How To Create A Successful Telegram Channel?

In this article, we will share the tips for creating a successful telegram channel. The article will be even more relevant for those who decided to start their own Telegram channel but don’t know where to start.

How to create a channel and choose a name?

Channels in Messenger is a blog with high-quality admins and clean statistics. You pack the content and understand that you will deliver it to the reader’s pocket, where his or her mobile phone is. He will open and read the message. The author of the channel is in touch with the audience.

When creating a channel, you need to find the answer to the question “What will the channel be created for?” I answered it this way: so that my readers can know about media trends.

Having the right topic for your channel is the key to your success.

You can write about cool gifs and movies or technology, but there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of such channels. It is essential to choose a narrow topic and monitor the contestants writing on the same topic. If there are not many of them and you understand that you can write better and more interesting, then it’s time to start.

Once the topic is determined, you need to think of the name of the channel. Choose one or two words that evoke feelings and associations. For example, “BizTechPost” is about business and technology. You can check out our guide on “How to Create Telegram Channels and Manage Them

Which logo should you choose?

The logo should be bright and visible. Please note that the icon size in Messenger is small, so it is better to avoid small details in the logo. Readers simply won’t be able to see them. To get a quality logo, it is best to contact a designer.

What should be done in the first stage?

  1. The channel creator can subscribe 200 people from his phone book. You have to select people who are not aggressive about unauthorized membership and invite them to join.
  2. You can share your channel on social media pages with a link in a separate post.
  3. Add channels to all kinds of directories, for example here. It’s free.

What shouldn’t you do in the first step?

  1. Do not make more than five posts in a day. People love to see photos, infographics, gifs and videos.
  2. Don’t buy expensive ads. Messenger’s advertising market has many channels with expensive advertising, which will not give you a large number of readers in the beginning. It’s better to grow slowly!
  3. Don’t put too many emoticons in the text. This upsets the readers.
  4. Do not turn on the notification sound for new posts. To the left of the text line is a bell that warns of the presence of an audible notification. If you press the bell, the sound will be muted.
  5. Don’t post at night to avoid upsetting your readers.

How to advertise a channel?

In the initial phase, you will have to invest money to know about yourself. The cost of advertising in the messenger varies from 100 rubles and up to infinity. Start with low-cost ads and track profits to build a list of channels from which you have a lot of readers.

Explore channels with as many channels as you have subscribers. They may be offered mutual PR.

Throw information about the channel in thematic groups on social networks. Talk about it in the programs you attend. Get media coverage for the channel.

Creating a selection with recommended channels is a good option. It can be displayed on personal social networks or in the media. It is advisable to place your channel first or last to attract maximum attention.

Do I need to keep track of statistics?

Statistics are the backbone of any project. Create a spreadsheet in Excel and note the following indicators: number of readers, posts, views, cost of purchases and advertisements, mutual PR and incoming readers. All this will help to objectively monitor the development of the channel and manage its development. It often happens that you buy an ad and it doesn’t work. You can create a top channel from where you get maximum viewers and a top antagonist channel where you should not advertise.

Can I make money from Telegram Channel?

You can earn handsome money using Telegram Channel. Many authors earn differently, which all depends on the topic and audience.

The channel is a small media outlet. There are two ways to earn. Either you indicate individual contacts in the channel description and communicate with advertisers yourself, or you negotiate with an agency or exchange that is looking for advertisers for you.

Take your pick! But remember, customers are different. For example, a customer may advertise with you and demand a refund in case of poor conversion. It is necessary to explain to such customers in advance that you cannot predict how the audience will react to the advertisement. It happens that only five people go through a large channel.

Any advertisement in the channel is an unsubscribe.

People see that you are trading in audience attention and leave. This is fine. This should be taken calmly.

What if the channel is not growing?

  1. Channel growth is equal to your activity in promoting it. If you do nothing, the readership will gradually increase or decrease.
  2. Create a media plan for the week and month. In it, mark the content you intend to post, plans for mutual recommendations of other channels and advertising.
  3. Write yourself to the authors of the channel to get mutual recommendations. Don’t expect to be the first to write.
  4. Organize interactively. These can be contests, puzzles, flash mobs with valuable prizes from your partners.

What are the trends in Telegram?

Trends in messenger are constantly changing and are directly dependent on new developments. For example, there are useful bots @mrkdwnrbt and @ControllerBot that convert text, hide links, underline words, and place icons under the text. With @vote convenient to vote. There used to be a lot of selections in Messenger. Now, this trend is gone. There are many posts with GIFs and rounded videos that look advantageous compared to traditional videos. More native ads.

How do I write to have my posts shared?

  1. When creating your text, remember that a feed is a blog. You must have your own unique writing style.
  2. Search unique. And then other channel authors will repost your post.
  3. Don’t steal content, make it your own.

That’s all for now folks. Which type of telegram channel have you started? Sound off in the comment box below. You can also check out our coolest tips and tricks of Telegram Messenger.


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