Moj App: How To Download Moj Videos On Android, iOS and PCs?

The advent of Moj brought life back into the 7 million users active on the platform since the banning of TikTok in India. This Made in India app has been created by Ankush Sachdeva, developed by Bangalore-based Mohalla Tech Pvt. Ltd., and has been made available in 16 languages. The app already holds 100 million + users in its directory. 

Released in June 2020, it is regarded as one of the largest video-sharing platforms in India that acts as the best replacement for TikTok. It provides similar features of streaming videos, singing, dancing, and that too within the 15 secs time. The user can share any sort of video, within the boundaries of certain guidelines of conduct, within that specified 15 secs and let the audience see the creativity. 

While the audience does enjoy the creativity presented on screen, many are unaware of the download feature in Moj App that lets the user download the videos they like from the app. 

How to download and install the Moj app on mobile phones?

The app is compatible with mobile users, both Android and iOS. The Android users can access the app from the Google PlayStore while the iOS users have the App Store. 

  • In order to download and install the Moj app on Mobile phones, follow the given steps:- (for both android and iOS users)
  • Click on the Google PlayStore App (for Android users)/Click on the App Store (for iOS users
  • In the search bar, type Moj App and then look for the relevant options and suggestions. Click on the Moj App when you find it. 
  • Select the installation option. Wait for a while till the app gets downloaded and installed on your mobile device. The file size for Android users is 78 MB while it is 147.9 MB for iOS users. 
  • Once the installation is complete, click open the Moj App to do the required setups in the application in order to create your profile. Then, you are ready to go forth to make your large pool of fanbase with your laudable talent as an influencer!

How to download Moj videos on mobile phones?

It has been unbeknownst to many that the Moj platform also allows the user to download the videos they wish to. In order to get a video on Moj stored in the local storage space of your mobile device, follow the given steps diligently:-

  • Open the Moj App that was priorly downloaded and installed on your phone. Search for the video that you wish to download. 
  • An arrow icon will be available on the video at the bottom right-hand side. Click on it. 
  • Then, select the ‘Share’ tab that appeared from the drop-down menu. Options of sharing the video to various social media and text-messaging sites shall appear. 
  • There will be a download option visible as well. Select the Download button. 
  • A permission button might pop up where the app probably will ask permission regarding the accessing of the media files and storage of your device to start the download process. Click to agree and then proceed. 
  • Once you allow it, the video will start downloading and get saved in your gallery. You will also receive a notification regarding the same. 

Move to your phone gallery where the video has been downloaded and click on it to stream. 

How to download and install the Moj app on a PC?

Even though the Moj App is made specifically for Mobile users of Android and iOS, there are some workaround ways to get the application downloaded on your PC system (for both Windows and Mac users). 

The PC users are left with majorly two options: you can either use some unofficial APK files available online to download or use emulators (either android or iOS). 

For APK files, you can use any of the links provided below and then merely click on the download option. 

For emulators, choose the Bluestacks emulator. You can download it from its official website.

Then, run the particular OS of the related mobile device (Bluestacks is compatible with both Android and iOS emulators). Find Moj App from the respective app store and then play it online.

How to download Moj videos on PC?

Downloading the Moj App videos on PC (be it macOS or Windows) comes out nearly the same as while doing the download for Moj videos on mobile phones. The only difference is that you have to open the app on the PC from the provided icon. 

An alternative method to get the videos on your PC is:-

  • First, download the application on your phone. Then, send the video on Whatsapp or any other sharing platform.
  • Then, open the Whatsapp application online on your PC and seek the chat where you have sent the video. 
  • Click on the video to open and play it. You can also download it if needed. 


The PC users can happily use the APK files or opt for emulators. However, it is advised to be equipped with a VPN while downloading the file from APK versions because there is a high risk of coming in contact with malware-laced files online. 

Some of the links to get the app downloaded from secured sites are provided earlier. The user can choose any according to the device and the OS harbored. Also, let us know in the comments what you think about the methods to download Moj app videos.

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