Best Live Wallpaper For iPhone For 2021: Adorn And Reboot!

Wallpapers and display themes are one of the many factors that attract users to their mobile phones. Rather than merely pleasing the eyes, the screen design is also a reflection of the demeanour, thought process as well as personalised space of the user. 

The flamboyant collection of wallpapers generally include static and live wallpapers. While static wallpapers, once chosen, display the same designated picture for weeks before getting obsessed with another show, live wallpapers have the flexibility of showcasing a short audio less clip. It can be an animated scene: a scenery of sunrise to sunset, sky changing colours, and so on. 

Looking for some exuberant iPhone wallpapers to see a 2.0 version of your mobile phone? Here is an excellent collection of Live Wallpaper for iPhone that you can use in 2021!

Best Live Wallpaper For iPhone

  • Live Wallpapers by Themify
  • Live Wallpapers Now
  • Zedge
  • Live Wallpapers for Me
  • Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD
  • Everpix Cool Live Wallpaper 4K
  • Black Lite

1. Live Wallpapers by Themify

Known for its creativity of crafting an alluring set of live wallpapers that seem enrapturing to watch, Live Wallpapers by Themify is free to use and avail platform that offers its users the given set of advantages:-

  • The app is quite well-stocked with various kinds of themes of wallpapers and gets updated regularly 
  • The variety of wallpapers included in its vast library are fire and smoke, beautiful scapes, space and other auras. Regular wallpapers of designated categories are available too

2. Live Wallpapers Now

Considered as one of the most popular iPhone wallpaper apps, the Live Wallpapers Now is flooded with the largest curated library collection possible while offering the following features to leisurely enjoy:-

  • It lets the conversion of your normal videos stored in the local storage of your device into live wallpaper video format
  • It allows the searching of wallpapers in predominantly colour searching methods so that the colours chosen can be matched with the colours of the cover photo generated.
  • There is a home screen widget available that provides the newest images on daily-basis. 

The app comes as a free to use utility; however, it consists of worthy in-app purchases starting at around $2.99

3. Zedge

Considered as one of the most versatile and customisable platforms available for not only iOS devices but androids as well, the Zedge app adorns the iPhone with the following benefits:-

  • Its wallpapers library can be easily personalised and customised according to the user. 
  • The app is easy to understand and use. The user-friendly offers the most simplified navigation process of merely searching, clicking and downloading the wallpaper you like. 
  • It also lets the user set a customisable ringtone, widgets and even games. 

4. Live Wallpapers for Me

Approaching the mission of creating the most realistic version, the Live Wallpapers for Me rewards the user with a prominent set of categorised libraries along with the following aspects to imbue its resonating graphical beauty:-

  • It astonishingly lets the user convert their videos (of any sort) into the live wallpapers format
  • It consists of asmr, quotes, pixels, calendars as well as time-lapse categorised videos for live wallpapers
  • The curation gets updated daily. 

It is a free app that comes with in-app purchases starting at around $0.99. However, in order to avail a brand new secret wallpaper, all you need to do is watch a 30-sec ad and tada!

5. Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD

Developed from the house of Gladrap Studios, the Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD is a platform that provides the user with the given features to festoon the home screen walls:-

  • It provides a laudable set of library collections constituting various kinds of wallpapers
  • Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD lets the user see the preview of the chosen wallpaper before finally setting it on the screen
  • It also has a wide variety of sharing options to avouch on its platform. 

The platform will only run on an iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone if its iOS is at least or greater than 9.3. 

6. Everpix Cool Live Wallpaper 4K

Coming with a freemium package of in-app purchases, the Everpix Cool Live Wallpaper 4K app undoubtedly provides premium quality live wallpaper options that are indeed ‘cool.’ It also offers the users the following advantages:-

  • It consists of a wider range of options to choose from in terms of scenarios you can utilise
  • The heart-tugging wallpapers are explicitly made in 4k quality for the best watch possible for the users
  • Also, it offers a preview to the users of the chosen wallpaper before finalising it on the screen
  • Surprisingly, the wallpapers get updated regularly. New wallpapers are routinely added for the users to use. 

7. Black Lite

Budding out as an entirely free to use and avouch, the Black Lite remains completely restricted to the iPhones for providing wallpapers. Developed by Ronan Stark, the Black Lite extends its valuable services to the users in the given ways:-

  • It provides users a platform where a vast pool of mesmerizing and beautiful wallpapers are readily available. 
  • There exist no in-app purchases or ad problems. There remains no premium version to take permission for too. 
  • It lets easy family sharing for the users. 

Live Wallpaper: Sighing Demerits

Live wallpaper might be indeed attractive to see. However, it does consume battery extensively.  These wallpapers keep running in the background that automatically causes more resource usage and, therefore, more battery drain. 

Also, when live wallpapers keep running, your mobile will ultimately require more temporary memory storage. The added RAM storage load leads to more acquiring of cache in the device that can trigger lagging or buffering. 


You can, nevertheless, take some preventive measures to cut back on the power losses as well as keep your home screen vibrant. Do not spend much time on your home screen and shut it off soon. Also, try to set a darker background as most mobiles draw less power when the background is dark. 

Hence, it is important to choose the wallpaper accordingly. The fact of battery drainage is even more important because the iPhone holds the reputation of falling short of battery life rapidly. 

So, what do you think about the aforementioned wallpapers? Let us know in the comments!

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