Is Your Roku Screen Black? Here’s the Quick Fix!

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Has your Roku screen gone black? The cause of a Roku black screen can be as extreme as a loose cable or wrong input selection to a shoddy TV screen. Below are several troubleshooting steps to help you figure out how to get the picture back.

Why is Roku Showing a Black Screen?

The reason for the black screen on Roku can be either the device itself or your TV. Knowing who to address will make all the difference in your troubleshooting. If the TV is working fine, and only the Roku has a black screen, then troubleshooting is needed in the Roku, and most of the tips below will be helpful. If you get a black screen when using a streaming device, but the problem is with the TV, we have some help for that too.

What to Do When Roku Screen Goes Black?

Follow these troubleshooting tips in order, even if you don’t think one or two of them are necessary. These easy-to-complete tips are the first on this list and can get your Roku back in working order compared to some of the more detailed steps. Some of these are only relevant for set-top Rokus, while others are appropriate for TVs with Roku built-in.

  1. Reboot the Roku Device: – When the Roku doesn’t have a picture for you to access the menu, the best way to do this is to unplug its power cable (wait several seconds) and then re-attach it. For TVs with Roku on the inside, you need to turn off the TV itself and turn it back on.
  1. Check the Cables: – Access the back of the TV and make sure all cables the Roku uses are connected securely—it should be easy to figure out if you’ve completed Step 1.

Press the device firmly into the video port, and make sure the power cable is in the correct place. For troubleshooting purposes, it’s best to connect the power cable to a wall outlet with the power adapter included with the Roku (ie, don’t use your TV’s USB port).

Now is an excellent time to narrow down the cabling that is needed. Remove everything you can to make a clean connection: HDMI extension cables, adapters, or any other device plugged in between the Roku and the TV. This will help eliminate those items as the cause of the screen problem.

  1. Check Correct Input:- Make sure the TV is on the correct input. The Roku attaches to one of the video ports on your TV, so the only way to use it is to direct the TV to the correct source via the Input/Source button on your TV remote. Most TVs have some input options (eg, HDMI 1 and 2). Cycle through them if necessary, waiting several seconds after selecting each until the Roku is displayed on the screen.
  1. Reset your Roku: – You can reset it by pressing the reset button on the device. Alternatively, you can press the Home button on the remote, then go to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset.

This will restore the software to its factory defaults, which may fix the black screen issue. However, since there is no picture, your only option is to do a hard reset; (see reset link above).

  1. Troubleshoot the HDMI connection problem: – There are two things you should do:
    • Try a different HDMI port. If there are other available ports on the back of your TV, attach the Roku to one of them, and then repeat Step 3. The physical connector on the TV may be bad, but the one next to it may work fine.
    • Try a different HDMI cable. If there is no picture and no sound, the cable may be bad.
  2. Restore Channels & Internet Connection: – If menu items are visible but the Roku is only black when someone is trying to play a video, this is a typical problem that is resolved in one of two ways:
    • Restore the non-working channel. For example, if the Roku won’t play YouTube videos but all other aspects are working fine, delete and reinstall the YouTube app.
    • Troubleshooting for slow internet. A working Roku that won’t stream video (or won’t do it very well) is most likely due to a congested network. The most viable solution is to block network activity from your other devices.
  3. Try using Different TV: – If possible, try using the Roku on a different TV. If that doesn’t work, the Roku itself, in all likelihood, needs to be replaced (or contact Roku to see about returning it).

If it works on the other TV, you need to address this as a TV problem; continue with these steps.

  1. At this point, you’ve confirmed the Roku works, but your TV doesn’t.
  2. The picture is not coming: – If the Roku has sound but no image—you might be able to hear the remote clicking through a menu item—there may be a problem with how the device is dealing with the resolution settings with your TV.

Try changing one of the image settings on your TV (using the TV remote), such as turning on/off overscan or adjusting the zoom level. Some users have had luck to reverse Roku black screen in this way.

If a picture pops up after doing this, change the resolution to something else on the Roku. For example, first, try autodetecting if it’s not already selected. If that doesn’t work, try a 720p TV (play with these options until one of them works).

Common FAQs – Roku Screen

  • Why is my Roku screen green?

If you see a green, blue, or purple screen when trying to watch TV with your Roku, first check the connections on the television and device to make sure they’re secure. Then, reset the Roku. Lastly, try using a different HDMI cable, as a faulty cable can also cause a green screen.

  • What to do if my Roku is stuck on the loading screen?

If your TV is frozen on the loading screen or won’t move with jumpy letters, try resetting the Roku using the remote. Press the Home button five times, then the Up arrow once, the Rewind button twice, and the Fast Forward button twice. This may take some time, but the Roku should restart.

That’s all for today guys! Here’s how you can troubleshoot when the Roku TV screen goes black. If you have any other questions, do share them in the comment box.

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