When you were a child, maybe you imagined a life where you could play videos all day, yet still earn money. At that time, it didn’t seem like a possibility – something that your parents kept reminding you of. Nowadays, this dream has become a reality.

Technological advancements led to the birth of various income opportunities. Google’s ad business is growing, and now people are receiving payment just for watching those ads. It’s no surprise they would use the game world to attract that kind of attention, especially one as popular as Minecraft.

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while and want to take your hobby a couple of steps higher, here are some ways to monetize your skills. 

  1. Join a Minecraft Competition

The best way to play Minecraft and get paid for it is to join a competition. The prize pool can be rather generous. Some offer skins and tools that you may use within the game, others reward you with money or experiences. You can join individually or as part of a team, depending on your style. All you have to do is choose a competition that suits your fancy.

  1. Join a Teaching Class

You’d be surprised to know how many young players join a teaching class just so they can become better. You can join private hosting servers to play along with them and teach them live, or you may pre-record videos. You may use a variety of servers for that purpose, or even create a YouTube channel.

  1. Stream on a Twitch Account

As a gamer, you have most likely heard of Twitch before. This online platform allows you to stream content for entertainment purposes, the majority coming from the gaming world. If you have an entertaining style of playing, then you can use Twitch to sell merchandise or get donations from your fans. It may be challenging, as you need a bigger audience, but it often pays to be patient on this platform. 

  1. Play Crypto Games

Crypto-gaming is a trend that started recently, to get more people interested in the world of cryptocurrency. To put it simply, you have to play a game, after which you will receive cryptos as a reward. While Minecraft itself does not use cryptocurrency, some private competitions may reward you using these tokens. The earnings may be transferred to a Guarda NEAR wallet, where you can exchange them for your usual currency.

  1. Create a YouTube Account

If you have a YouTube channel, you may use it to play Minecraft and earn crypto. Each video will earn a fee per view, and the more famous you become, the more money you will earn. Similar to the Twitch account, you need at least 1000 subscribers to monetize. Look through YouTube’s requirements to see what you need to do.

The Bottom Line

Playing games all day long and making money from them is no longer a distant dream. You just need to find the right platform to show off your skills. It might take some time to make decent earnings, but you will eventually start seeing results.


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