Credit Card Generator: What, Why and How To Create Fake Credentials?

A Fake Credit Card Generator, or a fake cc generator, is known as a software program that creates fake credit card credentials for the user. It has been predominantly used by several companies in order to check the legitimacy of an e-commerce website to see if the numbers are processed properly. 

The tool is used to create fake but valid credit card credentials for different credit card companies like visa, mastercard, JCB, Maestro, etc. The dummy details are generated along with some real money, a few mandatory cents for running the tests on websites. 

How Does It Work?

The fake credit card generator uses some guidelines and set of rules for generating a valid fake credit card detail. You can enter a length of numbers and then the software will run the operation based on the credit card company chosen. 

After that, it will begin to eliminate those parts that do not comply with the rule book of the credit card for the particular company and then process a verdict. 

When you have successfully generated a fake credit card, the credentials are rewarded with little money for doing the tests. 

How To Generate Fake Credit Card Credentials? 

The fake credentials are easy to generate. All you have to do is visit a legitimate fake credit card generator tool page and use the software provided. Enter the fake credit card numbers you wish to seek, security code and expiry date. Also, select the credit card company from where you want to create a fake credit card. 

After that, only click on the generate button and wait for the details to come out as your fake credit card credentials. 

However, some of the tool pages allow the ‘random’ mode to be applied on the security codes, i.e. the CVV or CVC number, and on the expiry dates.

Rules Followed For Fake Credit Card Generation

A certain set of rules followed for the generation of valid fake details of credit cards are:-

  • The visa card usually begins from the number ‘4’
  • The mastercard generally end by number ‘5’
  • The bank identification numbers which are generated by the bank itself are included in the first six digits of the credit card.
  • The rest of the digits are part of the account number of the person. As this is derived from the account holder and every account number is unique, the details are valid when the last 6 to 9 digits are unique as well.
  • Following the law of Luhn’s Algorithm, the last digit of the credit card number is the error detection feed for the algorithm to work. This algorithm is used by various companies in order to detect errors while they are issuing accounts or memberships for their customers.

Similar to the unique identification code that is embedded in the ISBN of a book, Luhn’s is embossed over the last digit of the credit card number. 

Using these methods, a fake credit card number can be generated. When companies make a site for running their business, they also use these tactics to check the security. 

Fraudulent Uses

Frauds and fraudulent cases seem to never cease in the age of growing technology. The fake credit card generator is therefore used by many criminal minds for cheating on people. These dummy details have been used to dupe people by using the real credit card generator. The fake credentials created are then not checked for validity. 

Then, they place orders for buying and shop more in order to infiltrate. They test more numbers and see which one could be the actual credit card number. They also use a fake address generator, a software that can spoof the IP address being used online, so that their traces and activity are erased. 

Soon, when they get hold of a legitimate credit card number, it is used illicitly until the actual owner gets to know that he is a subject to credit card fraud. 

How To Be Protected From Fraud?

As a credit card holder and consumer, be sensitive about the details of your credit card. Most of the time when the fraudsters keep doing the fraud, we tend to ignore the popped messages we receive that give alert of a transaction that has happened. 

When you find a message that says a transaction has happened, and you or your family members are not the one doing it as per your knowledge, immediately report the bank and block the card. 

Also, regularly check the credit card details and credit scores in order to spot any suspicious tampering that might have happened.

As a businessman, it is important to tighten the security of the shopping website. Increase the loops of verification so that prevention against such crimes can be undertaken. 

Your precautionary steps revolve around monitoring the site with a vigilant software, scanning the billing and shipping address, IP address of the buyer, CVV of the credit card and its expiration date. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. Is it illegal to use a fake credit card generator?

A fake credit card generator is completely legal and ethical to use unless the form of usage does not hint on illicit affairs like doing frauds with people. The utilisation of fake credit card generators has been in the business and e-commerce industry for the past few years because of its essential contribution to running tests. 

2. How are these fake details valid?

These fake details might be generated randomly but have validity because of the set of rules imbued in them. Every credit card has some technicalities (for example, the visa card always starts from the number ‘4’) that has to be followed accordingly while generating fake credit card credentials. 

3. Can I use the fake credit card credential generator so that I can use some free trials?

While the fake credentials generated can be used for availing of free trials over some apps with paid versions, it is strongly advised not to as this is also a kind of fraud and illegal.

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