Without a doubt, JJGirls is one of the best Japanese adult entertainment websites replete with pictures and videos of the hottest AV starlets you can find on the internet. Not to mention, JJ Girls displays a gazillion raunchy pics of AV idols in full HD resolution to satiate the needs of millions of fans globally. You can also download these free images all you want for personal usage. All in all, since its primary fan base comprises of teenagers and young adults, www.jjgirls.com has become “the” haven of Japanese adult entertainment content.

However, of late, the site is getting blocked in several countries by ISPs citing copyright infringement as their main grouse. Bear in mind, JJGirls hosts copyrighted adult content without due permissions. So, the site is in dire straits and the current developments have only dashed the wild fantasies of millions of people worldwide.

So, if you were seeking an alternative to bypass geo-restrictions imposed on the main domain, http://www.jjgirls.com, then you are the right place. We have listed out the best JJ Girls proxy and mirror sites below that will unblock the original site’s content in a jiffy. Before that, here’s some preface to the problem.

What are JJGirls Proxy and Mirror sites?


As you may be aware, copyright enforcers are in full swing. Day by day, torrent sites and free movie streaming sites are falling prey to their rage. This hysteria has spread over into the adult entertainment genre as well. Which is why, sites such as JJ Girls have been geo-restricted in countries including Japan, UK, Australia, Germany, US, France, Canada, et al. Luckily, its owners were quick to launch a stream of JJGirls proxy and mirror sites that host the entire content library and index as the original site but on different domains.

What’s more, these proxy/mirror sites are absolutely safe to use because they are run by the official staff at JJ Girls. Alternately, you could also use more mainstream ways to unblock the site through a VPN service. However, VPNs can slow down your internet and also affect download/browsing speeds. Which leaves us with the only viable alternatives, that is, JJGirls proxy/mirror sites.

Even if you cannot access www.jjgirls.com from your country these proxy/mirror sites will get it unblocked instantly. Below is a rundown of the best working JJGirls proxy and mirror sites that will definitely come in handy. Let’s get started fellas.

15+ Best JJGirls Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2019

JJGirls Proxy and Mirror Sites Status Speed
sitenable.pw Online Very Fast
freeproxy.io Online Very Fast
sitenable.info Online Very Fast
sitenable.ch Online Very Fast
siteget.net Online Very Fast
filesdownloader.com Online Very Fast
proxyunblocker.org Online Very Fast
UK Proxy Online Very Fast
Hidebux proxy Online Very Fast
unblockaccess.com Online Very Fast
unblocksites.co Online Very Fast
US Proxy Online Very Fast
hideoxy.com Online Very Fast
Zen44 Proxy Online Very Fast
asinoo.com Online Very Fast
unblock.club Online Very Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t condone piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.

Don’t fret over the latest updates because these JJGirls proxy sites are updated frequently with new sleazy images and videos as soon as updates are rolled out on JJGirls.com.

Do check out the best NSFW Subreddits available on the internet. It will definitely get you hooked.

And…that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to bookmark this page to stay posted about new proxy/mirror sites as we are constantly updating this list with new JJGirls proxy links. Navigate to the links below if you if you’re facing trouble visiting other popular sites.

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