Gone are the days when you had to buy drawing books and other necessary equipment to take your sketching hobby to the next level. With software and apps, you can now turn your tablet into sketching books. Don’t be surprised, amazing drawing apps for tablets are listed below. With these tools, you can unleash your creativity, no matter your skill level.

Best Drawing Apps For Tablets

  • Procreate
  • Adobe Fresco
  • Sketchbook
  • Infinite Painter
  • Linea Sketch
  • Tayasui Sketches
  • MediBang Paint
  • ArtRage

1. Procreate

Procreate is the most sought after tool designed for artists and illustrators keeping in mind all their professional needs. With this app, you can create not only the most complex drawings but also simple ones.

You get over 120 different brushes to choose from, over 30 customizable parameters for each brush, and the history stores 250 steps for undo and redo operations, 64-bit colour, autosave, cinematic effects and more. The app provides a huge resolution (up to 16K×4K) and a special layer rendering engine optimized specifically for 64-bit iOS devices.

2. Adobe Fresco

Yet another powerful tool from the house of Adobe that will appeal to all adherents of traditional painting. Fresco combines a large number of vector and raster tools, making it possible to work in any style. One can choose from over 50 Photoshop brushes, custom brushes from Adobe Capture and other libraries, convenient selection and masking functions, as well as the time-lapse recording of the creative process, and simplified file export.

The free version of this app allows you to use basic tools. To access advanced features and exclusive content, you must subscribe to the paid version.

3. Sketchbook

SketchBook is the mobile version of Autodesk SketchBook. It’s almost as good as the desktop. The smart drawing and sketching tool has a sophisticated processing engine for smooth strokes and natural image creation. For advanced users, there’s a layer editor with 16 blending modes, pressure sensitivity, as well as symmetry and proportional transformation tools.

In addition, Autodesk has taken care of the storage of content: for organizing sketches, there is also a built-in gallery, albums and integration with Dropbox. Not all functions are available in the free version; You have to pay extra for pro features.

4. Infinite Painter

With a minimalistic interface and an emphasis on working with brushes, Infinite Painter has over 160 natural types of brushes. In addition, the tool allows you to create your own by changing more than 100 parameters and customizing them flexibly.

You can assign different finger touch functions in addition to the stylus, add brushes to sets, use symmetry patterns, and easily create straight lines and shapes by automatically detecting and adjusting objects.

5. Linea Sketch

A solid program with a very concise and user-friendly interface, which, unlike its competitors, is not overloaded with unnecessary functions and will appeal to everyone who appreciates simplicity.

Linea Sketch doesn’t have a lot of tools, but they all work very predictably and accurately, following the Apple Pencil. Other benefits include a convenient choice of colours and interaction with the palette, multiple canvas textures, grid templates, as well as the recording of the drawing process and easy export to various formats, including a companion desktop application.

6. MediBang Paint

It is a cross-platform comic and manga drawing software program with many fans around the world due to a large number of tutorials for all occasions. It has an exclusive set of tools, fonts, backgrounds, as well as thousands of brushes and other content to bring any creative idea to life. MediBang has a built-in cloud for the ability to store and open tasks on computers and other devices.

7. ArtRage

A cross-functional software program that runs on both computers and tablets. ArtRage’s interface and tools accurately convey the user experience of a real drawing, allowing you to immerse yourself in the creative process.

Pencil, pastel, oil, watercolour – you can work in any of these techniques and combine them with each other. There are several canvas presets and useful additions to choose from, such as paper settings, rich export options, and recording your drawing process.

That’s all folks. These were some of the best drawing apps for tablets. You can select them as per the requirement of your device. And, don’t forget to share your thoughts about the above-mentioned apps in the comment section below.


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