Best Twitter Bots to Follow in 2022

Like the Telegram bot, a Twitter bot is a type of bot software or it is a programmed Twitter account that uses the Twitter API to perform tasks specified by its author. Some of these accounts are quite entertaining, while others are good to have around. Twitter bots are definitely a worthwhile pastime, especially if you’re looking for something new and different to follow. And that’s why we’ve put together this list—to make sure you know some of the really cool ones. Hopefully, you will find some that you like.

With new bots popping up every day, we are here to filter through the chaff to bring you a list of the best Twitter bots out there. The ones that actually add something useful to your life, entertain you, or are just plain weird and wonderful. The bots in this list cover all of those criteria and more so, if you’re not using Twitter bots already, you really need to start. Although your Twitter experience will vary depending on the accounts and subjects you follow, employing Twitter bots is an additional option to get more out of the platform.

Top Twitter bots to follow

  1. Remind Me of This Tweet
  3. Free Game Findings
  4. Pikaso
  5. Emoji Mashup Plus
  6. Earthquake Robot
  7. Thread Reader App
  8. Quoted Replies 
  9. Colorize_Bot
  10. DownloadThisVideo

1. Remind Me of This Tweet (@remindme_ofthis)

While scrolling through your Twitter feed you may find Tweets you’d like to see later, maybe in a few hours, tomorrow, or even in a year. Remind Me Of This Tweet is a bot that will do exactly that. Simply mention @remindme of this underneath the tweet you’d like to be reminded of, along with the time you’d like the reminder to occur.

For example, you can comment @remindme this in 4 hours to get notified of a tweet after 4 hours. The bot will then set your reminder, providing you with the exact day and time when it will be sent. If the timing is wrong, then you can fix it using the given link.

2. DSCOVR:EPIC (@dscovr_epic)

If you’re interested in photographs of the Earth, the DSCOVR:EPIC bot will be just up your alley. It’s a simple Twitter bot that broadcasts near-realtime photographs of the Earth from the DSCOVR satellite’s EPIC camera. Every day, you may expect anywhere from 10 to 13 photos of the Earth from SCOVR: EPIC.

3. Free Game Findings (@freegamefinding)

If you play a lot of games and enjoy trying out new titles, Free Game Finding Bot can help you find free bargains on PC/PS/Xbox games. This was created for the Reddit topic FreeGameFindings. The bot, like its subreddit, regularly offers free gaming bargains.

If you’re already a member of this subreddit, you should follow Free Game Findings on Twitter to stay up to date on similar prices.

4. Pikaso (@pikaso_me)

Pikaso is a Twitter bot that is quite useful. If you love snapping screenshots of Tweets on Twitter and sharing them on other social media platforms, this is a great application that can help you capture some truly stunning images. Whenever you want to capture screenshot of a tweet mention Pikaso using @pikaso me and text screenshot. Pikaso will send you a link to the screenshot, which you can click and save to your device. You can also change the look of the screenshot of the tweet to your liking.

Apart from these basic capabilities, Pikaso also offers some subscription plans that give you access to API access, automation features, and some other additional features.

5. Emoji Mashup Plus (@emojimashupbot)

If you ever find yourself stumped for the right emoji to use in a given situation, the Emoji Mashup Plus bot is a good place to start. This bot, as the name suggests, mashes up random emoji to create a new emoji. These emoji are ideal for expressing feelings that don’t fit in with normal emoji.

Emoji Mashup Bot has a younger sibling, Emoji Mashup Plus (@emojimashupplus), which makes new emojis from three randomly selected emoji pieces.

6. Earthquake Robot (@earthquakebot)

If you or someone you know lives in an earthquake prone area, you should look into earthquake robots. It’s a simple Twitter bot that tweets about an earthquake of magnitude 5.0 or greater occurring around the world.

In addition, the bot includes a map link with the exact coordinates of the earthquake’s location, which you can open in Google Maps to view.

7. Thread Reader App (@threadreaderapp)

The Thread Reader App is a great Twitter bot for following and archiving threads if you use Twitter frequently and follow accounts that post informative/practical threads. This is one of our favourite thread-saving Twitter bots.

To use it, open the thread you want to save and add @threadreaderapp to the end of the thread, followed by the unroll keyword. The Thread Reader app will return a link to the thread, displaying all of the Tweets in a blog format that you can bookmark or save as a PDF on your device.

8. Quoted Replies (@quotedreplies)

Quote Tweets or Replies are a great way to share someone else’s (or your own) tweet while adding your own comment. While you can view quoted tweets on a Tweet by navigating to its Retweets, the Quoted Replies bot can do this for you.

Simply open the tweet you wish to see the quoted tweets/replies for and post a comment stating @quotedreplies. Quoted Replies will restore to their original state with a link. To see all of the quoted replies to that tweet, open it.

9. Colorize Bot (@colorize_bot)

Colorize Bot uses artificial intelligence to convert black and white photos into colour versions. Colorize Bot can convert a black-and-white image to a colour image if you have an old black-and-white image you want to have colours in or if you come across a tweet containing a black-and-white image.

To do so, simply mention the bot by its handle (@colorize bot) below the image you want to colorize. You can also tweet an image and mention the bot to have it turned into a colourful version.

10. DownloadThisVideo (@this_vid)

It’s possible that you might want to save the video or GIF embedded in the Tweet to your device for later viewing. If it does then you can use the DownloadThisVideo bot to get the link of the video/GIF you want to download.

To do so, mention @this vid in the tweet that contains the video you wish to download to receive a link to the video you’ve requested. Twitter username is a common example of this connection.

This link will direct you to a page containing all the video/GIF download URLs you have requested in the last 48 hours. Using these links, you can either stream these videos or download them locally to your device. Also, if the bot doesn’t return the download link, you can visit your DownloadthisVideos profile link and set up notifications to be notified when the download link is available.

Wrapping Up – Best Twitter bots

All of the bots I’ve listed above are pretty awesome. I’d recommend trying them out if you haven’t already, but they’re not perfect. You’ll notice that some of the bots aren’t adhering to the 140-character limit, which is something Twitter is actively working to stop. I’m sure all of the developers behind these bots will update them accordingly if Twitter starts cracking down on this behaviour. And there are some other quirks and issues with each bot, but all in all, it’s hard to deny that they’re a lot of fun.

Abhishek is a startup ninja who has spent his time meeting entrepreneurs and helping them tell their stories efficiently. You can find him biking around in his past time. Based out of New Delhi, he is a geek at heart, gadgets are his toys and internet technology is what keeps him going. Email:
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