Google to ban third-party call recording apps from tomorrow

Google last month announced a ban on call recording apps from the Play Store, which will be effective from tomorrow i.e., May 11. This means that if you have any third-party call recording app then it may not work.

Why Google is making this change is still not known. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant has been against call recording apps and services for several years now. This is because the company believes that recording calls is a violation of the privacy of the users. Because of that, the call recording feature on Google’s own dialer app comes with a loud and clear “This call is now being recorded” alert, clearly audible on both sides before the recording starts.

Google has clarified that the change will only affect third-party apps. The company has made it clear that all built-in recording apps available as part of the interface provided by companies such as OnePlus, Xiaomi and Samsung will not be affected by this change. The Google Recordings app will also be available on select smartphones and will not be affected by this change.

Only apps with call recording features available on the Google Play store will be killed. Which means that either Google will ban these apps on the Play Store or will ask the owners to remove their apps.

In addition, Google now requires personal loan apps in India to meet additional proof of eligibility requirements, including a copy of their license by the RBI, and a declaration that they are not directly involved in money lending activities and providing only one platform to facilitate lending of funds to users by registered non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) or banks.

A day after Google announced the ban on call recording apps, Truecaller also joined the league and announced about the removal of call recording feature from its platform.

Suyash Singh
Suyash Singh
Suyash is an engineering graduate who loves to explore and learn new things. During his pass time, He likes to travel and meet people.
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