Emoji secrets: What do Hearts of Different Colors Mean?

We use emoji to share our reactions as well as feelings when sending messages to friends and loved ones. However, we often get confused while sending hearts in iMessage. There are already ten hearts in emojis of different colors in iMessage. And, each one of them has a different meaning.

We know the red heart, plus everything is clear in a broken red, but why do others exist? In what cases should they be used?

Since I also wanted to discover the meaning of the different hearts, I did an investigation and studied them and their meanings. Now I want to tell you so that you know.

So, what do the different colored hearts mean? Well, we will tell you further in this article.

What do Hearts of Different Colors Mean?

Red heart ❤️ is a symbol of love and romance, everything is classic, with no hidden meanings.

Orange heart? is the official friendzone symbol. Means indecisive love, it’s better to just stay friends.

Golden heart? denotes purity of intention, happiness, friendship and cheerfulness.

Green heart? means jealousy, indicates problems in a relationship or is a symbol of reconciliation.

Blue heart? talks about the desire for sex . Be careful.

Purple? the heart is designed to express love for parents. And in the USA it is also for soldiers, as it symbolizes their military award for bravery.

Black Heart? Reports sadness, longing, breakup. It also indicates that the sender liked a joke with black humor.

White heart? Expresses purity of thoughts, and also denotes innocence and is used to express love for children.

Brown heart? denotes love … for chocolate. Yes, it’s that simple. Well, sometimes broken hopes.

Broken heart? expectedly speaks of love longing, sadness, unhappiness and pain. Vanilla fluff.

Bonus: What do other hearts mean?

That’s not all. The collection of emojis has hearts that represent shades of feelings. Use them correctly:

Emoji secrets: what do hearts of different colors mean???

When I was looking for the meaning of these hearts, I found no less curious information about which emojis we use incorrectly. That is, we think that they mean the same thing, but in reality, they mean something else.

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