7 Best Free Mobile Phone Tracker Apps in 2021

Mobile location tracking is known as detecting the position of the targeted mobile phone; the mobile could be stationary or moving. The technology used for the identification of the mobile phone location is commonly known as GPS (Global Positioning System) that uses radio signal networks to collate data regarding its exact track. 

A Mobile Location Tracking software would use similar technologies and methods to know the location of the targeted mobile. The user will get to know the whereabouts of the owner of the mobile in this way. Oftentimes, mobile location tracking apps have come out to be an effective means of ensuring safety and security. Some of the best mobile location tracking apps to use in 2021 are:-

Best Free Mobile Phone Tracker Apps

  • FlexiSpy
  • Spyic
  • Cocospy
  • Life360
  • Famisafe
  • Snoopza
  • Google Find My Device

1. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy has been designed to monitor not only mobile phones but computer devices as well as tablets. As a mobile phone viewer app, its monitoring services are extended to both android and iPhone. The GPS tracking system extracts the data regarding the motion of the mobile conveniently. 

The spying and monitoring app is also equipped with call interception and recording apps, an inbuilt camera for live spying, tracking the activities on social networking sites of the targeted mobile user, and even keeps tabs on the browsing internet history. It even checks the messages and phone media. 

Coming in the cheapest paid version possible, the FlexiSpy software remains by far the best due to its high compatibility aspect of sitting well with almost any kind of device and offering the most advanced features. 

2. Spyic

The nightmarish dawn would be the targeted mobile user knowing you are tracking their mobile phone. Hence, Spyic comes to the rescue of the user. Whether you are tracking an iphone or android, Spyic creates an intricate web of networks that performs the fastest and the most accurate tracking service. 

All you have to do is create your account and sign in. Then, install the software on the mobile phones that you wish to target. Once done, you will be stealthy, able to track the workings on the other phones. You will be able to get access to the messages, phone activities and call logs, screenshots, searches and even wifi-logging activities. 

And, all this will be available at affordable costs (that too without the targeted mobile user knowing about it!). 

3. Cocospy

Cocosphy is a spying and mobile location tracking app that can perform the task of stealthy peeking into the entirety of a mobile device, be it an iphone or android smartphone. The software has been known to perform the monitoring tasks extremely well without the knowledge of the owner of the targeted mobile. 

It can discreetly track the mobile location from anywhere without the requirement of the jailbreaking or rooting system. Also, Cocospy awards the user with a great deal of customisable parental controls. The remotely monitoring app helps you to keep an eye on the activities of your kid to ensure their online safety and security. 

4. Life360

The usefulness of Life360 ranges from anywhere to everywhere, hence depicting its large-scale versatility. Available for both iOS and Android users, Life360 comes out as one of the best platforms in case you desire to grant sufficient safety measures while performing the tracking activities. 

The app allows real-time location sharing of the targeted device, creates private groups upon command and motions for a smoothly running user interface. The close-knit loop of location-sharing keeps the family members well-informed and connected with each other. Also, the app is capable of making automated calls for ambulances from the emergency contacts section. 

5. Famisafe

Providing appropriate parental controls for monitoring and tracking the android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices, Famisafe is specifically designed for familial usage. This app is ideal for parents who wish to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their children. 

Via its web filter, app activities and activating app blockers, checking web as well as youtube history, you will get to know if your children are safe surfing online or not. It has been widely feted for its versatile abilities and features to act as one of the safest mobile location tracker apps.  

6. Snoopza

Mostly sitting compatible with Android smartphones, the Snoopza app arrives with full-fledged monitoring features. Equipped with parental tracking measures, Snoopza mobile location tracking app comes in both free and paid versions. 

Even though the advanced features like call log activity, messages, social media access and various other aspects can only be accessed when the premium version is taken, the basic free version has been readily armed with geo-share location sharing, call history management and internet browsing history along with control over the SMS segments. 

7. Google Find My Device

An entirely free to use software, the Google Find My Device tracks the mobile location of your android device. It comes power-packed with security features where you can put locks on the data via a strong password. If you would like, Google Find My Device allows you the option of erasing the data as well. 

The software is prominently supported by Google Maps and tracking of the nearby locations excruciatingly well. You can monitor mobile phones, tablets and surprisingly, even smartwatches. 

However, even though the GPS feature is omnipresent, Google Find My Device will not function without a sufficient internet connection. 

Happy Tracking!

Kindly note that these free Mobile Location Tracking apps are not meant for malicious purposes. No harm to other users has been intended by utilising these apps. Before using the mobile tracking apps, be aware of the policy measures regarding privacy undertaken by the country or area you reside in because if you are caught for unethical tracking of mobile, punishments would be inevitable. 

Also, do you know that you can track someone’s mobile location by their mobile number?

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. Is using mobile location tracking software illegal?

If honestly splayed, yes. Tracking someone’s mobile device is illegal if the activity has been performed without the knowledge of the person. The activity is only justified if you own the device (like gifting an already bugged phone or installing the softwares in the phone that you originally owned) or it has been done with the consent of the targeted mobile user. 

  1. How to know if my phone is being tracked or not?

There are some tell-tale signs to know if your phone is being tracked, even though the software under usage is quite discreet in its function. It includes quick battery drainage, heavy data usage, overheating of mobile, strange noises while calling, unexpected rebooting, lagging performance and some random commands that you did not deploy.

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