Unlock aXXo Movies with Proxy and Mirror Sites in 2023

If you’re a movie buff who loves downloading HD films online, chances are you’ve heard of aXXo Movies. This popular site is known for providing high-quality DVDRip movie torrents via magnet links at lightning-fast speeds. But what’s the story behind the name “aXXo”? It’s actually an homage to a legendary internet alias belonging to someone who released copyrighted movie DVDs for free online back in 2005-2009. Over the years, aXXo Movies has become a go-to destination for hundreds of thousands of movie fans seeking fast and easy downloads. However, due to its wide reach and massive popularity, the official site,, has been blocked in several countries by ISPs and law enforcement agencies. But fear not! In 2023, you can still access aXXo Movies through the use of proxy and mirror sites. So why wait? Start streaming (or downloading) your favorite films on aXXo Movies today!

What happened to aXXo Movies and How to get it unblocked with aXXo Movies Proxy and Mirror Sites?

aXXo Movies

Free movie download sites are facing tough times these days. In 2018 alone, numerous sites were red-flagged by ISPs worldwide. Unfortunately, aXXo Movies has also been caught in the crosshairs, as it has been held responsible for providing free HD movies in an unethical manner. Despite its efforts to go into passive mode and avoid a ban, aXXo Movies is now not accessible in several countries. However, as of 2023, you can still access the site through the use of aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites.

While some may argue that using a VPN service is a more mainstream solution, it’s important to note that VPNs can often affect download speeds and be CPU-intensive. On the other hand, aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites face no such restrictions, as they are essentially clone sites of the original aXXo Movies torrent with the same database, index, and torrent files, just on different domains. So if you want to continue downloading your favorite films on aXXo Movies, these proxy and mirror sites are the way to go.

Best aXXo Movies Proxy and Mirror Sites List

S. No.aXXo Movies Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1axxomovie.bypassed.wsOnlineVery Fast
2axxomovie.bypassed.inOnlineVery Fast
3axxomovie.bypassed.xyzOnlineVery Fast
4aXXo AlternativeOnlineVery Fast
5unblocker.winOnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast
7torrents.meOnlineVery Fast
8US ProxyOnlineVery Fast
9unblocksites.coOnlineVery Fast
10UK ProxyOnlineVery Fast Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.

There you have it. Simply click on any of the aforementioned proxy and torrent mirror sites and start downloading tons of movies without ever compromising on download speeds. However, I would reckon using a free VPN along with these proxies to mask your IP address from ISPs. If you know of any other aXXo movies proxy alternatives, sound off in the comments below.

Common FAQs – aXXo Movies

What is aXXo Movies?

aXXo Movies is a popular movie download site that provides high-quality DVDRip movie torrents via magnet links at fast speeds.

Is it legal to download movies from aXXo Movies?

It is generally not legal to download movies from aXXo Movies or any other site that provides pirated content.

How can I access aXXo Movies if it’s blocked in my country?

You can use aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites to access the site if it is blocked in your country.

Are the movie torrents on aXXo Movies of good quality?

According to many users, the movie torrents on aXXo Movies are of good quality.

Can I download TV shows as well as movies from aXXo Movies?

Yes, you can download both movies and TV shows from aXXo Movies.

Are there any alternatives to aXXo Movies for downloading movies?

Yes, there are several alternatives to aXXo Movies for downloading movies, such as YIFY and 1337x.

Is it safe to use aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites?

Using aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites may not be completely safe, as downloading pirated content from these sites may be illegal in some countries and could potentially expose you to viruses or other online threats.

How do I download movies from aXXo Movies using a magnet link?

To download movies from aXXo Movies using a magnet link, you will need a torrent client such as uTorrent or qBittorrent. Simply click on the magnet link and open it in your torrent client to begin the download.

Can I stream movies on aXXo Movies or do I have to download them?

On aXXo Movies, you can only download movies and TV shows, not stream them.

Does aXXo Movies have a mobile app?

There is no official aXXo Movies mobile app, but there are several third-party apps that claim to provide access to aXXo Movies content. It is not recommended to use these apps as they may be unreliable or potentially harmful.

And…that’s a wrap! Bookmark this article to stay posted about more free proxy/mirror sites because we are constantly updating this list. Meanwhile, navigate to the links below to check out proxies of more such torrent sites.

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