Best Sites To Stream and Watch TV Shows Online For Free

Television no longer shoulders the sole responsibility of providing visual entertainment on a virtual screen that brings the global world together. The era of the internet has evolved various websites to contend and surpass the qualities of television for streaming various entertainment media platforms. 

While some websites need a paid version so that you can access it, others allow free treading to its road. However, not all that permit free streaming are legal or safely authorized. Some access these webs for entirely free streaming and pirated links which are harmful because malware can be laced with it as well as unethical with regards to disrespecting the creators of the shows or movies. 

Hence, always opt for ethical websites. Some of the best (legal) websites to watch free tv shows online are listed below:-

Best sites to watch TV Shows online legally

  • Pluto TV
  • CW Seed and CW TV
  • Tubi
  • Vumoo
  • Soap2Day
  • Youtube
  • FlixTor

1. Pluto TV

A redrawn version of our home television, Pluto TV allows the user to skim through the entire website as if flipping through the channels of television using a remote control. You can almost watch any kind of show you wish to see; be it daily soaps and serials, any original TV shows, skimming through the news clips and much more over the sports arena. 

The easy-to-use and flip through platform offers seamlessly smooth maneuvering throughout its entire usage. 

2. CW Seed and CW TV

Do you belong to a fandom of superheroes? Then CW TV is the right choice for you. CW TV has a fairly good curation of mostly superhero flicks that are entirely free to stream. Even though the platform has limited shows to stream, the overall quality and speed of streaming video make up for the fallen points. 

The CW Seed is sort of a subsite of CW TV, however, it brings surprise to see that the platform has an elevated standard that CW TV with original TV shows, of superhero and sci-fi stories indeed, and a fair set of collection of shows to binge-watch. Both the sites are free to use without any subscription. 

3. Tubi

While several websites offer you the hassle of signing up and creating an account, and later plaguing you with unnecessary emails, Tubi seems to be the oasis here. It does not require you to do any sign-up process here before using the site. 

But, the extra benefit of signing up on Tubi involves permission to create a list of current watches and bucket lists and other features of organising your account according to your need. Along with a decent collection of TV shows that are entirely free to avail, the user-friendly and easy-to-use website is quite compatible with both Android and iOS. Also, the User Interface of the website is immensely smooth and seethes with high-definition video streaming quality. 

4. Vumoo

It is an entirely free movie and TV shows streaming platform that can be easily accessed with a minor download. In Vumoo, the user can float around the screen, toil near the search box, type the movie or TV show that they wish to see and then click on from the recommended options that pop up. 

Due to the user-friendly and easy to maneuver through a virtual interface for the users, the category segregation that is available on mostly all kinds of platforms is absent here as the swift search feature would be enough to pick up the hints easily. 

5. Soap2Day

While there are free websites that cause the nuisance of apps and in-app purchases to gain subscription over the restricted features plus freedom from the incessantly troubling ads, Soap2Day is designed by its developers to aid the users with both its absolutely free streaming with no issues of pop-up ads that would ruin your watch experience. 

Another alluring feature of this website is that it also has streaming platforms for various types of sports and not solely limited to TV shows and movies.

6. Youtube TV

An in-built app that is available in all the mobile phones manufactured today, Youtube has some good streaming platforms for TV shows. Mostly, they are free. The advantage of using Youtube to watch TV shows because some of them could be the exotic ones from foreign media that are either dubbed or subbed in a suitable language, ethically, for the users in other countries to have access to it. 

The currently in-trend shows and movies are from Korean entertaining media and Turkish. There are also media houses that air their shows on Youtube instead of owing to the OTT platforms. 

7. FlixTor

A completely free to avail platform that is accessible on desktops, laptops and mobile phones, FlixTor is one of the best streaming platforms for watching TV shows as well as favorable movies. The best part is that the user can even download the TV shows that are streaming online in order to watch them later on if you happen to leave it midway. 

It has a vast collection of movies and TV shows to choose from. You can do a short search of what movie or show you wish to see and then sit down with your popcorn as you enjoy the explicit visual experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. Are all these websites safe?

Yes, all these sites mentioned are appropriate and safe. However, if you have your doubts and also as a safety measure, you can opt for a free VPN in order to protect your data and system while using the online free TV shows streaming websites. 

  1. Am I supposed to use only geo-restricted VPN?

No, it is not needed. You can use any of the appropriate VPN. You can download an appropriate VPN accessing the app and use it by connecting to a suitable network of your choice. However, be sure that the network you are accessing is safe and feasible. 

  1. Are free streaming sites legal?

Yes, they are. If you are using an app that is approved for the public domain and freely accessible to the general masses then it is legal. 

  1. Is Netflix available for free?

There is a website called where Netflix lets you stream some of its shows or parts of shows for free.

That’s a wrap! Did you like our latest roundup on the best legal sites to stream and watch TV shows online? Which sites are you using right now? Do share your thoughts in the comments.


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