-fi connection of minimum 802.11n at 2.4GHz speed. The technology underuse to get access to all the streaming platforms you are connected to is Chromecast Technology.

So, what do you think about these amazing Chromecast with Google TV apps? Let us know in the comments which one did you like the most! Check out the FAQs if you have any queries.

Frequently asked questions –

What is Chromecast?

A dongle type device specially designed for television. You can connect them using the TV’s HDMI port that comes with to add smart functions to your TV. You can easily stream multiple OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+ and TV channels. You can connect it to your home network and then it can be controlled with your smartphone. Apart from this, you can also share content from the Chrome web browser on your PC with the help of Chromecast technology.

How do Chromecast apps work?

To use the Chromecast app, you need a TV or monitor that has an HDMI port. You will also need a Wi-Fi network connection. Other essentials such as a USB power cable with a micro-USB connector, a power supply with a USB 2.0 port, and an HDMI extender will be provided in the box. You just need to configure Chromecast and install the software/app of your choice and then you can stream.

How to cast non Chromecast apps?

For apps that don’t have Chromecast integration, you can use Screen Sharing, which is available on most newer Androids and the Chrome browser on PC. Here are the steps you need to follow to cast to non-Chrome Cast apps.

  • The app access online content and start streaming.
  • Android/Chrome connects to Chromecast, and you can start streaming its screen.
  • You will see the same stuff on both screens but a some delayed on Chromecast.

How to fix Chromecast not working issue?

However, even after all the right connections of HDMI TV Port, wi-fi connection, and appropriate 2.0 USB you see that the Chromecast software is not supporting the system or opening up, follow the given tips to get the system running again:-

  • Refresh your browser
  • Restart your Chromecast. You might also need to reboot your host running device. 
  • Check the wi-fi or internet connections again. 
  • Perform a factory reset as a last resort.

What are the Best Google Chromecast Apps?

Following are some of the best Chromecast apps:

  • BubbleUPnP
  • Netflix
  • Google Home
  • Disney+

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