Top DNS Servers To Use In 2021 [Free and Public]

DNS servers are those facilitators on the web that guide the users to their destinations; when users type a domain name or URL on the web browser, the DNS servers translate the domain names as numeric IP addresses and then pave the path for redirecting the users to the correct web pages they desire. 

Using a DNS server will, thus, proliferate an environment of more response rates, uptime records as well as fewer technical glitches from either side. The DNS servers are also equally contributing in terms of promoting a safe and secured environment. How? They immediately block any phishing or malicious attempt and deploy warnings while surfing through a site that is not secured. 

Looking for a DNS server in the vast pool of choices? Here is recommended list of top DNS servers you can use this year especially when online activities are on rising, birthing the chances of more cyber threats.

Best DNS Servers To Use In 2021

  • Quad9
  • Google Public DNS
  • Cloudflare
  • AdGuard DNS
  • Open DNS
  • Comodo Secure DNS
  • Clean Browsing

1. Quad9

Regarded for its ability to block and forbid any suspicious activities online, the Quad9 DNS server speaks for itself. Its top-notch quality of performance is the result of the following features generously imparted to the long rows of users:-

  • Possesses high-speed generation abilities to yield the search results quicker and faster than ever
  • Large number of threat intelligence providers deployed for seamlessly smooth and interrupted working
  • It effortlessly paces forth and contests neck-to-neck against various DNS server contenders with 7 out 10 rating in terms of qualitative output
  • Supported by the Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Easy to understand and use along with simplified interface

2. Google Public DNS

Even though it might not be the cup of tea for many beginners and newbies who have merely commenced seeking the DNS servers, Google Public DNS can be the messiah of the veterans.

It is so because the advanced tools given in the following are all under its thumb:-

  • The privacy and security system of the Google Public DNS is applauded along with the 24-48 hours troubleshooting support provided to the users
  • It can easily identity any outages or log drops in the server within no time and extend effective solutions to solve the same
  • All the working and functions happen in a transparent and crystal-clear surrounding so that the users hold no doubt regarding the way the DNS server works

Some updates might be available in the privacy policy of Google Public DNS that the users might have to check regularly. 

3. Cloudflare

Faring as the best by far, the Cloudflare DNS server continues to expand its range with the newest updates and versions. Therefore, CDN is certainly the top choice of many users. The features offered by CDN are the following:-

  • It has an all time available support system for the users where they can come together on the community forum for solving their issues related to the DNS server
  • The privacy front of the Cloudflare DNS server is immeasurable and surge higher as compared to other servers by never jotting your IP addresses and associated servers while surfing
  • Provides speed to your searches and delivers impressive performance

4. AdGuard DNS

Primarily coming as an additional ad blocker, the AdGuard DNS is a family-friendly server because it provides the filters and controls for blocking away adult content and ads. Its predominant deployment both as an ad blocker and data security provider can be hinted from the given sets:-

  • There are two DNS servers subjugated with its function, one primary and the other secondary. Both the servers work in coordination with each other
  • The server also keeps itself on its default setup so that the users do not have to shed their sweat and blood in doing the entire transformation again
  • It can not only block ads in web pages but for videos, games as well as apps

5. Open DNS

Available as a free to use and avouch DNS server, the Open DNS can provide a variety of security features by preventing malicious attempts made while surfing online. Supporting as a backbone for the IPv4 and IPv6, Open DNS displays its magnanimity of working in the following ways:-

  • It has more than 30 DNS servers located in various countries and continents
  • Enthusiastically supports the DoH and the DNSCrypt protocol
  • The extensive options of content filtering provided are phenomenal
  • It is suitable for both personal and professional usage

6. Comodo Secure DNS

Some might argue of the tedious efforts put into to elevate the performance stats of the Comodo Secure DNS, this DNS server still manages to zig-zag and slip through the list as a top-notch choice because of its security and forefront management controls that can be understood from the following features:-

  • Coming from the Comodogroup, the Comodo Secure DNS showcases excellent security features and privacy stats that promises to keep you safe from any phishing attempts and other possible website threats
  • It also provides a wholesome layer of web filtering
  • It is also equipped with a smart routing technology and the servers spread worldwide as per the claims of the company. 

7. Clean Browsing

Coming as a DNS server to make the website prominent for kids and their safety viewing facilities, the Clean Browsing DNS server comes with some of the amazing aspects worth swooning over in the following listings:-

  • The Clean Browsing DNS server is equipped with parental controls to block away any adult content and age-restricted content. The users can also avail security filters accordingly
  • The free version of it nearly supports all sorts of features available like encryption, solving issues and data security. However, the paid version will grant you an upper hand with more customisation facets
  • It is well-supported by Windows and Mac OS

These were some of the best DNS servers available in the market for you. You can avail of any of these advanced tools; the DNS servers have come a long way from being merely a supportive means of converting the IP addresses to extending security services online. Therefore, the importance of DNS servers in today’s scenario is quite laudable.

Let us know what you think about our recommendations!

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