6 Best Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps (Bitcoin) in 2021

Since the beginning of time and human civilisation, the manifestations of currency of exchange under use has changed from barter to coins to paper money to plastic money. And now, the advent of cryptocurrency has changed the picture again. 

Cryptocurrency involves a new form of currency: digital currency. All the transactions happening under this are recorded by a decentralised cryptography server and protected with blockchain technology to prevent hacking and decrypting of codes. 

The surge in the number of people interested in cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading in the recent months of 2021 has led to a massive influx of users asking for bitcoin wallets to be able to handle the new currency that has an ingrained habit of fluctuating now and then. 

Therefore, we have brought good news for the bitcoin onlookers; a list of top cryptocurrency wallet apps to use in 2021!

Top 6 cryptocurrency wallet apps

  • Coinbase
  • Exodus
  • Electrum
  • Mycelium
  • Trezor
  • Ledger Nano

1. Coinbase

The famous and most trusted bitcoin currency wallet has been entrusted with the responsibilities of purchasing, trading off and transferring the digital currency along with the explicit feature of allowing storage of digital currency. 

The enhanced security systems not only protect the transactions and storage process online but offline as well. The app is compatible to sit well with both iOS and Android users. The best part about the trading system of Coinbase is that the user can easily schedule the trading timings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Spanning over a supportive platform of more than 100 countries and setting the pace for being the pool of largest Cryptocurrency users, you can easily begin your cryptocurrency journey on Coinbase with merely $5. 

2. Exodus

Compatible as a desktop as well as a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, Exodus serves as the most user-friendly and easiest platform to use for beginners who have recently entered the field of crypto trading. 

The platform and its user interface has been set with an aesthetic simplicity that allows a simplified means of understanding the spontaneous and bewildering market of cryptocurrency. However, being the simple software makes it seem inept before the advanced ones. The closed-off source has called to security concerns because it restricts blockchain technology protection as well. 

To cure its security concerns, Exodus has appointed a venerable Exodus team for overseeing the security and set customisable fees for the transaction process to occur quickly. 

3. Electrum

Like Exodus, Electrum also offers a smooth platform with customisable transaction fee for fluidly letting the procedure take place. Electrum has been equipped with a great deal of security measures in order to ensure a safe and secure cryptocurrency trading means. 

Electrum allows an open-source and free platform where the growing influx of users appreciate the simplicity and advanced features. 

However, the user interface remains like a barren land and there is no customer support to heed to the queries of the users as well. Also, the software is only functional for Bitcoin and accepts no other cryptocurrency under its wing of supervision. 

4. Mycelium

Allowing cloud storage and serving as a free platform, Mycelium has been brought as a mobile wallet. It lets the user set a limit over the transaction fees for quicker processes. The app possesses a unique ability to make use of the hardware crypto wallet system for the users. Another plus side of Mycelium is that it has been well-equipped with advanced features, unlike many other applications. 

However, this open-source platform suffers the disadvantage of being confusing to beginners and first-timers as the piled-up advanced features atop every aspect draws more perplexion. The hardware storage system allows the crypto facility to be available even during offline activities. 

5. Trezor

Serving as a strong hardware wallet platform for trading cryptocurrency in bitcoins, the Trezor app has the ability to sit compatible with the computer devices of almost all kinds of OS systems. It has been regarded as one of the safest platforms for bitcoin trading. 

Trezor allows deploying the generation of pin code features to promote the safety and security of the digital currency in both online and offline activity scenarios. Besides Bitcoin, it supports around 1,000 more cryptocurrencies. 

The best side of Trezor is that the application stands as the easiest to use and use with a touch screen pad available. Also, there is an additional feature of exposing the private key. 

6. Ledger Nano

Like Trezor, Ledger Nano also serves as a hardware wallet system for the cryptocurrency apps and equally provides the same facility to a number of cryptocurrency platforms besides Bitcoin.

The software is accessible even via a plugging of a minor USB connection cable. Its compatible platforms range methodologically from the Windows 7 version to the latest, Mac 10.8 version to the newest as well as Linux.  In order to promote a strong network of secured environments and safe transaction procedures, there is a 2-factor authentication system involved. 

The best part of Ledger Nano is that you are allowed to install around 100 ledgers on your systemic spaces as well as get a great deal of control over customising the security controls for your own crypto transactions. 


Bitcoin is also a form of cryptocurrency; there are around 6,500 cryptocurrencies but most of them have little to no value. The raging cryptocurrencies in the world are Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, ADA, DOT, Stellar, Chain Link and so on. 

According to TechJury, the global market of Bitcoin has been capitalized by a whopping sum of $1072.21 Billion as of February 2021 this year. Similarly, the blockchain technology market will also see a high surge with an expansion worth $23.3 billion in the coming 2023. The daily Bitcoin trading numbers are also witnessing rapid rises. 

Hence, by using the aforementioned apps, you will be able to become an active participant in the field of cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading without being a passive listener anymore. 

So, what do you think about these Bitcoin wallet apps? Let us know in the comments regarding which one you found the most useful!

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