How Artificial Intelligence can help digital advertising

We live in a virtual world where we seamlessly switch between multiple devices. We may use these devices for checking email, finding news or simply to Google for any product or services.  But, did we ever think this may be the influencer for our buying decision? Yes, these channels are the true influencers. Advertisers now capture all these consumers’ movements and engage them in real time and it is possible by the artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that are widely adopted by the digital agencies.

The target audience for digital advertising is endless. It is completely depending on the criteria set by advertisers to reach out to the potential or a new customer.  This could be anything but at a basic level, these Artificial Intelligence advertising technologies will define logical rules that underlie both predictable and surprising behavior of internet potential user. For an example, if you are using Google search engine to find some health insurance plan. Could you ever notice what will happen next when you will open your Gmail account? You may find an advertisement in your box related your search what you did in Google. Did you ever imagine why you receive an advertisement related to the subject that was in your Google search? This is the power of artificial intelligence which manipulate data in real time and hit the correct audience.

In some cases, it is definitely more intelligent and vastly accelerated decisions, such as which ad should be served to a particular user, in which format and when – vastly improving digital campaign effectiveness for the innovative advertisers, while enriching the online experience for internet users.

The Artificial intelligence tools have been trending in past couple of months.  These tools are truly approachable while designing the mechanism or algorithm for a digital advertising campaign. It has powerful combination of mathematical algorithm design into a computer program, which sense the internet user and gather the vast amount of behavioral data. The advertising agencies are experimenting with this tool as they are ready to consider the benefits, pitfalls and some of interesting outcomes.

Let’s talk about the campaign optimization engine which is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm. This powerful tool once you activated, they have constant market presence. With such advanced capability advertisers will be sure that there will be no missed opportunities as it always react when there is an engagement opportunity.

As per the e-marketers report, there is higher potential growth expected in digital advertisement market. The global industry booming and is now set to spend nearly $600 billion which is an increase of 6.0% over the previous year. Currently the top five countries such as US, UK, China, Japan and Germany is spending in each advertising category including mobile, paid media and digital. Also the growing adoption of smartphone and internet penetration rate will dominate the all other advertising spending over worldwide.

Technology tools such as automation, augmented reality, internet technology, computer algorithm, convergence, and intelligent machines, these ideas and the adoption of technology are no longer being the musings of futurists. They are business as usual, and they’re here.

Every day, we see the dance between human beings and the artificial intelligence. The best example of this could be our relationship with mobile. It has become an important assets in our life. Trust, love, hate, status, and confidence are some of the emotions that we project onto our relationships with the intelligent tools and machines. These little helpers remind us different task, connect us to people in real time and assist us in finding right place. These devices are starting to do a better job of anticipating our desires, needs, and our personalities.

Similarly, Artificial intelligence is the true future for advertisers to define the potential target audience and define the objective of a successful digital advertising campaign. It will not pose a threat but help advertisers to build strong relationships with their consumers. While for some the notion of AI represents a step into science fiction, there are iterations that have real world implications at this moment. This version of Artificial Intelligence will probably not bring about downfall of humanity, but rather be used to shape how advertising is created and targeted in future.

Abhishek is a startup ninja who has spent his time meeting entrepreneurs and helping them tell their stories efficiently. You can find him biking around in his past time. Based out of New Delhi, he is a geek at heart, gadgets are his toys and internet technology is what keeps him going. Email:
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