Kickass Proxy List 2023 [Working KAT Proxy & Mirrors]

Despite a surge in the number of torrent sites across the web, it is becoming increasingly hazardous for users to access them.

The reason is that government agencies of many countries are collectively clamping down on such sites since they host a lot of copyrighted and private content that is distributed online for free.

This is why many popular torrent sites such as Kickass have faced the brunt of the governmental backlash and have been closed down abruptly.

However, despite the crackdown, the people behind Kickass Torrents (KAT) have managed to change their domain constantly and stayed afloat via various Kickass Proxy and mirror sites.

kickass proxy

These Kickass Proxy and mirror sites were floated by fans and former workers of Kickass Torrents so that users across the globe could still enjoy unhindered free content. In a nutshell, you can still access all your favorite content across genres via these Kickass Proxy sites.

Remember, even some ISP providers directly block torrent sites these days and do not allow their users to access them. But, with our list of the best KickassTorrents Proxy and Torrent sites by your side, you ain’t gonna have to worry.  

55+ Kickass Proxy and KAT Mirror Sites of 2023

After KickassTorrents came to an abrupt closure after the dramatic arrest of KickassTorrent (KAT) creator and owner, Artem Vaulin, things looked pretty abysmal for free-content lovers. But, thanks to Kickass Proxy and Kickass Torrent Mirror sites, you can still relish and experience the original kickass website as it were. Here is a rundown of all the proxies and mirrored links that are still active. Enjoy!

SL. No.Kickass Proxy and mirror sitesSpeedStatus
1.KAT Proxy 1Very FastWorking
2.KAT Proxy 2Very FastWorking
3.KAT Proxy 3Very FastWorking
4.KAT Proxy 4FastWorking
5.KAT Proxy 5Very FastWorking
6.KAT Proxy 6Very FastWorking
7.KAT Proxy 7Very FastWorking
8.KAT Proxy 8Very FastWorking
9.KAT Proxy 9FastWorking
10.KAT Proxy 10Very FastWorking
11.Filesdownloader.comVery FastWorking
12.Freeproxy.ioVery FastWorking
13.Sitenable.coVery FastWorking
19.Kickasstorrents.videoVery FastOffline
20.Kickass.unblockme.euVery FastOffline
22.Kickass.cmVery FastWorking
27.Dumbtorrent.comVery FastWorking
29.Katcr.toVery FastOffline
30.Kickass.unblocked.proVery FastWorking
31.Kat.proxybit.loanVery FastWorking
33.Kickass.unlockproject.coVery FastWorking
45.Kickass-cd.bypassed.coolVery FastWorking
47.Kickass.unlockproj.reviewVery FastWorking
48.Kat.sitescrack.infoVery FastWorking
52.Kickass.ukunblock.proVery FastWorking

Ever since Kickass, various new websites have appeared to complete their existence. is possibly the best Kat mirror site. This website provides all the entertainment a user needs away from movies, games, TV shows, web series, and more. is more of a search engine for torrents. It is also very effective in terms of finding the exact magnet link as desired.

This CAT mirror site is very famous among users due to its speed and accuracy. Unlike others, searches most torrent websites to find the best match before presenting it to the user. is also a search engine with a very interesting user interface. This new KAT mirror site is quite famous among users for its simplicity and ease of use. Torrent files of the latest movies, games and shows can be easily discovered here.

The site also claims not to track the activity of any of its users, so it gives another reason to try it out. is another search engine that makes searching for ant torrent files very easy.

All types of torrent files such as games, web series, TV shows and the latest movies are available on its server. This site is very convenient and easy to use.

This is another CAT mirror site that is similar to the original. This mirror site is also very good in terms of service. All torrents include TV shows, movies, songs, etc. New users will definitely want to try it out.

So, that’s was our rundown of the best KickassTorrents Proxy and torrent sites. But, there is something very important you must need to know before you access these websites. Read on…

What is a Proxy Server?

