How to Create Telegram Channels and Manage Them?

The Telegram channel is a very effective tool to interact with the audience. It works just like a casual personal blog or large corporate media.

There are two types of channels: public and private. The former is available via built-in search, and anyone can subscribe to them. Other channels are not displayed in the search, and a subscription is possible only by a special link invitation from the administrator. If desired, privacy settings can be changed at any time. You can find more about it here.

Unlike groups, in Telegram channels, users can only read messages, but cannot write messages. However, if you turn on the comment feature, subscribers will be able to discuss the post.

How to create Telegram channels?

The process of creating a channel from a smartphone, computer or web version is practically the same – the names of the objects are the same everywhere. For convenience, we will consider the process of using the desktop application as an example.

1. Start Telegram and on the “Chats” tab, click the New Message button, and then select “Create Channel”.

How to Create Telegram Groups and Channels?

2. Tap the button of the same name again. Name your channel and add a description. Attach your avatar, by tapping on your profile icon.

How to Create Telegram Groups and Channels?

3. You can choose a photo from the “Gallery”, find it on the web, or take it on camera. When everything is ready – click “Next”.

How to Create Telegram Groups and Channels?

4. Select the channel type and login with a memorable short link where the channel can be found via search. Click “Next” and confirm the channel creation by tapping the OK button.

5. Select the people you want to invite to the channel from your contact list and click Next. Channel created – You can publish the first post for new subscribers.

How to manage a Telegram channel

1. How to assign channel administrators in Telegram

If you are not going to run the channel yourself, you will need to add one or more administrators. To do this, tap on the name or avatar of the channel and go to the “Administrators” item.

Click “Add Admin” and select a user from the number of clients. Configure its rights by turning on the appropriate toggle switch.

In the channel menu, there is an item “Subscribers” for managing viewers. It allows you to add people by clicking a button of the same name, as well as restrict individual users. In the latter case, you’ll need to click “Change” and tap the red icon next to the person’s name.

2. How to change channel settings in Telegram

If you make a mistake with the name, description or other channel settings, it’s easy to change them at any time. Click “Change” in the channel menu. Here you can rename it, change its description and type, and add author signatures and subscriber comments to publications.

That’s all for now folks! Did you find it useful for creating a telegram channel? Let us know in the comment box below. You can also check the coolest tips and tricks of Telegram.

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