5 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

Writing isn’t easy and people have to encounter several troubles in their journey of becoming a professional writer. Plagiarism is the biggest problem a writer can face. A writer accused of plagiarism can ultimately damage his/her reputation. Even the hint of duplication in your writing can negatively impact therefore, it’s essential to always use reliable tools for plagiarism check.

Plagiarism is considered a criminal offense and may lead to severe consequences. Therefore, a writer would always be in a safe position if they routinely check plagiarism before submitting their work. Most of the mistakes that occur are unintentional due to improper citations that end up being considered plagiarism. This is the reason a plagiarism check should always be part of a writer’s workflow.

Check Plagiarism with Online Plagiarism Checker Tools!

Firstly, let’s understand the role of a plagiarism checker. Plagiarism Checker is software that you can either install or use online. The tool uses advanced technology to scan the data available on the internet and detect text that matches up with your content. A smart plagiarism checker can even detect similarities in paraphrased sentences.

Content that has quotes of other’s work will not be marked as plagiarized content. However, if the writer has incorrectly cited the sentence, it will fall under the category of a duplicate text. This helps writers to confirm whether the citations and references have been used accurately in their writings. When conducting plagiarism check using a tool, the results show matched texts, go back to your write-up, and correct the duplicate content. A writer who submits his/her writeups without correcting can end up in trouble. Hence, it is always recommended to take this extra step, which is the most critical part of the writing process.

Benefits of Using Online Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism check, an essential exercise allows you to submit your papers confidently. I can’t stress enough how useful plagiarism checker tools are for every writer. Let’s have a look at how these tools can benefit you.

1. Superior Results: Search engines are extremely powerful as it allows you to find anything from around the globe. You need to put your query in the search box and preview tons of details and information in the search results. However, when it comes to checking your write-ups, search engines will help you fetch the data you’re looking for but would fail to detect plagiarism. This is where plagiarism tools play their part. Plagiarism check with these tools prevents you from submitting flawed writing as each text of your article will be thoroughly scanned. This is how powerful these tools are.

2. Detailed Matches: When you check plagiarism using the tool, you get a detailed report of the number of matches found in your content. It also provides the link from where the text has been copied. Moreover, the tool detects plagiarism and tells you what percentage of it has been copied. You can significantly benefit from this feature, and eliminate the risk of duplication.

3. Peace of mind: There’s nothing more comforting than submitting your article with confidence. With the help of a plagiarism tool, you can deliver your writing assignment, knowing it is free from copied text and has been appropriately cited. This step in your writing process can eliminate risk and reduce the stress of rework.

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Which Plagiarism Checkers Should You Use?

Running your finished piece of writing through a reliable plagiarism checking tool can significantly reduce the risk of submitting writing assignments with duplicate content. Since the past few years, more and more companies have come forward with powerful tools to help writers and bloggers. However, one cannot trust all these tools. Some are incredibly reliable, while some aren’t efficient enough to detect exact matches. Checking your work from an inferior quality tool can even land you in trouble. To help you avoid embarrassments or, at worst, failing grade, we have listed down the best plagiarism tools that help you check plagiarism.

  • SmallSEOTools

This tool carries out instant plagiarism check on your content and gives an exact percentage to tell you how unique or similar your text is. SmallSEOTools is entirely free! Check as many words as you want without any limitations. You don’t have to register or even pay a penny for using the services of Small SEO Tools. Just visit their site and paste your content in the designated area and press “Check plagiarism.” You can also download a plagiarism report that will contain the sources from your text is matching and the percentage of plagiarized and unique data.

  • DupliChecker

This tool has a highly detailed scanning technology that lets you check your content through simple steps. You’ll find a text box on their website, paste your content, and hit “Check Plagiarism.” The tool will run multiple checks against the internal database as well as external sources found on the internet, and within a few seconds, you will have your results. You can also upload your text file from your device or Dropbox.

  • Quextext      

Quextext is developed by an amazing team who have a mission to empower writers with a sense of security in their content. Their innovative tool lets you check plagiarism instantly. This is an ad-free website, so those who get distracted by jammed-up content and flashy images would love this tool.

This popular tool has been best known for Grammer checking but it has recently forayed in plagiarism checking as well. The company has added this feature recently which can detect plagiarism from billions of web pages. The tool can tell you if your text contains duplicate content.

  • Viper

This 100% free scans your documents against more than 10 billion online resources including journals, books, and websites. This free plagiarism detection tool uses a 3-steps process. It has an intuit user-friendly interface and features are available for free.

Wrapping Up

The only way to foretell your success is by gaining absolute confidence in the quality of your work. Quality is paramount for students, and one aspect that goes unnoticed is the originality of the content. Hence, make use of these tools to check plagiarism and ace your writing.

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