Android smartphones have become quite popular in recent decades both because of their affordability as well as their accessibility. This platform also readily allows the easy installation and running of various suitable apps for several types of purposes. Hacking apps is also one of them. 

While you might not need to spend your entirety getting access to a meaningful hacking app, it is important to note that these apps are only for ethical hacking and educational purposes. Its main application is involved in forensics for testing the security level and the ability to be impenetrable to improve it accordingly, lest to be safe from the malicious potential hackers.

Here are some of the best android hacking apps to use in 2021 for educational purposes.

Best Hacking Apps For Android

  • WhatsApp Sniffer
  • mSpy
  • Hackode
  • AndroRat
  • FaceNiff
  • Arpspoof
  • cSploit

1. WhatsApp Sniffer

Have you ever wondered what exchange text messages contain on another’s phone and wanted to target it? Whatsapp sniffer is here for you then!

As a parent, you can occasionally use this on your children’s phones. Kindly note that it does not mean to breach their privacy. If you believe that your child is doing something suspicious, because oftentimes some hackers have blackmailed innocent children or an online friend has turned out to be an enemy, you can use this to run a small check.

The user can get into the feeds and see the messages, download any media files or videos and then manipulate with the backup system as well. It can be called more or less screen sharing without the knowledge of the victim android.

2. mSpy

Considered as one of the best hacking software available to rack into the mobile of another person, mSpy uses its capability of 25+ features that give full-on power to you over the phone of another. You can monitor almost all the workings of the other phone like phone calls, SMS, GPS tracking, track the motions over the social media platforms and messaging apps like Whatsapp and lots more. 

The app is compatible with not only Android but also iOS. The easy-to-use and set up app is quite user-friendly and can be easily downloaded and installed.

3. Hackode

Prominently, Hackode is quite an amalgam that does not ask for any personal information before beginning to use this app and therefore, you can continue by keeping yourself private from the prying eyes. 

Comprising around 3 modules which are Reconnaissance, Scanning, and Security Feed, Hackode consists of a favourable combination of toolkits that are commonly used by ethical hackers (even malicious ones), testers for testing security, IT security analysts and administrators, and other professionals from the IT and Cybersecyruirty stratas.

The app provides a prominent platform with tools for Google Hacking, Dorks, Whois, Ping, Traceroute, SQL Injection, MYSQL server, DNS lookup, and several others like IP, MX Records, DNS Dif, Security RSS Feed, Exploits. 

4. AndroRat

Remote Administration Tool for Android (AndroRat) is a device that allows hacking actions to take place even when you are not near the device; you do not have to activate it by solely interacting with the phone because of a message or a phone call would do the trick. 

It is because the software is working on two sides of Java; the app slides on a client-server basis. The Java Android shoulders the client-side while Java Swing serves the server.

The Java-based application, birthing out of Android and Rat, runs smoothly and efficiently with a great deal of controls provided to the user. It monitors all the phone contacts and call logs data of the phone and remotely collects them. 

5. FaceNiff

By utilising a rooted smartphone, the FaceNiff application allows the user to sniff into the network and snoop around the social media networking accounts of other people. Predominantly a favourite for hackers, the tool uses its capacity to steal the information of cookies of the wifi network. It mostly intercepts into the wifi networks of the victim android user as it surfs through the social media sites of the other person. It is advised to use this app primarily for ethical purposes only. 

The drawback of this app is that it needs a premium version for optimal usage because its free period is limited to only 3 profiles. 

6. Arpspoof

This network spoofing app can change the codes and configuration of the network. Arpspoof can prove quite sinister for the victim android because the hacker, or the user, gets immense control over the functioning of the phone, especially in the internet segment. 

The user can manipulate the working of the smartphone. If the user wants, it can redirect the page of the victim android suddenly to a webpage of choice. The threat of this app is that if a hacker gets control over it and makes alterations from the internet perspective, it can create malware or spyware to be laced with the device when it is forcibly directed to an infected web page. 

7. cSploit

The app is used by almost all the technicians and experts involved in the IT field especially for cyber security checks as cSploit can be called the most widely used app in actual industrial applications. It has been extensively researched, retouched and completed with utmost checks over its competency to target the vulnerabilities nearby. 

Like a parasite, once it targets the host servers and weak Wifis around it, cSploit spins an intricately devouring web that latches itself onto the host it wants to attack and then intercepts the network. An easily portable as well as lightweight software, it is mostly rooted over the android. 


So, these were some of the hacking apps for android that you can use for free. There are also some wifi-hacking apps designed for android that can be utilised for similar purposes of hacking the wi-fi network for testing the strength of its security protocols that have applications in android hacking also, like wifi-kill, WPS connect, Shark for Root and zAnti.

So, what do you think about these amazing apps? Let us know in the comments!

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