Best Call Recording Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

Call recording applications are those softwares that can record both your outgoing and incoming calls. Call recording apps are quite rewarding in these times specifically because of the multiple uses that can be made out of them. 

It can be blissful when you probably wanted to revisit a recorded conversation, either because it is important or you had a nice reminiscing moment, or when you wanted to have evidence of some sort to use later for your favour if unfair odds rose against you. 

Therefore, call recording apps are good for keeping a record of the conversations. After making use of them, you can also easily delete the recordings later on as per wish. Looking for a compatible and suitable call recorder for your mobile phone to utilise its amazing features for your benefit? Here is a list of stellar call recording apps for both iPhone and Android:-

Call Recording Apps for Android and iPhone

  • Tape A Call Pro
  • Rev Call Pro
  • Boldbeast Call
  • Just Press Record
  • Blackbox Call Recorder
  • Automatic Call Recorder
  • Call Recorder by NoNotes
  • Google Voice

1. Tape A Call Pro

Tape A Call Pro is specifically designed for iPhone users; it offers an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface that has an impeccable space to work fluidly. Stemming from the cores of presenting a competent AI platform that is bombarded with breathtaking features, Tape A Call Pro can record unlimited calls both incoming and outgoing. 

Also, it has another alluring feature of being integratable with other softwares like Google Drive and Dropbox which is quite rare to find. Via this, you can easily drop your audio recordings to any cloud drives and share them by emails and file transfer methods or keep a record there in order to save space. 

The paid mandate starts at around $10.99 per year. 

2. Rev Call Pro

A stellar quality call recorder that comes as a reward for all the iPhone users, Rev Call Pro can record both incoming and outgoing calls conveniently with merely one tap. 

The star feature of this app is that once you have recorded the audio that gets stored in your storage space, you can have the audio transcribed as per wish too upon the help of human transcribers of Reb team. Your transcribed audio will be available to you within the duration of 12 hours from placing the request. Astonishingly, the heartiest news for all the iPhone users is that the app remains completely free to use!

It is undoubtedly clear now why this app gets preference while recording for podcasts because of its added audio editing features, and even remains a personal favourite of journalists. 

3. Boldbeast Call

The best and the most suitable call recorder app for the android users, it serves its compatibility feature over a variety of devices that gets the user even more excited to use the automated processes it harbours. 

Boldbeast call will keep a clean record of your audio files, the call recording you might have had during outgoing or incoming calls, and analyse your interactions. Then, it will take up the stand by deleting the old files automatically to make space for new ones. If you are worried about losing data, then the app also offers features of getting it backed up for sharing or accessing it again for later uses. 

Concluding with another feature, Boldbeast call recorder has the option to either be switched on manually or automatically depending upon the setting set by the user. Bonus point: The app is free to use!

4. Just Press Record

A meticulously made call recorder for the iPhone users, Just Press Record is indeed as easy as it sounds. Another call recorder for apple users, Just Press Record presents the most pristine image as a modern call recording by coherently allowing a convenient recording process, active cloud syncing enabled, and a staggeringly impressive audio editing after it has been recorded. 

Also, besides being able to do the smooth recording with barely one press, the library of your audio recordings is quite well-maintained so that you can swiftly take anyone from the archives as per your liking. Aided by the 96 kHz/24-bit voice quality of the audio recording, you are also allowed to get the audio transcribed as per your desire. 

5. Blackbox Call Recorder

Coming as a stalwart call recording app for the android users, Blackbox Call Recorder can be easily installed on any of the android working smartphones. Blackbox quite boastfully sports its sleek and modern approach towards recording both outgoing and incoming calls with a touch of more advanced brush over the common mundane features promised by almost all kinds of call recording apps.

It has an adept feature of deftly allowing you to surf through previous recording libraries easily because of the well-organised and appealing format it presents. Also, it automatically interweaves with your contacts to whitelist them as well as the Google drive to share recordings on cloud mediums.

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6. Automatic Call Recorder

An easy to find and user-friendly app that is quite accessible on Google Playstore for the android users, the Automatic Call Recorder app can record both of your outgoing and incoming calls. 

The app comes equipped with a particularly peculiar system of analysing–it actually records or takes instructions from you regarding which contact is important and which is not. Therefore, its recording begins for those calls that have been set by automatic call record to keep track. 

The app is able to integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox for simplifying the sharing process. The app is free to use otherwise, a paid version stands to be availed as well. 

7. Call Recorder by NoNotes

A suitable app for iPhone users, Call Recorder by NoNotes does make notes of audio recordings efficiently by saving all your outgoing and incoming call conversations properly in the archives. The audio records are stored in the cloud storage spaces; therefore, they can be easily accessed for sharing purposes on various platforms like Facebook, or emails. 

The user also gets the freedom of wishing to get the audio recording transcribed as well as using the app for dictation. 

Every month, the user gets 20 mins of free call recording services. Otherwise, $10 per month is the fee to pay in order to avail the app. The fee for transcribing the audio recordings gave separate ledgers to track. Another downside of the app besides its high fee is that the app for now stands available only in the USA and surrounding parts of North America.

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8. Google Voice

Sitting compatible with ultimately both types of mobile phones, Google has made more space for lauding its back with the inclusion of Google Voice accessibility. All you have to do is, go to the voice app on your android device or iPhone mobile and then maneuver into the ‘menu’ bar that might be available like a hamburger option. 

Click on it to get access to settings from the drop down. Then, you will find the options of recording calls in the incoming calls section. This will also work on computers; search and then click on settings, then go to calls before selecting incoming call options.  


Even though there are plenty of third-party apps available for androids in order to get the calls recorded, they are now getting slowly equipped with in-built call recording features as well. Most of the androids in recent days seemingly have a call recorder. The switch to click it on activates when the call is connected and once the recording is switched off or the call gets disconnected, the recording gets stored in the local audio storage space of android. 

However, surprisingly, the iPhone has no such initiative yet. Therefore, the iPhone users are left primarily with three options: use any of the above-trusted call recording apps compatible with iPhone, externally record using a different record, or utilise the mac facetime call recording options.

So, what do you think about these call recording apps for android and iPhone? Let us know in the comments!

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