Free Fire Advance Server (OB30): How to Download and Install APK, Activation Code and More

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that was launched by Garena and 111 Dots Studio in 2017 on Android and iOS platforms like a mobile game. Soon, as of 2019, it won the title of being the most downloaded game by Google PlayStore with the ‘Best Popular Voted Game’ award. Free Fire witnessed more than 80 million active users on a daily basis as per May 2020 data. As of September 2021, the only update from the Garena house is the graphically explicit and exotic Free Fire Max release.

In Garena Free Fire, players are pushed into an island where they are supposed to survive by collecting utilities, weapons, killing other players, and keeping themselves alive. With 50 players battling for life, the island soon begins to shrink. Thus, players can no longer avoid each other and are face-to-face to battle.

Each round of Bloodshed demands a big win and only the last person wins the game. The game is played from a third-person perspective.

What are the Garena Free Fire Advance Servers?

The Garena Free Fire Advance servers are quite the notorious as well as the most famous aspect of the Free Fire game. Garena Free Fire Advance refers to the server test run that game developers deploy. Each time, the Garena House developers release an upgraded server, before finalizing and including a new set of updates and features in the upcoming development of the Free Fire game.

This advanced server includes the features and updates that the developers want to integrate into the game. This is done so that fans can use the game with those features and developers can check the effectiveness as well as welcome the latest features.

Updates On Free Fire Advance Server (OB30)

For now, the stable version of the Garena Free Fire game is readily available to download from the respective app stores as before. However, the functionality of the advanced servers lies in reporting the possible bugs present, issues with the game and other errors.

Therefore, in order to download the game that is associated with the Advanced server of Garena Free Fire, there is a separate base to move.

Registrations for advanced servers are opened by the Garena Free Fire house. The users can easily get the OB30 Advance server from the official Garena website at 

For now, however, the APK version in order to download the advanced server is readily available. However, keep checking the website for any further updates regarding the advanced server APK file that has been provided for the registered users.

Once the file is provided, the users (who have registered with the advanced server) can easily access and download the APK version.

Also, when the company announces the release of the Advance server, it also rolls out its plan of maintenance schedule of the server. Keep a wary eye over that as well. The APK file has been provided to the users in the wake of September 2021.

How To Register and Download the Free Fire Advance Server?

In order to register yourself with the OB30 Advance server of the Garena free fire, follow the given steps:-

  • Visit the official website as provided above.
  • An option of login with your Facebook will appear. Click on that so that you can continue with the registration process.
  • For the registration process, after you have logged in with your Facebook account, some common personal credentials will be asked to fill in, like your name, email and phone number. Fill them in correctly and proceed for the next step.
  • Now, a Join Now button will be made available to you. Click on that so that you will be registered with the website for the Advanced server application.

In order to download the APK file of the advance server, follow the given steps:-

(you can do this now as the file for the server is finally made available on the Garena Website)

  • Download the Advanced server file APK file on your device by merely clicking on the link made public.
  • Once downloaded, rummage through the folders and files of your local storage device to look for the downloaded APK file.
  • Once found, click on the file and run it. Thus, the installation process shall soon begin.
  • Once the file has been installed, and probably some permissions could have been asked while downloading and installing it to which you have to agree, open the advanced server. 
  • Now, log into the account by using the credentials you had used previously during the registration process.

Also, there is an additional in-step procedure involved. While you are registering, you are also entitled to get an activation code. This activation code is provided to all the gamers who have registered for the advanced server. 

The developers of the game provide this activation code to the community of gamers. Therefore, you might receive the activation code in your email after you have successfully registered for the game. Then, while you download the file and install it on your device, you might be required to provide this activation code to let the advanced server run on your device.


Garena free fire is a quite popular game and rages over the fumes of its fandom even after years of its release. It still battles as the top contender with the other battle royale genre games. However, it faces tough competition from PUBG, Fortnite and now Apex Legends is on the palette as well. 

The best advantage of using an advanced server is that you are already aware of what you might be getting in the next updates when the developers release the final version. Also, as compared to other players who did not register, you will be way ahead in terms of gameplay.

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