How to disable auto-update apps on iPhone and Mac

Automatic update aka ( auto-update) of software and apps on iPhone and Mac is useful because these features automatically update software and apps on your Apple device in the background, keeping everything up-to-date. However, not everyone wants this feature and it may be better to know what you are downloading, even if you have been using the same app for a while.

To be honest, it is not a good idea to run old/outdated versions of software/apps on your iPhone and Mac devices. Since it can hamper the overall performance of your device. However, if you don’t want here is a handy guide to disable auto-update apps on iPhone and Mac devices.

How to turn off app updates on iPhone?

  • Go to setting apps and select the App Store option.
  • You will see the App updates option there. Turn off this using the toggle button.

That’s all. You have successfully turned off app updates on your iPhone. We recommend that you visit the App Store from time to time to check for the latest updates for the apps installed on your device. However, before you update any app manually, don’t forget to read the update details first.

How to turn off app updates on Mac?

To turn off auto app updates on Mac, follow below the steps: –

  • Go to Apple menu on the top left corner and select the system preferences
  • Now, select the software updates options.
  • Click on the advanced option.
  • You will get the options to disable auto update.
How to turn off app updates on Mac?
  • Uncheck all the options as per your desire.

We recommend unchecking the app updates options. You should keep the MacOS update checked so that you don’t miss out on the latest updates from Apple for your device.

That’s all folks. This is how you can turn off app updates on your iPhone and Mac device. To turn it on, you should proceed in the same way. At last, we suggest you periodically launch the application store and manually update the programs by reading the description of the updates.

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