How to Protect Your Phone from Physical Damage

Have you ever wondered why your friend’s phone still looks brand new or how their phone screen is still intact? Has it ever bothered you why your older brother has never visited the phone repair shop in a long time while you frequent these shops? It’s no news that a phone is a huge investment to any individual these days. Its usefulness cannot be overemphasized. It keeps us informed on current happenings. It helps us connect with our loved ones, colleagues and friends. To some, it’s an office, through which service is discharged. More often than not, we get so engrossed in making use of our phones and forget to take care of them, and this inevitably leads to the damage of the phone.

Phone damages can be very annoying especially because they are not planned for and this may lead you to decide to sell your mobile phone. It doesn’t serve users well when their mobile phones get damaged especially if they have plans of getting some cash for phones after use. These phone damages range from broken LCD Screens, pins damages, damaged charging connectors, touchpad problems, and more. Needless to say, we’re familiar with all of these. You end up selling broken phones which might even pose a challenge to the next user.

In no small way, we contribute to this problem. One might wonder how or what role the individual plays in bringing about physical damage to their phone.

Having understood the need for protecting your phones, it is paramount to protect your phones from physical damages and thus fulfil our dream of using the phone to its maximum possible life.

In knowing how, the following should be considered to protect your phone from physical damage:

1. Get a Screen Guard

A Screen Guard can be likened to a duplicate screen. When attached to the screen of your phone, it prevents the mobile phone from possible scratches or breakage on the screen of your phone. They come in two forms. The first is in the form of a tiny film, and the other is called the Tempered screen guard.  It is stronger and offers protection against larger cracks on your screen. The screen of a phone is one of the most important parts of a phone, and damaging it can create more problems.

2. Avoid Overheating or Overcharging

This is a very common problem and can cause great physical damage to the phone. Overheating or overcharging has to do with leaving your phone connected to the charger even when it’s completely full. When this is done continuously, the obvious result is that it destroys the battery or reduces the longevity of the battery. So,  as soon as your phone is fully charged, unplug it.

3. Put Away From Liquids

Due to the various uses which mobile phones are subjected to most times, we fail to be mindful of where we place or keep the phones, such as carrying them to the kitchen or bathroom for personal purposes. In doing that, we risk having drops of liquid fall on the phone and this could damage the screen, the charging port or the keyboard/typing area. It is advisable to keep your phone from those places where it’ll be exposed to liquids to save you the stress of repairing or selling damaged phones.

4. Use a Phone Case

This helps to protect your phone and prevents it from falling easily. The choice of a phone case is dependent on the level of protection needed to match your particular needs. There are bumper cases that protect the sides where most damages occur. There are also cases with built-in batteries that provide additional power when your phone’s built-in battery dies.

5. Clean your Phones

It serves a common good when we remove particles and dust from the phone. You can use a micro-fibre cloth to do this as it removes smudges that prevent the phone from looking good.

6. Get a bag

A bag or purse can serve as a safe place where one can put his/her phone to keep it safe from falling all the time. Bags will also prevent phones from being exposed to hard and abrasive objects.       

Nevertheless, in a situation whereby your phones are extremely damaged, all hope isn’t exactly lost. There are possible ways to still make the most of the situation. One of which is to sell broken mobile phones to phone buyers and get cash for phones sold. This would help one in raising funds to get a new phone. It is needful to say that protecting your phones from physical damages will serve you more.

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