How To Play Free Fire Without Downloading It? Try These Hacks!

Free Fire is a free-to-play game that has stormed the gaming community with its mammoth fan-following. Released in 2017, Free Fire, or Garena Free Fire, had been feted as the most downloaded game in 2019. Developed and published by Garena, the game is available to download for both Android and iOS users. 

Following a non-linear storyline, the game begins with players jumping and landing on an island from air flight. Now, the players are supposed to collect the items and weapons as they rummage throughout the mountain. There will be battles and bloodshed when 50 combatants will be pitted against each other. Who will be the last man standing?

Although the promising game still holds the hearts of many gamers, downloading the free fire app is a hassle in itself if you have low storage in your mobile or are worried about the lags and hangs your phone would have. So, now how to play free fire without downloading it to avoid the potential damages laced with it?

Therefore, we have come up with a list of hacks for you so that you can play your beloved game, Free Fire, without being bothered of what would happen:-

Play Free Fire Demo on Mobile Via Google PlayStore

Peculiar as it may sound, the tactic is quite useful if you want to save the space and storage of your mobile device along with preventing probable hampering that might happen. Using this method, instead of downloading the app, you can easily use the app store to play online. How? Follow the given steps:-

Step 1: Go to Google PlayStore and type Garena Free Fire in the search box. Alternatively, you can use this Google Playstore link (

Step 2: Click on Garena Free Fire when it pops up.

Step 3: There will be two options before you. Beside the Install bar, there exists a Try Now tab. Click on the Try Now tab. 

Step 4: By doing so, you will be able to download a low-data-consuming game for merely 2 mins. You will be contending against 6 bots in the demo again. Within the specified duration of 2 mins, you will have to kill all the enemies and win.

Once the two mins are over, you will be brought out of the game and then you can decide whether you wish to download the game or not. However, the full download of the game would consume 716 MB. 

Play Free Fire On PC or Desktop

If mobile is something that you do not wish to compromise or test on, PC or desktop is a good option for you. You can also do this if your phone is not compatible enough to hold the pressure of the game. Plus, playing on a PC provides you a wider range of controls and the ability to handle them.

There are few methods to play this infamous mobile game on PC:-

1. Use an Emulator

The best method to resort to if you wish to play free fire is using an emulator. An emulator is a device that promotes cross-platform device app functions. In this, if you have used an android emulator, for example, it will result in allowing the user to run android made apps on the pc. And vice versa for iOS emulators.

For android, the Bluestacks emulator can be regarded as the best while for iOS, or the inbuilt XCode are good choices. 

In order to install an emulator and run the apps, kindly priorly confirm that your PC satisfies the minimum required criteria for the emulator to sit compatible with it before proceeding.

The minimum requirements for Free Fire to run are:-

  • 2GB RAM and 4GB storage space.
  • Either Intel core5 or the latest processor.
  • Latest OS version, either Windows or Mac.
  • Intel Graphics card Iris Pro 5200 GPU. 

In order to install the emulator and play free fire, follow the given steps:-

Step:1: Download the emulator from the appropriate download site for pc emulators. 

Step:2: After clicking open the downloaded file, the emulator would be easily installed. 

Step:3: Launch the emulator and get it active. 

Step:4: Go to the OS-specific app store and search for Free Fire (or Garena Free Fire). 

Step:5: Install the app after finding it. 

Your gaming app is now readily available on your PC to be accessed by you. 

2. Add Chrome Extension

If you are saddened that installing an emulator can harm your PC, which is true as the emulator works against the nature of the host it has been installed in when used for a prolonged period of time, then deploying a method that involves the use of no emulator on PC would be helpful. 

In order to use a chrome extension that will direct you to play Free Fire on PC without needing the installation of an emulator, follow the given steps:-

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and install ARC welder browser extension. 

Step 2: Click open the highlighted ARC welder for adding it to the browser extension. 

Step 3: Now, that extension will act as your online emulator. You can refresh or restart the browser for more able functioning. 

Step 4: Now, click open the ARC welder to enable its functioning. 

Step 5: Save all its data to drive D. 

Step 6: Download and install Free Fire. 

After downloading, open the game via ARC welder. 

Is there any website to play free fire?

As of now, there exist only the aforementioned methods if you wish to play the game online. A particular website that can be deployed on PC to play Free Fire is not available because the game actually remains a mobile game of android and iOS users instead of PC users. 

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Garena Free Fire uses the tactic of being under the category of Instant Google Play Apps. Instant Google Play Apps, like Garena Free Fire, allow the users to take a demo test of the game before actually downloading it on your system. This strategy works most of the time as the developers are able to lure the players with its gaming features. 

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After playing the demo, most of the players opt for the entire version of the game. 

Also, previously, the demo version had certain limitations over the features. Players were not able to unlock all the features while playing the 2 mins demo game. However, now even that has been removed to promote the appreciated game on full display. 

So, what do you think about these methods? Let us know in the comments!

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