Simply put, a “Proxy” is someone who takes your position and does work on your behalf in your absence. A proxy server plays a similar role.

If your ISP has blocked access to a specific site in your country, you can still visit the website using another server, which is known as a proxy server.

Here’s the modus operandi: When you use a proxy server for accessing a website, the request relays to the proxy server instead of going to the destination site.

Upon receiving your request, the proxy server masks your IP with a new IP address and routes you to the destination site. Herein, the advantage is that you won’t get blocked anymore by your ISP as you are accessing the website with a new IP of another country.

Why should you prefer Kickass Proxy and Torrent sites over proxy servers?

Unblocked torrent sites are preferred by most users since they are obviously faster and easier to use than laggy proxy servers. Here’s the interesting bit: some torrent sites create a large number of proxy sites and mirror sites that provide users with the same experience as that of the original site.

Hence, it wouldn’t really matter if the original site is blocked or banned in your region or province since the mirrored torrent site will always be readily available.

However, you need to be careful with random mirror sites because some sites could be fake as their sole motive is to lure users in and infect them with malicious malware in order to steal their data. Rest assured, the Kickass Proxy and KAT mirror sites on our list are safe to use!

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Kickass Torrents Alternatives

1. The Pirate Bay

One of the leading torrents providers, The Pirate Bay is a very popular hosting site that has a massive database of content encompassing movies, songs and software. Since a huge swathe of global users rely on it, The Pirate Bay is considered one of the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents.


Despite being blocked in some countries including UK, Portugal, Denmark and Saudi Arabia, RARBG still draws in people from many countries where it is still accessible. It provides magnet links similar to Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents while simultaneously hosting heaps of content.

So, these were some of the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents apart from all the aforementioned Kickass Proxy and Torrent Sites. You can choose the one that you may find easy to navigate through or that works fast on your device.

3. Demonoid

Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker and website that contains file-sharing-related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker. The site has a huge collection of files ranging from movies and games to TV shows and more.

4. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is not the best compared to KickassTorrents. But if you compare the availability and variety of torrent files, IsoHunt has a slight edge over KickassTorrents and that’s why IsoHunt is also featured on the KickassTorrents website’s list of best options.

5. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is the world’s fourth-largest torrenting site. The site has over 10 million active torrent files.

6. YTS

YTS is a subway of Yify Torrents. The main purpose of YTS is to download HD movie files. The original Yify Torrents have been discontinued, but many mirrors are now running that still receive large amounts of traffic.

7. 1337x

It is the third most popular destination in the world. 1337x is a highly secure data-sharing tool where users can upload and download torrent files with the help of fast servers. There are 9 categories to operate the site. However, you will not find files on this site on Google as it is a deep web.

8. Torrentz2 This is similar to Kickstop with no torrent files. Instead of any torrent file, it provides the result from thousands of other torrent websites and combines them into one page.

9. Extratorrent

It is an online index of digital media for entertainment, media and software. Extratorrent is among the top 5 torrenting websites as listed by the BitTorrent Index worldwide. It has a huge collection of the latest movies of great quality, games, TV shows, and more.

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Best Kickass Proxy Sites and KAT Mirrors: Conclusion

Despite being able to use these Kickass Torrents (KAT) Proxy and Mirror sites without a proxy server, we highly reckon that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask your IP address. Remember, downloading any content from torrent sites is still illegal in many countries and could even land you in jail!

But you can avail the services of many free VPNs out there and thrust yourself out of harm’s way. You might want to check out this list of the Best Free VPN for Windows & Mac and mask your IP address right away. Or, you can also buy premium VPN subscriptions to garner unlimited access to IPs of any country.

Pro Tip You can bookmark this article to stay abreast of the latest Kickass Proxy and torrent sites since we constantly update this list with some new KAT proxy/mirror sites as soon as they are available.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our roundup of the 55 Best Kickass Proxy and KickassTorrents Sites? Sound off in the comments.

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