Considering VPN Apps in Dubai? Here Are the Top 6 Picks

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a widely used application across the world. These applications are touted to offer a safe browsing environment, and they also help you bypass bans on particular websites in specific regions. However, while these applications are considered good at keeping your privacy safe and anonymous, they could put you in trouble in Dubai. Yes, using a VPN app in Dubai seems to be okay, but using VPNs for any illegal activities, such as accessing blocked content, can surely get you into trouble.

You have to adhere to the TDRA (Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority) guidelines and avoid Illegal activities such as piracy, hacking, or any activity that violates UAE laws. You need to respect the content restrictions and accessing content deemed illegal or harmful by the UAE government can be problematic.

Best Compliant VPN Apps for Dubai and the UAE

If you’re considering using a VPN app, take a look at the following options. These apps have proven to work well with UAE network providers, and here are some key points to consider when choosing:

1Dubai VPNFree, Android-only, good for basic browsing (limited server options, ads in the free version)
2NordVPNMulti-platform, strong security features, good for streaming (slightly more expensive).
3Surfshark VPNFast speeds, and affordable plans, allow connections on multiple devices.
4Symlex VPNUser-friendly interface, affordable, connects to various locations.
5PrivateVPNFocuses on security and privacy, good server selection, ideal for bypassing geo-restrictions (slightly higher monthly cost).
6FastestVPNOver 800 server locations and 2TB of cloud storage and most importantly it provides lifetime subscriptions.

1. Dubai VPN

If you’re an Android user and want to use a VPN app for free, then you should definitely give Dubai VPN a try. The app works perfectly as expected and connects quickly, but there are limited server options.

While the app allows you to use their service for free, you have to bear with the advertisements, which is the only disadvantage. However, if you upgrade to the premium version, you can enjoy premium features such as faster servers, an ad-free experience, and unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, the best part is that you don’t need to do any custom settings to use this app.

Best Compliant VPN Apps for Dubai and the UAE

The premium version of the app is relatively affordable, costing $47.88 per year. As mentioned earlier, the app is only available for Android users; if you’re an iOS user, consider exploring some other apps on this list.

2. Nord VPN

Next on our list of Best VPN apps in Dubai is Nord VPN. Like in any other country, it is one of the most popular virtual private network apps you will ever come across. It has over 5200 servers spread across 60 countries. You can use it on different devices as it is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Android TV, and more. 

Best Compliant VPN Apps for Dubai and the UAE

They also provide a browser extension that you can download if you want to secure your browsing experience. The most interesting part is that you can even get their app for your consoles including, Xbox, PlayStation, and even Nintendo Switch.

Talking about the cost, it is definitely on a bit more expensive side but with their recent offers and deals, you can get it for much cheaper. Right now, you can get a 2-year subscription for just about $85, which effectively brings your monthly cost to around $3.09.

3. SurfShark VPN

SurfShark VPN is a new player in the VPN space and is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing VPN apps globally. Its success in this competitive industry is attributed to offering over 3200 servers in 100 countries. The company claims that its servers can provide speeds of up to 10Gbit/s, making SurfShark one of the fastest and most reliable VPN apps available in the Middle East.

Best Compliant VPN Apps for Dubai and the UAE

The SurfShark app is compatible with multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, AppleTV, gaming consoles, and more.

With ongoing deals, you can access SurfShark servers starting at just around $2.61 per month. However, you need to signup for 2 years. Additionally, the company offers a free 7-day trial so you can try it out before committing.

4. Symlex VPN

Considered to be the best VPN app, Symlex VPN connects in a few seconds and works like a charm. The Symlex app is available for all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. 

With one subscription, you can use it on up to 5 devices. If you ever need to remove a device from the list, you can do so by sending a quick message to the support team— they are always responsive.

Best Compliant VPN Apps for Dubai and the UAE

With Symlex, you can connect to servers in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia, among many others.

Their subscription model is also affordable compared to many other popular VPNs. You can get a 12-month subscription for just $33.99, which is effectively $2.79 (approximately AED 10) a month. It also has a lifetime free plan but it comes at a hefty price which is $999.99.

5. PrivateVPN

If you’re looking for a safe browsing experience, then PrivateVPN should be your preferred VPN app. They have servers located in over 63 countries, including the UAE, which means you’ll experience faster speeds compared to other VPN services.

Best Compliant VPN Apps for Dubai and the UAE

Believe it or not, you won’t be alone in using it; PrivateVPN is one of the most popular VPN apps in the UAE region. Users specifically prefer it to access geo-restricted content on apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, providing access to content from all 63 countries/regions.

Regarding cost, the app may seem a bit expensive at $9.99 a month, but it can prove to be worth every penny.

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6. FastestVPN

For those seeking a VPN app with a lifetime subscription, FastestVPN is an excellent choice. Based in the Cayman Islands, it offers lightning-fast processing, top-tier encryption services, split tunnelling, and more. 

FastestVPN boasts over 800 servers across 55 locations and can unlock platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and others. With a single subscription, you can log in on up to 10 devices, and the added bonus of 2TB of Cloud Storage enhances its value. 

Best Compliant VPN Apps for Dubai and the UAE

Notably, FastestVPN stands out as one of the few legitimate services offering lifetime subscriptions. Priced at just $40 for lifetime access, this company provides one of the most attractive deals on the market.

Should you use a VPN in the UAE region?

In conclusion, using a VPN in the UAE is legal for regular users who adhere to TDRA guidelines. However, using a VPN to access restricted content is a grey area that could lead to significant fines for those involved in criminal activities or attempting to evade detection. It’s important to note that the UAE’s focus is primarily on combating terrorism and major crimes rather than individual access to restricted content, and there’s currently no evidence of prosecutions based solely on VPN use for this purpose.

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FAQs – VPN Apps in Dubai

Yes, using a VPN is legal in Dubai. However, you must ensure that you comply with the guidelines. These top VPN picks offer reliable service and features suitable for users in Dubai and the UAE region.

2. Which are the best VPN apps in Dubai?

The choice of selecting the right VPN depends on your requirements. If you are just browsing content, then you can consider Dubai VPN and PrivateVPN. Most of these VPN apps are available for Android and iOS, as well as other platforms, except for Dubai VPN. 

However, if you are looking for a VPN for accessing different OTT content like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, then you should use a VPN that comes with larger data packs and diverse server locations. From the above list, you can either select Private VPN or SurfShark VPN.

3. Which is the best free VPN app in Dubai?

In our opinion, you should not use free VPN apps in the UAE. The entire region has strict censorship laws. Instead, opt for paid VPNs. They provide you with the widest selection of servers, and you can be absolutely sure that they’ll consistently unblock sites. While a no-fee VPN might not cost any money, it might not work properly and, at worst, could leak your information and compromise your online privacy.

4. Which VPN app has a Chrome extension?

Many VPN providers offer Chrome extensions for their apps. Some popular VPNs with Chrome extensions include Nord VPN and SurfShark VPN from the above list. These extensions enhance browser security and privacy, providing added convenience for users accessing the internet through Chrome.

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