Five Apps That Can Be Best Alternatives of TikTok

TikTok has become a prominent name in the social media industry owing to its ease of use and overall entertainment perspectives. Millions of hearts have been hooked within a short time.

However, things didn’t sail as smoothly for it as everyone thought. 

As an app with several controversies revolving nationwide, TikTok now might not be the most liked app. The fall in trust escalated fast due to the potential privacy issues to the extent that several countries have banned its use altogether. 

Unsure about the use of TikTok? We have devised some of the best alternatives that you can try for a similar level of entertainment. 


If you are interested in creating high-end short videos, Triller can be your alternative to Tiktok. This app is super simple and easy to use. You can make videos, edit them, and select the fitting soundtracks to go with them. 

Thriller might be your best shot if you don’t wish to go through the hassle of editing by yourself. The algorithms of this app can help you edit the videos automatically, also adding suitable songs according to your preferences.

The special effects, lighting, filters and everything else is addictive. It also lets you use different looks for each clip in the video. Moreover, Triller is well-liked by many big names like Selena Gomez and other celebrities. 

Youtube Shorts

As the most loved app worldwide, youtube is a behemoth for its videos covering practically any topic ranging from technological advancements, business ideas, life hacks, DIY, and Social media, to even the best online casino games. 

After the success of lengthy videos, youtube shorts are on a roll now. No one is unfamiliar with youtube shorts anymore. Many people love these as an alternative to TikTok videos. 

Most of the time, the videos on tik tok and youtube resemble a lot since the same content creators are using both platforms to engage the audience. 

Youtube shorts provide a better-curated experience as compared to tik tok. Making youtube shorts differs from a tik tok video by many folds. The app contains features not seen on TikTok, such as extensive video editing tools, automated captioning, facial identification, etc. 

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels take short videos one step ahead. Although the app doesn’t provide you with the facility of comprehensive editing tools like youtube shorts, you can still incorporate the effects, filters, stickers, songs, and simple editing features to personalize your video. 

Unlike TikTok, Instagram algorithms customize the reels to your preferences as you scroll down the page. This enhances the user experience and chances of sharing the videos. 

What’s more, if you are a content creator yourself, you don’t have to start over on TikTok. Leverage your Instagram followers to gain more followers by starting campaigns or more. 


Byte is another platform that allows you to create mini videos and share them on any platform of your choice. 

The best news about this app is its compatibility with Snapchat. Now it’s easier to send your streaks in the form of yourself creating videos quickly or the other way around. 

Another feature that surpasses the tik tok is that the videos created by Byte can be as long as 60 minutes. So you don’t have to fret about being unable to cover all your desired content in one video.

Other incredible features include voice-over with your own voice, text overlays, music, effects, video editing tools and much more. 


Last on the list, but not in any way the least. Likee is a blend of youtube and TikTok, allowing you to make short-form or long-form videos to your liking. 

The interface of Likee resembles TikTok a lot. However, you can see some apparent differences. Most of all, you can go live and interact with your followers face to face. The live tab displays real-time videos and allows you to battle side by side. Fun, Ain’t it?

To edit your videos, you are provided numerous filters, stickers and effects like face-swap, virtual makeup, hair color, comic hero swap, and so much more.


Although each app comes with its own unique features, it is not impossible to switch from one app to another. Tik tok has a lot of competitors now that you can use these days. So, make your choice and enjoy the video content to your heart’s fill.

The TeamBTP staff byline is mostly used for collaborative articles and other posts covering technology news, features, leaks, informative lists, comparisons, how-tos, and more.
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