How To Download Twitch Videos, Vod and Stream?

Twitch has become the most popular game streaming platform; viewers interacting from various corners of the world are free to watch the games streaming, follow various channels as per whim as well as utilise the chat room for chatting with other mates. However, twitch misses out on its downloading feature. 

The 15 million users engaging on the platform nearly every day who belong from the group of gaming fandom might be the ones to desire a downloader for videos, streams and VOD, unlike the disinterested non-gamers. 

Are you a hardcore gamer and wish to know the secrets of downloading the amazing videos, streams and VODS to watch them later at a more peaceful pace rather than the untimely hours when you might be busy? 

As the absence of a downloading feature on Twitch unnerves many, here is your take by using these methods!

How To Download Twitch Videos?

The following steps of downloading Twitch videos for future rewatching and sharing on other platforms (with credit to the original creator) mostly involve the usage of either browser-based software or third-party applications. They are:-

1. iTubeGo

A simple to use software, iTubeGo is not only used for downloading Twitch but also various other videos from different platforms. You have to download the software on your system and then move to paste the URL. Paste the link of the video you want to download and then click download. 

iTubeGo is lauded specifically for its high-quality video download, unlike many others. 

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, all supporting all kinds of video players, Streamlink can be used to watch streams indefinitely.  Download it from GitHub and then use it to stream the videos you wish to watch by browsing the streams via channel name, games, popularity, etc.

3. 4K Video Downloader

Known as the best cross-platform application, 4K Video Downloader for Twitch has the fastest speed of download. All you have to do is paste the link or URL of the video you want to download and click on the download option. 

4. Twitch Leecher

It is a third-party application that sits mostly compatible with Windows and has the easiest use. You only have to know the ID or URL of the Twitch Video you want to download. Then, run a search over the app using the ID or URL. Once you do find the video, select download. 

It does not work for subscriber-only (where there is no special member access) videos. 

5. Clipr

It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly software where the main function relies on finding the right URL or link of the video you want to download. As Clipr is a web-based software, there lies no need in taking up extra space like that of an application. Then, paste the link and select the download button. The file will be downloaded and stored in the local storage of your device. 

How To Download Twitch VOD?

Video On Demand (VOD) gives the freedom to both the streamer and the viewers to download the streaming videos, even if they are offline. The VOD gives a better reach to the streamers by saving their streams and video to the account and then putting it up for the viewers to access even when the streamers are not online. 

Firstly, you need to save the Twitch VOD, How?

Go to your Twitch Account; from the Settings, select Channels and Videos before moving to click on Streams from the left drop-down. On the right, under the Stream Keys and Preferences header, select ‘Store Past Broadcasts’ to switch the toggle on. 

Now, if you want your VOD to be saved on your device (laptop or desktop or mobile), here are the guidelines for downloading apps based on the compatibility of your device:-

(For iPhone)

Step 1: Go to the twitch account and select ‘aA’ lying in the upper left corner of your iPhone screen. 

Step 2: Go to the drop-down list to select the requested desktop website. 

Step 3: Select your username lying on the right corner.

Step 4: Select Video Producer.

Step 5: You will be redirected to your past broadcasts and streams. Choose the one you want to download and copy its URL. 

Step 6: Install and launch VLC software on your iPhone. 

Step 7: Run the video on the newly-downloaded software after pasting the link to its download section and downloading it successfully.

(For Android)

For downloading your own videos from Twitch, it is quite an easy process. All you have to do is go to the Twitch app and then select Settings. Move to Channel and on the video that you might have uploaded. Click on the toggle on the Store Past Broadcasts. When this switch is one, your videos that you share or upload on Twitch will be automatically downloaded into your account. 

Now, to save from your account to your system (pc or any other device), go to Video Producer and click on the Video Download option after selecting the video you wish to download. Your video will be downloaded to your system. 

If you have not switched it on, you have 14 days in a basic account to do this step for restoring the video and around 60 days in the paid versions. 

For Windows and Mac and other PC users, follow the similar guideline of finding the video producer past broadcasts. Then, install a compatible device to download and run the video. 


The aforementioned steps are for those who want to download others’ videos. Kindly remember that these steps are involved in ethical use only when you give proper credits to the original creator or owner. Violating these rights is an offense of copyright. Also, it is advised to the creators and streamers that if possible, kindly use watermarks over the videos or clips that you put up for streaming for your viewers. 

However, there are options of limiting platforms, your public visibility might be hampered. Therefore, try to use watermarks. 

So, what do you think about these pointers? Let us know in the comment section!

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