5 Best YouTube Downloaders for PC [2021]

YouTube is a never-ending pool of talent and content. It comes among the top most used apps and has revolutionized the content creation market. Though watching a video on YouTube repeatedly is no rocket science, sometimes you might feel the need to download the clip to watch it later. Downloaded videos are easy to play while traveling and pose no problem even when there is no internet connection.

If you wonder whether downloading a video from YouTube is legal or not, the simple answer is no. Downloading a video without the owner’s permission goes straight against youtube’s terms and can get you in trouble. But if you plan to grab a video with a YouTube video grabber and use it for personal use, it’s safe.

The Best Youtube Rippers

1. 4K Video Downloader

Compatible with all the latest Windows and Mac operating systems, 4K Video Downloader is one of the best YouTube downloaders for PC available presently. If you are a beginner and require downloading YouTube clips for personal use regularly, this software will not disappoint you.

YouTube videos nowadays are loaded with unskippable ads that ruin the whole experience. With 4K video downloader, you can grab ad-free videos without encountering bothersome suffering.

If it’s the quality of the downloaded video that’s bothering you, be assured, this downloader supports 4K video quality. You can now convert the YouTube video in any format and watch it offline without worrying about internet connectivity.


–        You can conveniently extract audio and subtitles from a Youtube video

–        If you are a quality freak, this tool offers videos in 4k qualities as well

–         Extremely easy to use

–        Very reliable

–        You are allowed to download playlists as well


–        The process of downloading a youtube video is time taking.

–        The paid version of this program is a little complicated for first-timers.

2. Movavi Software

Movavi is a platform that never fails to impress. Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, it will allow smooth downloading of any YouTube video in a blink. Moreover, you get multiple editing options as well. If you want to edit a video for personal use, there is no need to install another app; this tool is equipped with good picture and video editing mechanisms to help you out.

Movavi Screen Recorder is a multipurpose software and is one of the best YouTube rippers. The feature-packed tool is easily installed and takes minimal space for your PC’s storage. Are you worried about the cost? Well, there are several discounts offers provided by the company from time to time. Learn more about this software here.


–        Available in a trial version

–        Intuitive user interface

–        Downloads the video in best video quality

–        Quick in operation

–        A complete picture and video editing suite


–        You will be able to unlock advanced features only after making the payment.

3. Any Video Converter

Boasting 600M+ users worldwide, Any Video Converter is a full-proof package of impressive features. Don’t get fooled by its name; the tool converts any video to the format supported by your PC, downloads YouTube videos, and also lets you edit them. Compatible with the latest Windows and Mac OS, you can use this comprehensive tool to extract any video despite its time duration.

The YouTube movie downloader is well-protected from viruses and malware and is suitable for any individual, irrespective of his computer skills level. If you have been using 4K Video Downloader and experience glitches, Any Video Downloader is an excellent alternative for you.


–        The program doesn’t feature any advertisements

–        Free of cost

–        User-friendly

–        The paid version offers multiple professional-grade features

–        Compatible with all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS


–        You can’t preview the downloaded video.

–        The trial version only allows a limited number of YouTube video download

4. VLC

VLC is a reliable video player, and I’m sure you must be familiar with it. Little do people know that it can download long videos from the internet, including youtube. By following a few easy steps, you can download any clip to your PC and convert it to the desired video format within seconds.

VLC has remained a reliable brand for years now and is trusted by millions of its existing users. Popular as a media player, it has various other hidden features that are lesser-known. Video downloading is one such underrated element.

You don’t have to worry about viruses or malware entering your system, as downloading with VLC is protected from these threats. The software supports all mac and windows OS, so there is no problem there as well.


–        3-step downloading

–        You can download a large file too without any interruption

–        Easy conversion of clips to the desired format

–        You can save the downloaded file anywhere in the system directly

–        Free of cost


–        You cannot download age-restricted content from VLC, which could be both its pro or con.

You can save a YouTube video to your device in two ways- the first one is via system based software (discussed above), and the other is by using a URL website. The second method is comparatively more straightforward as it doesn’t require you to install any software.

Sometimes you just need to get a particular music video or karaoke on your device to play frequently. For such a one-time purpose, a video ripper is a more cost-effective and time-efficient means to get your job done. Let’s look into the best free YouTube downloader:


If your work doesn’t need downloading YouTube videos regularly, I would suggest using an online video ripper. is the most preferred downloader in this category. All you have to do is go to the official website, copy the URL of the video and click on the “convert” button. Your job is over within seconds.

The best part of using this platform is – you don’t have to alter the storage space of your device. Also, the downloader allows conversion of the video to any desired format and supports all kinds of devices. It’s quick, easy, free of cost, and basically an overall solution for your infrequent downloading needs.


–        Downloading YouTube video using YT1s doesn’t cost you a single penny

–        Easy to use

–        You don’t have to compromise the memory of your device

–        All kinds of video formats are supported

–        The process hardly takes any time


–        The site features too many ads, which makes the whole process quite annoying.

In Conclusion

There are tons of reasons for you to download YouTube videos. You might be traveling in a flight or having a slow internet connection that makes uninterrupted watching near to impossible. Whatever your reason is, a YouTube video ripper would help you extract the clip easily.

Be careful about what your expectations from a downloaded are. If you want the extracted video in HD quality or planning to separate the audio, I would suggest using system-based software to download YouTube videos. A URL downloader is indeed easy to use but compromises with the quality of your clip. You might also find some explicit ads featured on such sites, which is another drawback.

In the end, use software that fulfills all your demands. Many other websites and tools can help you in quick ripping of a youtube video. If you think the list misses any of such efficient programs to download YouTube, let us know in the comment box down below.

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