Best Deepfake Apps And Websites: Surf For Fun!

Deepfake apps and websites are used to craft Deepfake videos or images; deepfaking means that the person who is shown in the video can have a face swap with another person in such a way that the newly made fake video looks realistic by using the inputs of artificial intelligence. 

Deepfake is therefore a part of synthetic media and has been controversial enough because of the online threats it potentially creates. The term ‘deepfaking’ is coined from the conjugation of ‘deep learning’ and ‘fake’ to imply the usage of AI as ‘deep learning’ is actually a tributary of AI. 

While deepfaking does have some pragmatic consequences, it has some important uses in film dubbing, studying machine learning and the fun element by not causing devastating consequences. Here is a list of some amazing Deepfake apps and websites that you can use for innocuous purposes:-

Deepfake Apps And Websites 2022

  • Zao
  • Reface
  • MachineTube
  • AvengeThem
  • FaceApp
  • Wombo
  • Deepfake Web

1. Zao

Recently adorning the headlines has stormed the synthetic media with the amount of qualitative accuracy in the Deepfake videos created, Zao is a Chinese app that can make the best Deepfake videos in a matter of merely a few seconds. 

However, the Zao app is predominantly available to Android and iOS users residing in China. Even if you are able to successfully download the app, there is a bound requirement of registration to access only via a Chinese phone number. 

Plus, the app can only create seamlessly accurate face swaps with Chinese descent faces as the software is programmed based on Chinese facial recognition data.

Install ZaoAndroid / iOS – Free

2. Reface 

You can take a picture of yours and use it to swap with the face on the gif and create a deepfake gif with the switched face, i.e. yours. 

The Reface app, named after the Reface AI and parenting GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), superimposes your image over the face on the gif. While the app does give results in a few seconds and performs well to reach the targeted accuracy, the outcome will depend upon the face type and symmetry of your face and that of the countenance of the gif. 

Formerly known as Doubleclit until Reface AI intervened, the app has widespread availability across the globe for all kinds of platforms and tends the user with its free and paid version. 

Install RefaceAndroid / iOS – Free (in-app purchases)

3. MachineTube

MachineTube is free to avail and nonproprietary website-based deepfake software that can be used to insert fakeness in the images or videos, contributing to the synthetic media. The several interesting models available to avouch does provide various creativity and quirky ideas to spark. 

However, its limitations stand in the form of the low resolution of the deepfake videos and images created as a result. 

Also, the computer system used while deploying the deepfaking actions on this website has to be sturdy and advanced enough because of the lack of a cloud computing system in MachineTube. Even though it might take a few hours to receive a satisfactory deepfake output, the alluring quality of realism can be assured because of the sophisticated algorithm steps it follows. 

4. AvengeThem

AvengeThem is another popular website-based Deepfake software that can create deepfake media. It follows the legacy of its name indeed by allowing the users to swap faces with the characters generated from the Marvel Avenger saga.

The time taken by AvengeThem to create gifs is not more than a few seconds to a minute. However, there are chances that the gifs created using the minor operations of AvengeThem might probably not be as realistic as you would expect. But they can be good source material for memers and sharing it with your friends. 

Avengers, assemble!

5. FaceApp

One of the most appraisal garnering apps, FaceApp is used by almost all users purely for fun purposes. The app lets the user animate an image, like make it smile, and show both the older and younger versions of the image. 

It means that if you have put up an image of you not smiling, the app will provide the features to make it smile and you will see the outcome as a realistic image of yours like the previous one only with an added smile, you can see yourself age in older version and go back to your younger self in younger version. 

The app is quite famous for having a giggle over the authenticity of the face-swapping features that might show you your future self.

Install FaceAppAndroid (Free), iOS (Free)

6. Deepfake Web

Deepfake Web is a paid web-based Deepfake software that can inflict realism in the tampered and fake images or videos effortlessly by studying the intricate superimposing images meticulously. 

While it might take from several minutes to a couple of hours as compared to Reface and Zao, its coherent accuracy beats all by remaining unchanged irrespective of the complexity of the data to be swapped. 

The software is even ideal for studying the mechanisms of machine learning involved in crafting Deepfake videos and images because of the strong cloud computing system it owns in its Beta.

Visit website: (Free) (Premium at $9 per month)

7. Wombo

The rapidly growing Wombo popularity is now all set to compete with the global stats of reels and ticktock because of a slightly similar feature it provides with deepfaking abilities. 

Wombo can make an image animate and sing a song; it is a lip-syncing application that allows the image chosen to come out alive while singing and it seems quite realistic. The user can choose any image and a song from its archives and apply deepfaking mechanisms. 

Install: Android / iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is AI & ML software used for Ddeepfakes?

Deepfake videos and photos are created using AI and ML software. In fact, all the above-mentioned apps use built-in AI and ML software for deepfakes.

2. Who invented deepfake?

According to Wikipedia, the term deepfake originated in 2017 from a Reddit user named “deepfake”. That said, no one can claim to have invented deepfakes. Work in computer vision, AI and ML made it possible for researchers and armature to create deepfakes. There is no one person who invented it.

3. How dangerous is deepfake?

Deepfake is really dangerous for society. Since most online users believe stuff without verifying them, deepfake poses a huge threat to the truth. That being said, the technology is not there to convincingly fool anyone right now. It will be there in a few years and both governments and tech giants will have to work together to tackle this problem.

4. Is it illegal to make deepfake videos?

Making deepfake videos is not illegal as long as you are clearly portraying them as deepfake videos and using them to mislead people. That said, if you are using someone else’s photos to create deepfakes, make sure you have permission to use their photos, or you will leave yourself open to legal issues.

Final Thoughts on Deepfake Apps And Websites

There is also an audio Deepfake available that has tremendous potential to alter the image by inserting tampered audio track into the images or videos. These can prove dangerous if the intended purpose of making an image speak or toying with words in videos is related to sensitive issues. 

A software called SpeakPic grants you permission to alter the audio of the image or video while Vocodes permits the user to enter audio using texts. Creating deepfake videos is not illegal, only if the intentions are not malicious.

And…that’s a wrap! So, did you like our latest roundup of the best Deepfake Apps And Websites? Did we miss out on any good app or website that you know? Sound off in the comments.

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