Compared to even just a decade back, watching and streaming your favourite movies, TV shows and sitcoms online at any time with just a single click has now become a reality today. All thanks to streaming websites that allow us to enjoy the good times with our family and friends without wasting a single penny on expensive DVDs. There are many online streaming websites and one such website is Putlocker which aims to provide seamless entertainment experience to the users worldwide.

The website was started back in 2011 offering Movies and TV series as its primary form of content. Within a short span of time, the website gained popularity and used to receive over 1.6 million visitors a day.

However, as of now, accessing free content on Putlocker is not really easy. The website is banned by the government of U.K. for policy violations and copyright issues. However, there are many other ways to access its content through Putlocker proxy and mirror sites which allow you to bypass the ISP ban in your region. Furthermore, these mirror sites offer the latest movies and T.V series so that you can watch or stream online for free in HD 1080p quality.

What are Putlocker Proxy or Putlocker Movies Mirror Sites?

Putlocker proxy or Putlocker mirror sites are the replica of the original Putlocker website maintained by the volunteers and staff members. These websites access the content from the main website database and by using these alternative options users from all around the world can access the main site. Though these sites are in sync with the original Putlocker site, Putlocker proxy servers and mirror sites may be categorized based on the speed or geographical location or the quality of the movies, T.V series offered. Furthermore, these sites may be classified on various genres of movies.

In terms of device compatibility, these proxy and mirror sites have a great user interface. For those who wish to access these sites on their mobile devices may consider using a mobile app. They offer a user-friendly interface for smartphones and tablets as well so you need not run any other proxy servers to access free content. At the back-end, the access-related issues are taken care of by the developer team, however you need to check for regular updates.

If you are not comfortable using your smartphone, then you may follow the list below of Putlocker proxy sites and Putlocker mirror sites to unblock Putlocker content in your region.

25+ Best PutLocker Proxy & Mirror Sites List of 2020

S. No.Putlocker Proxy and Mirror sitesStatusSpeed
1.Putlockers.netOnlineVery Fast
2.Putlockerr.isOnlineVery Fast
3.Putlockers.fmOnlineVery Fast
4.Putlockerz.ioOnlineVery Fast
5.123putlocker.comOnlineVery Fast
6.Putlockerhd.isOnlineVery Fast
7.Putlocker.ioOnlineVery Fast
8.Putlockers.scOnlineVery Fast
9.Putlockerfree.netOnlineVery Fast
10.Putlockers.amOnlineVery Fast
11.Putlockers.tfOnlineVery Fast
12.Putlocker9.asOnlineVery Fast
13.Theputlocker9.comOnlineVery Fast
14.UK ProxyOnlineVery Fast
15.Putlocker.fyiOnlineVery Fast
16.Putlocker.fyiOnlineVery Fast
17.US ProxyOnlineVery Fast
18.Putlockertv.toOnlineVery Fast
19.Putlocker-m.netOnlineVery Fast
20.Unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast
21.Putlockertv.toOnlineVery Fast
22.Putlockers.mnOnlineVery Fast
23.Putlockerhd.isOnlineVery Fast
24.Putlockersfm.comOnlineVery Fast
25.Putlockersonline.coOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purpose only.

Why use Putlocker?

As we mentioned earlier, there are various online streaming and downloading sites where one can find their favourite movies and T.V shows. But why is Putlocker is so much popular among internet users?

Well, we have collected 5 reasons due to which users prefer to use Putlocker: –

  1. It doesn’t require Adobe Plug-In to stream online
  2. Huge collection of movies’ database one can watch online
  3. High buffering speed like YouTube and SFmovies
  4. Well designed user interface and accessibility options across devices
  5. Besides, you need not have any account, and content can be accessed without logging into the sites


Despite facing so many challenges from government authorities, the Putlocker community can still access the content from any corner of the globe. The above-compiled list of Putlocker Proxy or Mirror Sites is efficient enough for you to explore any content related to your favourite Movie/T.V show genres. But before you access these sites, we highly recommend you use a VPN so that you can hide your IP address and become anonymous from being traced.

There are many VPN software available in the market which are free to use. You can also go for a paid VPN service. But if security is not your concern, then a Putlocker proxy is good to go.

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