Everything you need to build an epic gaming room

Every hardcore gamer will know, having your own gaming space can not only enhance your skills, but can be an area of sanctuary where you can go to escape reality for a while. When planning out your gaming room there are a few things to consider.

How to build an epic gaming room

First, look at your house. Do you have a spare room you can use, a basement of even a garage that has no car in? All of these are great areas to transform into your gaming paradise.

#It starts with the technology

That tiny 12 inch monitor you’re currently using, probably won’t cut it in the long run. Investing in some new monitors is a must when creating your gaming room. One important factor to consider when choosing, is to ensure your new monitor offers the proper aspect ratio for gaming which is 16:9.

Once you’ve sorted your screens, it’s time to move to sound. Sound is such an important element when it comes to gaming. Either a soundbar or surround sound works best, and if you shop around you can find both for a relatively good price.

Don’t forget those all-important cables though. XLR cable assemblies like the ones from RS Components are a must for your setup. By purchasing good quality cables, you can ensure that nothing interrupts your gaming sessions.

#Decorate your space

This is where the fun really starts. Whether you’re starting completely from scratch or you have a few things already, you can be as personal as you want.

If you’re at the very beginnings of decorating your space, think about colours and lighting. What mood do you want to create? Do you want to create a light, airy space? Or do you want to go big and bold?

Once you’ve finished the basics, it’s time to get creative. Decorate your space using things like retro posters and gaming memorabilia. If you don’t have these already, there are plenty of online stores where you can order posters featuring your favourite characters.

#Don’t forget something comfy to sit on

Whether you choose a sofa, beanbags or a gaming chair, making sure you’re comfy whilst you’re gaming for hours on end is super important. If buying something brand new isn’t in your budget, check sites like eBay or the Facebook shop to see if what you need is on there. It’s a great and inexpensive way to kit out your new gaming room.

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And…that’ a wrap! Did you like our article? We sincerely hope reading our article is going to help you in building an epic gaming paradise.

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