6 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android [2021 Edition]

Hacking into someone else’s wifi involves intercepting the network in order to gain unacknowledged access. The hacker will be able to see the entire data that is being transverse through the hacked network. It is done by manipulating and rupturing the security protocol laced with the wifi network of the person being hacked. 

Healthy hacking is necessary in the field of technology in order to test the strength of the security protocols deployed. Therefore, then it will be easier to comprehend and contribute to creating a stronger network. So, does getting a hacking app for your android smartphone cost you an arm and leg? Absolutely not!

All you need is an app. Future techies, here is a list of some of the best wifi hacking apps for android that you can use for educational purposes:-

Disclaimer: The WiFI hacking Android apps mentioned ahead in this list are for educational purposes only and one is expected to use them to test their own security. Hacking or attempting to crack someone else’s WiFI security without their permission is a criminal offense.

Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android In 2021

  1. Kali Linux NetHunter
  2. Fing–Network Tools
  3. Wifi Password
  4. zAnti
  5. AndroDumper
  6. Wifi Master Key APK

1. Kali Linux NetHunter

Considered as one of the best systems indulged in educational and ethical hacking usages, Kali Linux NetHunter had grown a fan base of techies with its open-source platform. However, before moving forward to use this app, you need to launch the Wifite tool of Kali, from the desk of the creators who are Offensive Security. 

Its configuration system takes care of all the complexities in the configuration process while intercepting hacking takes care of the part. Also, the software duly supports the wireless interjection process. However, it will not be easy to right away launch a kernel due to the absence of direct support of 802.11 wireless connections and injections without any other external requirements.

2. Fing–Network Tools

Used commonly by android mobile users, the Fing application works dramatically for sneaky yet useful penetrations. This is used in the arena of technology in order to address weaknesses that lie within the system or network system or any other server. The tool can be easily downloaded and then deployed to be used for checking the vulnerability of the network, penetration probability as well as amends that could be done to close the holes. 

Due to its aforementioned usability, it has been commonly used by Security Analysts and of course, hackers. The smoothness and easy to understand and use of User Interface software further aids the buttery-flow motion of an easy network hacking process. 

3. Wifi Password

The notoriety of this app lies in the smoothness of its performance; it can easily connect to any of the nearby wifi accessible and then the user can use the hacked wifi. It all happens like a cakewalk. Like its function, Wifi Password application can be as swiftly downloaded from the Google Playstore, a favoured destination for all the android smartphone users. 

Even though the app suffers from an unspecified bug occasionally, it still manages to access the hotspots, assess the threats and penetrate to connect. 

4. zAnti

Right away imported from the himual covering house of Zimperium, zAnti is an educational hacking software that lets an insight vision of the security level of the network that has to be penetrated. Therefore, it has a prominent use in hacking the websites and servers as well as in testing applications for their level of security in the network protocols. 

The features allowed to access here are vulnerability scan check, MITM attacks, password manipulation like auditing, scanning and also network spoofing. The app is proficient in performing multiple tasks with its toolkit and the network can be made stronger after seeing the weaknesses that lie. 

5. AndroDumper

The AndroDumper is an easy-to-use and user-friendly app that can swiftly connect to the wifi of other networks by utilising a router. By far considered as one of the superior highlights amongst the list of hacking apps for 2021, AndroDumper is regarded for its effective and efficient usage in both rooted and non-rooted systems. 

Once the user opens the app, its buttery-smooth user interface begins to look for all the networks it can feed on to and surprisingly, even assures to generate the right password for cracking the network. 

The android application is happily available on Google Playstore for download. 

6. Wifi Master Key APK

Considered as one of the best hacking software in terms of close-knit security during hacking as well as speed and precision, Wifi Master Key APK is the easiest app to use as a hacking tool that requires no rooters or any other external or internal extra device. 

Wifi Master Key APK can be easily downloaded from the common store of android users, Google Playstore. It is also equally simple to set up and begins to gather the information of nearby networks in order to connect after cracking open the password. However, it fails to recognize a network if it comes from an unknown source and the absence of encryption support escalates the performance down.

Note:- It is to be duly noted that all the apps mentioned are solely for healthy hacking purposes and utilizing them for malicious activities shall result in offense and penalizing punishments. Kindly, avoid the unwitting stand against the law. Happy (legal and authorized) hacking!

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. Is playfully toying by hacking is also a crime?

Technically, yes. You are breaching the laws of privacy and committing a cybercrime, albeit with no substantial harm or intention to attempt a malicious hacking procedure. Therefore, it is better to not dwell on such sensitive issues that surround the dark side of the internet. 

  1. How can I keep my wifi network safe?

The primary step involved is to create a strong password that has only authorized access because hackers generally try to use the common information of the person whose network the hacker is trying to hack. It includes name, date of birth, etc. These are the general passwords of people so that they can remember the password. 

However, it is the main source of the hacking elements. Therefore, always keep a long and strong alpha-numeric password to increase the level of security. Also, you can use the above-mentioned apps to test the security levels of your network and fortify it.

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