ExtraTorrent was shut down voluntarily by its owners in May 2017. The main URL (https://extratorrent.cd) became inaccessible and this news proved to be devastating for many users who were left in the lurch. Eventually, they started looking for alternate ways to bypass restricted websites, but to no avail. But, good news came in the form of some ExtraTorrents proxy and mirror sites that help you download your favorite content for FREE!

If you aren’t up to date, the ExtraTorrent website emerged as one of the most popular torrent sites soon after the closure of Kickass Torrents. It hosted tons of files that were verified by ExtraTorrent staff as well as users who would drop a comment about the torrent’s authenticity, speed, et al. This made it convenient for many people to safely download tons of content from diverse genres spanning movies, music, TV shows, premium games, ebooks, and premium software.

What are ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites?

For those of you wondering what the hell these sites are and where did they come from, here’s the answer. ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites are sheer replica of the original ExtraTorrent website. These sites are actually maintained by the ExtraTorrent staff, various clandestine internet communities and some big webmasters/uploaders who have all come together to provide alternative domains for accessing content on the same website, i.e. ExtraTorrent.

Here is an important tidbit that you really need to know. Since most torrent websites nowadays are either banned by ISPs or are under the radar of governmental agencies due to piracy concerns, proxy and mirror sites have become the sole option for free content lovers across the globe.

extratorrents proxy

We rummaged about to find these ExtraTorrents proxy sites lurking in the depths of the internet. After all, who doesn’t love a great source of free and unlimited content? However, as you may be aware finding these rare and working ExtraTorrents proxy sites is a real pain the rear.

Fret not, we still managed to find out 25 of the best working ExtraTorrents proxy sites which are well-maintained and frequently updated. Plus these sites manage torrent files through various servers with massive storage space capacities. This is why you can access different types of files via these ExtraTorrents proxy sites without paying a dime. All you ought to have is a working internet connection at the ready with a steady downloader. 

Unblock ExtraTorrents Websites Through ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites

If you were endlessly scouting for active ExtraTorrents proxy servers and mirror sites to bypass geographical blockage, then you have arrived at the right place and your troubles are finally over. You would be delighted to know that all the links have been manually checked and working absolutely fine! So, are you ready pirate?

S. No.ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1Sitenable.coOnlineVery Fast
2Sitenable.pwOnlineVery Fast
3Sitenable.infoOnlineVery Fast
4Freeanimesonline.comOnlineVery Fast
5Siteget.netOnlineVery Fast
6Freeproxy.ioOnlineVery Fast
7Filesdownloader.comOnlineVery Fast
8Sitenable.topOnlineVery Fast
9Sitenable.chOnlineVery Fast
11Xtra.unblocked.lolOnlineVery Fast
12Extratorrent.coolOnlineVery Fast
14Extratorrent.agOnlineVery Fast
15Extratorrents.unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast
17Extratorrent.bypassed.wsOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is meant for educational purposes only.

So, that was our roundup of the best available ExtraTorrents Proxy and mirror sites. Perhaps the best part about these sites is that they maintain original ExtraTorrent files, content, index and sport the same sleek interface that made ExtraTorrent hugely popular. Thus, user experience and ease of use is phenomenal.

Can a Governmental Agency Ban ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites in your region?

It is next to impossible to ban ExtraTorrents mirror and proxy sites as these sites are merely acting as a conduit between the downloader (you) and the ExtraTorrent servers. If you fail to access ExtraTorrent due to blockage of a particular server, there is no use of bypassing through a VPN. Rather you could use one of these extratorrent mirror sites to access the site.

In case, your regional government issues a notice to a particular server, other servers still work without any hassles. There is not much difference between all the aforementioned sites barring ping rate and the speed of data transmission.

Can You Access ExtraTorrent Websites Without a VPN?

The answer is: YES, you can! Through our aforementioned list of available ExtraTorrents proxy and mirror sites it is very much possible. For instance, when you open a particular mirror site link, the site will fetch the homepage of ExtraTorrent through a process called cloning which is akin to creating a copy of the original.

However, these proxy sites need a regular link update mechanism to remain active and working. You will see a message that reads “extratorrent unblocked” if the extratorrent mirror is active. In case the link is not working, then you need to move on to the next available link. No worries.

Do note that using VPN servers can be a tricky affair at times when you’re on your phone with a relatively slow internet speed especially in some countries of Asia.

Pro Tip You can definitely bookmark this list of ExtraTorrents proxy and mirror sites whenever you want to find alternative ways to access ExtraTorrent sites in case of a ban. We constantly update this list with newer and working mirror sites.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you find our list of the best ExtraTorrents Proxy sites helpful? If you want to find out other amazing torrent websites, mirrors or VPNs for accessing Kickass Torrents, navigate through the links below.

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