10 Best AhaShare Proxy and Mirrors of 2020

Are you facing trouble while accessing Stay right here! In this article, we will guide you to access free content from the AhaShare torrent site by using AhaShare Proxy and AhaShare Mirror Sites.

Updated AhaShare Proxy List: Working AhaShare Mirror Sites

Similar to other torrenting sites, AhaShare was an amazing torrent site that offered downloadable torrent links to the latest movies, TV shows, PDFs, Full Games, Apps and many software. But, due to digital content infringement, the sites have faced legal issues in many countries. In fact, the owner of this site was placed behind the bars and the site was not functioning for quite some time.

AhaShare Data Breach

A few years back in 2013, AhaShare was one of the victims of data breach. The site’s database was hacked and more than 190,000 users’ details were posted in a zip file on pastebay and MEGA. The user details contained usernames, email addresses, IP Addresses, secret questions, and answers as well as other site related information. Passwords, however, seemed to be encrypted but yet again another torrent site proved to be insecure to simple attacks like SQL injection.

Is AhaShare Still Functioning?

The main site has been taken down and it doesn’t function anymore. But, some of its members have access to AhaShare content database which they are operating to provide its content through proxy and mirror sites. These AhaShare Proxy and AhaShare Mirror Sites can be useful if you want to access that content. After digging deeper into the internet, we found several proxies and mirror sites which we have placed into a compiled AhaShare Proxy List below here.

AhaShare Proxy and AhaShare Mirror Sites list of 2020

S. No.AhaShare Proxy/Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1 Fast
3 Fast
9 Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy or any adult content. This information is for educational purpose only.

Final Words

Torrent sites have encouraged many people to access digital content such as Movies, TV shows, Music, eBooks, and other stuff online for free. However, it has increased the copyrighted content piracy due to which government and ISPs are putting banning these sites. We don’t want to bring any conspiracy theory here, however, this is up to you if you want to access free torrent download links. By following the above AhaShare Proxy and AhaShare Mirror Sites link you can easily bypass the ban.

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