Top 7 iOS Emulators For PCs (Windows and Mac) 2022

Emulators refer to a software that when installed on a PC allows you to run the apps of the mobile. While an android emulator gives free reign to run the smartphone-related apps on the PC, an iOS emulator facilitates the usage of iOS apps over a PC. 

Emulators are used in order to get access over the larger and broader screen for both convenience and a seamlessly better experience. The small screen of mobile phones reduces access to various features or limits the interface availability. The emulators are prominently used for streaming video games over PC and running test drives by developers for the apps. 

The stimulating function of the emulator that bridges the gap amidst the discrepancies of various devices and OS are even capable of upgrading the older versions of some apps by increasing the resolution and framerate once accessed over a larger screen space. 

Looking to run your iOS apps on the PC but cannot find the right emulator? Here is a list of the best iOS emulators that you can use on both Windows and Mac:-

iOS Emulators For PCs

  • iPadian
  • XCode
  • TestFlight
  • Ripple
  • Smartface
  • Air iPhone


The free to avail app is compatible with both Windows and Mac PCs because of the browser-based facet it harbours. is topping the charts in the list of best iOS emulators for PC because of the appeasing nature of function it carries. All you need to do is launch the applications of iOS you desire on the website itself. 

Even developers prefer because the web browser-based functionality provides debugging logging resorts, networking traffic and easy detection of any network or remote-based issues over the software.

  • Platform: Web (browser-based)
  • Pricing plans: Free, Premium

2. iPadian

Exclusively suitable and compatible for Windows 10, the iPadian simulator is considered as one of the best iOS emulators available in the market. 

Although providing no free trial seeing to the compact and complete paid version it offers, the belonger of the iPad family promises a buttery flow of iPad experience on the screen of your Windows PC. iPadian is also available for the Mac PC users. 

Costing around $35, the iPadian does not necessarily grant you access to all the apps present in the App Store of Apple. However, the apps permitted are quite a lot in number.

  • Platform: Windows, Mac OS
  • Pricing plans: Paid

3. XCode

Most of the iOS and Mac users are aware of the in-built iOS simulator that the XCode comprises. The availability of XCode on your system banishes the need for having another iOS emulator separately. 

Working absolutely free over Mac platforms, XCode tends to deploy various screen sizes over a variety of versions of iOS and its apps. It also permits the launch of apps over web-based platforms rather than direct physical devices, like the access to Safari via Xcode. It works coherently smoothly and its undeniable efficiency within the free pricing plans makes it all the more alluring to use.

  • Platform: Mac OS
  • Pricing plans: Free

4. TestFlight

Currently, under the ownership of Apple, it is mostly used for the purpose of running tests for various beta apps by Apple. Regarded as the officially recommended and proudly used software for doing tests, Apple forges the applications via TestFlight tests on its iOS, tvOS, watchOS and now recently iMessage apps as well. 

TestFlight is a free-to-use device that is specifically designed for the iOS and related users, hence only works for Mac PC. Therefore, as TestFlight supports the basic foundation of testing applications, Apple users need the App Store distribution profile.

  • Platform: Mac OS
  • Pricing plans: Free

5. Ripple

Ripple is a free-to-use chrome extension that is readily available for Windows PC users who want to experience the iOS applications over their desktop or laptop. Therefore, it frees you from the hassle of occupying the storage of your device by not needing to download any software. 

Ripple is a provider of strong support systems by serving as a base for testing apps for different devices and platforms, and HTML-related applications via its simple to avail, user-friendly interface. 

Interestingly, if you have the Chrome browser on your system, you can even begin to create various new applications by using the Ripple platform.

  • Platform: Browser-based
  • Pricing plans: Free

6. Smartface

Regarded as an excellent software that plays its innings in the form of both Android emulator and iOS simulator, Smartface is a free-to-use platform. Hence, its availability ranges to both the Windows and Mac PCs. Flaunting the ability to attract users to its platform because of simple-to-use features, it is considered as a haven for the development of cross-platform applications. 

In order to develop such applications on the platform of Smartphone, you only have to install an iTunes app. The premium version can be availed for this software in order to gain better access to all of its features starting at around $99.

  • Platform: Browser-based
  • Pricing plans: Freemium

7. Air iPhone

The iOS emulator, Air iPhone, is indeed free but carries an extra requirement of installation of Adobe Air on the PC you are using. The simulator is finely cut out for the Windows 10 PC users. With a simple installation process, you are allowed to stream all kinds of games and apps available on the iOS on your PC. 

It replicates the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the iPhone and creates an ambience that seems realistic to that of an iPhone. As the GUI gets replicated, the developers can run tests on this to see how the applications will turn out.

Platform: Windows OS

Pricing plans: Free

FAQs – iOS Emulator for PC

1. Can I run iOS apps on my PC?

Yes, You can run iOS apps on your PC using an iOS emulator. You can try out any of the aforementioned apps.

2. Can BlueStacks emulate iOS?

BlueStacks is an android based emulator and it doesn’t have an iOS version. So. You won’t be able to emulate iOS.

3. Can I run an iOS emulator on Windows?

Yes, there are a couple of iOS emulators compatible with Windows OS. So, you can use them and run them on Windows operating system. Also, there are many browser-based iOS simulation software that can help you in this regard.


These were some of the best iOS emulators that you can run on your PC, for both Windows and Mac. iOS emulators are actually known as iOS simulators; as of now, there are not many iOS simulators available in the market. 

The several ones that had once been underused are all discontinued for now while others do not remain compatible with the newest versions of devices that come for the PCs. 

Even though there are simulators running for Windows, they might not be as seething with perfection as with Mac. However, the ones mentioned above are prominently available and capable of providing an explicit screening experience over the larger screen of a PC.

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