7 Best Online PC Games to Play in 2021

The gaming community has a seemingly seamless craze for any game that transcends into the market. The explicitly detailed and absorbing graphic associated with the compelling storyline of every game ignites the addiction to play it. 

Banishing the shackles of reality and running wild on a field of gore with a weapon while keeping a close watch for enemy movements skyrockets the passion. And as the frenzy never dies, the most number of players revolve around PC games. Here is a list of the best online PC games to play in 2021!

Best Online PC Games in 2021

  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Fortnite
  • Rust
  • Rocket League
  • Raid: Shadows Legends
  • PUBG

1. Apex Legends

The free-to-play first-person multiplayer shooter game is known for its overnight glory since the 2019 release. 

In this game, there are characters who are assigned to each player. These characters are known as legends. Every character has some ability and special weapons to wield. Therefore, the players can choose accordingly what they want that might fit the gaming style. 

The multiplayer game allows duos and trios to dwell against each other in an island where they have to fight battles called ‘arenas.’ The chilling part is that the size of the island begins to shrink as time goes, making the players be pitted against each other more. The last team standing will be declared as the winner. 

2. Call of Duty: Warzone

Call Of Duty undoubtedly stands as an unbeatable rival in the list of games because of the facets provided. Warzone is one of the most celebrated versions of COD.

Here, players are dropped from a point and they have to land at a spot where they will collect weapons before equipping them to move to the battlefield. There are killstreaks to collect and while playing multiplayer mode, relying on your team for communication and tracking of lone wolves. 

Do make use of this free-to-play game as you rush through the blood-stained ground without being killed till the end or to the prison of Gulag.

3. Fortnite 

The free-to-play game that can be accessed from mobile phones has a distinction even to its simplicity. The innumerable gaming modes offered in the game are the first love of many gaming fanatics. 

The 2017 released game was all fire because of the combination of shooting as well as survival features. The player is supposed to fight off some zombie-like creatures and also survive the odds that rise by keeping oneself safe. It also offers some building abilities of fortifications and setting traps and defending whatever objects available at handy. 

Allowing both duos and squads, the setting of the game is in a cataclysmic hit era and the theme certainly states the last man standing is the winner.

4. Rust

Sometimes regarded as a spin-off of Minecraft, the game is not as harmless as it seems at first. Its brutality lies in the origin of the caveman period. The player is dropped on an island-like beach nearly naked with nothing but a stone. The player has to use that stone to create weapons and mining tools.

Responsibilities in the game include keeping up your strength by eating regularly for survival, making a hideout or a settlement to be safe from the probable invaders, and collecting more items for crafting weapons. 

There will be times when the player has to face off with other equally brutal players, kill animals for a living and do upgrades with the house to make it as invincible as possible. 

5. Rocket League

As a well-known vehicular soccer game, Rocket League could be the taste of football fans too as the setting of it revolves around the soccer but will have rocket-laced cars.

There will be two teams, like a soccer game, who will face each other but using some rocket-powered vehicles or cars. It means that the work of hitting the soccer ball that was once done by the legs will now be the responsibility of the wheels of the cars as both the teams rush to hit goals in each other’s posts. There are also new gaming modes similar to ice hockey and basketball with a twist. 

The game is adorned with both single and multiplayer modes and the players can choose whichever they like. 

It seems like a futuristic soccer game being played in a stadium, isn’t it?

6. Raid: Shadows Legends

It is a free-to-play role-playing shooter game that imprints the player into an arena of combatting squads where there are heroes who have certain abilities. Each differs from the other and has some unique advantages. 

Following some parts of the storyline, this mobile game is developed by Plarium with the sole purpose of providing the players a fictional realm called Teleria that is under the threat of a villain named Dark Siroth. 

All the players move into this realm in order to free the land of Teleria from the tyrant rule of Dark by encountering the dungeons and allies and other enemies who lurk to kill anyone who wants to vanquish Dark. 


The battle royale game had shaken the foundation of the entire gaming industry when it had first arrived. Still lauded and celebrated as the biggest and the most popular game of all, the elements of the game include pitting the layers against each other. They can either play solo or in multiplayer.

There are weapons to collect, features and benefits to avail and look for the enemies who might be lurking around. There are mostly resources to loot on the large island they are dropped on and the winning part for gaining a chicken dinner is based on both the fighting and survival skills of the player. 

So these were some of the best games that could be played on the PC online while the remote working might get you bored at home or the reality is too overwhelming to handle. Enjoy the looting and earning kill streaks while fighting battles against your enemies. 

However, if you are not yet satisfied with the stream of games recommended to you, why not suggest more in the comments?!

And…that’s a wrap! So, did you like our roundup of the best Online PC Games? Did we miss out on any good PC Games that you know of? Sound off in the comments.

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