Downloading Twitter Videos: How To Drop The Hassle?

Twitter has been regarded as the platform where texts posted reflect the intellect and views of the person posting it. The bluish app carrying the symbolism of a white bird that possibly indicates the information exchange with relation to the bird mailing system of ancient period calls the posted texts or images or videos on the public platform as ‘tweets.’ 

Predominantly, Twitter is a public domain where the tweets of the user are visible to the entire vast basin of networking users. However, users have the freedom of restricting and blocking other users from sending them messages and completely blocking the profile.

As more and more people join the network, the exchange of ideas amidst the social networking community and netizens grow substantially too. Like a single piece of text, now even an image or video can go viral. There have been instances where most of the time the sources for the best videos were coherently Twitter.

Download Twitter Videos on PCs, Laptops and Mobile devices

How do you download a video that you probably liked because twitter offers no such icon for downloading the videos on someone’s tweet? There is a way around that for example ensuing means of screen recording. However, that is quite a cumbersome load. 

That is why users might be using the ‘retweet’ option for sharing the videos on a tweet. The retweet feature allows a user to share or post a tweet of another user on their account, along with credits. But obviously, if you want to share the video to some other social media forum like Instagram or Facebook, it might be difficult because the retweet option is not available there.

Therefore, if you want to save or capture the video available on the tweet of someone else’s and share it, with credits, to various forums or maybe keep it in your gallery, the following tips might be your messiah:-

1. Save Tweet Vid

It is a third-party web application that can be used when you open it in a web browser, like Google Chrome or any other ethical one. It is undeniably useful in downloading media from the tweets in the Twitter app.

In this, the link of the tweet where the video is present has to be copied and then pasted on the online app opened. The download button has to be clicked and the video will start downloading.

How To Download Save Tweet Vid:-

  • Open the Twitter app and then go to the tweet where the video is that you want to be downloaded. 
  • After that, click on the share icon of the tweet and copy the link of the respected tweet on the clipboard. 
  • Move to a trusted web browser like Google Chrome and open the Save Tweet Vid online. Once done, paste the link of the tweet that has been copied priorly to the clipboard on the app. 
  • Click on the download button after the tweet link has been pasted successfully.
  • Now, select the quality and press on Download button

The video will be downloaded soon and then you will be able to access and share it as per your wish. 

2. Twitter Video Downloader

The Twitter Video Downloader is a third-party app that is extremely useful in downloading the media on the tweets of some other person on the Twitter app. In this, the app has to be opened by a web browser where the link has to be pasted that has been copied from the tweet where the video is. After that, you can click on the download button associated.

How To Download From Twitter Video Downloader:-

  • Open the Twitter app and go to the tweet that has the video you want to download. 
  • Click on the share icon of the tweet and copy the link of the tweet to the clipboard. 
  • Open the Twitter Video Downloader on Google Chrome or any web browser. Paste the link of the tweet that had been copied priorly in order to obtain the video. 
  • After the link has been pasted successfully, click on the download button. 

The video will be downloaded soon and available in your system to be accessed by you in no time. 

3. Video Downloader Professional – Chrome extension.

By using this chrome extension, you can download Twitter videos on your PCs and Laptops in a few steps. However, it doesn’t work on smartphones.

Twitter video downloader

How to Download Twitter Videos through Chrome Extension

To download twitter videos, you need to follow below the steps.

  • Download and install the Video Downloader Professional extension from Chrome web store
  • Now, open Twitter on your Chrome browser and go to the video which you want to download
  • Play the video. You will see a notification on VideoDownloader Professional extension while playing
  • Click on it and the extension will provide an option to download the video in different file sizes
  • Tap on your desired file and size and the video will be automatically downloaded

4. Screen Recording

This is the last resort to take in case you might not prefer to download it from the browser or utilizing third-party applications. You can screen record your screen using ethical and system-compatible apps. 

For PC, screen recorders like ScreenCast Matic, Bandicam, NVIDIA Shadowplay, etc. are available. The screen recorders for PC can be both paid and freeware. Therefore, based on the quality and affordability of each recorder, opt for the one that suits you well. 

For mobile phones, the AZ screen recorder, DU Screen recorder and Super screen recorder are considered as some of the best in android phones which you can easily get from the google play store. Some of the Android devices come with inbuilt screen recorders. For iOS, the mobile and ipads are equipped with screen recording that can be accessed with some tweaks in the system.

How To Download Using Screen Recorder:-

  • Switch the screen recorder on but do not start by pressing the side button that appears on the screen. Go to the Twitter app and select the tweet where the video is that you want to record. 
  • Click on the video and the button of the screen recorder. The video gets recorded as it is played. 
  • Once the video is finished, switch off the button of the screen recorder. Go to the section of the screen recording app where the video is stored and tada. You have the video now.

The advantage of a screen recorder is that after recording, you can edit the video as well. Sometimes in videos, there are unclear frames and unheard words that you can edit to improve before sharing. Also, screen recorders allow adjustments in the resolution at which you want the video to be recorded. 

So, these were the methods that you can put to use in order to get the Twitter video recorded. Hopefully, these endeavours will be helpful.

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