6 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins in 2021

WordPress kvells in its citrusly sutured cocoon as it has become a wonted site for various bloggers. While blogging has optimized its strata since the landing of WordPress along with a vast increase in the platform for innumerable bloggers over the years, WordPress also constitutes to be a potential site for income generation through the generosity of ads. 

Advertisements are an indispensable source of generating revenue for the website content you shed sweat and blood for. The mere driving of traffic via PPC, SEM and SEO cycles are not enough to be contributors of income. 

The magnanimity of WordPress is that it has a vast pool of options to choose from in the category of advertisement plugins that would manage and monetize your website by selling the ads.

Are you a blogger and looking for a means to put some lucrative cash by an equally lucrative means of advertisements? Here are your WordPress advertising plugins for 2021 that you can start using before merry Christmas and happy new year!

Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

  • AdSanity
  • AdRotate
  • WP In-Post Ads
  • Quick AdSense
  • Advanced Ads
  • AdPlugg

1. AdSanity

Considered as one of the best WordPress advertising plugins for the rookies to sharpen their daggers and swords of generating income over the prospect of selling ads directly on the online platforms, the AdSanity plugin allows easy inserting of ads via customizing the widgets and ad inserting buttons from the visual editor. 

Also, it provides a sense of ease upon user-friendly usage. It turns the spot of your blog into a server of hosted ads from various networks without intercepting the flow of content. Plus, the interesting feature is the piercing statistical and logistical insights provided to the user for keeping track of each and every computing step from the dashboard. 

2. AdRotate

Along with rotating your ad as per your whims, AdRotate can also be useful in many other unimaginable ways. Considered suitable for both new hands that try and veteran hands that craft, it does advertising of hosted ads along with the facility of rotating the banner ads as well as network ads. The ads can be added easily using shortcodes. 

The user also receives a strong sense of control with the ability to view the ads from the dashboard, edit and delete or add new ones with reciprocal changes in them. You can insert ads on the sidebars via the custom widgets, sync your PayPal account to accept money whenever your ad sells and even monitor them with statistical insights. 

The app is free to use, however, the premium or pro version for optimal usage remains available at 39 Euros for a single-site license to use more advanced features. 

3. WP In-Post Ads

The powerful ad management plugin offers a formidable weapon unlike any other plugin; WP in-post ads provide the option of split-testing. It means that before the final showdown of submission on the online page, you can run a test to see which app is seemingly generating more revenue options. 

You can either insert the ads using predefined default generated places or you are also allowed to insert them manually to appropriate places. The lightweight plugin with zero hassle equally lightweight solution allows the user a variety of control options. Includes availability like to keep ads hidden for a period of time or from a specific other logged-in users, apply a set of rules on the ads or leave them random. 

You can avail this plugin at $29. 

4. Quick AdSense

A seemingly popular to use Plugin of WordPress indeed, Quick Adsense that deploys a variety of ads like hosted ads and third-party ads. The ad management plugin is quite easy to use and set up provided its user-friendly interface. It gives a great deal of customizing and controlling options for the user; the user can select the ads to be displayed, how and where they will be displayed.

It can be easily done by tweaking the ad codes in the right manner without actually needing to be proficient in coding. The user may also choose to add custom widgets in the sidebar. Plus, Quick AdSense is quite agile to use with decent formatting and management options. The optimized page allows up to 10 ad contents. 

5. Advanced Ads

It is lightweight and easily publishes the desired ads quickly. Advanced Ads are free to avail and use optimally along with paid add-ons accessible to the user for adaptability for selling the ads. Create a plethora of ads with plenty of invigorating features present and add the ads at pleasing places on your website content (like the sidebar, on the header and footer, in-between the places of content or around the comment section) as per desire. 

You can also enable, disable and toggle the ads with specifications along with the addition of tags of specific categories and authors. Also, you can monitor the expiration date of ads. 

The add-ons start from 9 euros and for a single-site license while the entire bundle of add-ons comes at 69 euros. 

6. AdPlugg

Working in coordination with the free ad services of, the WordPress platform has added more colors to its thematic ads for generating income. 

AdPlugg is a propitious and prospective ad management space that the user can happily utilize to any widget space over the content by using the customizable Adplugg widget. It gives control to the user of putting the ads according to desire; the user can choose where and how to put the ads.

It also possesses an ad rotation feature paired with the unique scheduling system of ads and then later on also blesses the user with the ability to track the records of the ads in an impressive manner. 

By serving to the guidelines of GDPR duly, ads can be tracked and targeted with meta-tags and the strong piercing insights of analytical reports provided are downloadable. 

Happy Blogging!

Dear Blogger, hopefully, the tantalizing list of WordPress advertising plugins has tempted you enough to put them under use sooner rather than later because when money honks at your door, you are not supposed to procrastinate and shoo it away.

Also, let us know your views regarding these ad plugins in the comments and hopefully, we did not miss anything!

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