How to know if your AirPods Pro qualify for free replacement

We know you’re a proud owner of AirPods Pro and are looking for a way to check if you qualify for a free replacement. In case, you have any problems with one or two AirPods Pro, you may be able to exchange them for new ones for free. Here’s how to check if your AirPods Pro are eligible for a free replacement.

You can replace your AirPods Pro for free if you don’t have noise cancellation, you experience loss of bass, there are extraneous noises, or the sound is loud outside.

The free replacement program is valid for models that were released before October 2020. The case is not interchangeable, only the headphones. This program is valid for 3 years after the purchase of headphones. Initially, this term was of 2 years, but the company changed it.

If the headphones are suitable for the program, then you cannot find out by serial number, but there is another way.

How to check if AirPods Pro qualify for free replacement

If your AirPods Pro are experiencing the following issues:

  • There are clicks or crackles that are exacerbated in noisy environments, while exercising or talking on the phone.
  • The active noise cancelling system does not work properly: low frequencies disappear or background sounds are amplified, for example, from the street or from an airplane in flight.

You need to:

AirPods Pro will be checked for eligibility prior to any service. AirPods Pro (left, right, or both) with a confirmed problem will receive a replacement. This program is available to AirPods Pro owners worldwide but does not extend the warranty of the headphones.

That’s all folks. This way you can check if your AirPods Pro is eligible for a free replacement. Let us know if this article was helpful to you via the comment box below.

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