Minecraft has its goals set for its players who enter the 3-d sandbox-like world gamer where they have to build the grandest of castles from the humblest dwellings with the simplest means of materials in the area. Also, there are many diversified regions and gaming worlds available to enter. 

The game equally needs accurate survival skills to strive throughout the game by maintaining health, waging attacks and conquering loots. Not as easy as it seems at first, the frenzy for the game transcends quite well amongst the gaming fandom. 

What are Minecraft Hosting Servers?

The 2009 launched and developed by Mojang Studios, the game, already feted by various faces, had seen a laudable upsurge in its popularity upon the inclusion of Minecraft hosting servers. The Minecraft hosting server, either operated and owned by an individual or business, serves the purpose of allowing community gaming to take place. How?

The server, once set up, can be shared amongst many players via an IP address. 

Do you need some great Minecraft hosting services so that the level of your gaming reaches its pinnacle all the while including your vast pool of gaming friends as well? Here is the list of some of the best Minecraft hosting services that you can avail yourself!

Best Minecraft Hosting servers

  • Apex Hosting
  • Sparked Host
  • Hostinger
  • RAMShard
  • Nodecraft
  • Server.Pro

1. Apex Hosting

Regarded as one of the best Minecraft hosting service providers, Apex Hosting has been known for its high-end quality of streaming games as well as its in-grained policy of intolerance to lagging of games. 

There are various server locations present in Apex Hosting and these varied servers spanning over a vast area across countries allow several choices of servers as well. Along with this, the options to include plugins, mods, mini-games plus maps are plenty too.

The players are rewarded with a high level of control while the gameplay and the process is further aided by the easy-peasy handling. 

Paired with a world-class support system and faster connections, Apex Hosting grants the blessings of automated backups too. 

2. Sparked Host

The efficient and affluent network of Sparked coherently provides gaming community grounds as well as cloud hosting services. There are more than 13 plans for hosting the Minecraft services over its apt servers. Its monthly plan starts from $1.50 or $1.00. 

Due to its easy-to-use user interface as well as the affordable pricing plans that lie flat on a  wider range, Sparked Host becomes the most formidable plus favourable tool to use as a Minecraft hosting service provider for the gaming community. 

The server promises to run impeccably given its availability to choose various plugins and modes and the constant support provided to the users. 

3. Hostinger

Considered as the best Minecraft server at the lowest prices starting from $1.39 monthly for single shared hosting available to $2.59 and $3.99 per month for premium as well as business shared hosting respectively, Hostinger aids its players by an easy to use interface and VPS. 

Hostinger is quite easy to set up and provides a great visual user interface with constant 24 x 7 support. The large amount of memory provided ranges from 2GB to 8GB of data. It promises an optimised performance of gaming to the gamers and completes it by offering dual processors, DDoS protection, free MYSQL and a mobile app too. 

4. RAMShard

Considered reliable for its customer satisfaction goals and derived from the cores of satisfied clients, RAMShard consists of around 9 different plans for each of the Minecraft Hosting services options according to features offered with respect to the prices. 

The main reason that it comes as a preferred server is because of its quality paired with economical prices which are not available in many Minecraft hosting servers. There is a huge space for gaming slot saves, storage options and disk spaces present in almost all of its pricing plans. The one-click installer also endows you with FTP logins, free-to-use sub-domain and constant support. 

Its pricing plans begin from $3 per month at the very least. 

5. Nodecraft

Promising to provide the stalwart quality of hardware support to the users and gamers because of the global and widespread location of the hardware servers, Nodecraft has been built with the goal of making the experience of gaming as immersive and better to access as possible. 

There are backups available at every regular interval and the security of the system is ensured by FTP logins. The players can easily access files from the servers and save it on their browser and vice versa. Nodecraft also offers the option of personalising the gaming experience of the user by allowing the customisation options in the UI settings. 

Along with saving resources of the players, it allows the viewing of stats. 

6. Server.Pro

Rather than the paid versions available before, this is an entirely free Minecraft server host, along with the availability of paid plans if the player wishes to. 

There are near to no lags and gags in the game as the servers operate prominently from 8 various countries. Also, it allows customisation and editing options for the files uploaded to the servers. There are daily backup options and various maps or worlds to transcend into as per desire without losing the security. 

Its premium plan starts at around $5 per month while the pro remains around $20 per month while the basic free version has to be avouched with its ads. 


The advantages of using a Minecraft hosting service, besides the ability to host community gaming for various players to interact and game with each other at the same time, lies in the enhanced benefits of higher performance yielded from SSD and CPU of the system, better grip and control in the gaming to improve the gameplay style, secured virtual environment that is close-knit with encryption, as well as saving the data resources of the device under use. 

So, you can now avail the incredible benefits of a Minecraft hosting service by using any of the accessible and compatible aforementioned software. What do you think about the amazing list of the best Minecraft hosting services? Let us know in the comments!

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