How to Get Free Robux To Play Roblox

Roblox is a popular online gaming platform that encompasses a vast pool of games ranging from anything to everything. The users can collate on this platform and create games that they as well as other users can also play. Hence, this gives rise to a plethora of games on the platform.

Robux is actually the online currency or money in the Roblox gaming world. In order to avail games, get updates, accessories as well as a guise in Avatars, money is needed—which is Robux. 

Why Do I Need Free Robux?

Roblox only accepts Robux; therefore, your regular money will not be accepted. You have to avouch the Robux currency and only then will the platform let you move ahead. You can buy the Robux currency using the actual money and then proceed with the Roblox platform games. 

However, the addicting platform can burn completely in your pocket. The constant flow of cash seems asinine to afford. Therefore, you might have crossed paths with your subconscious self asking for a magic tool to get showers of free Robux so that you can continue to play your favourite game.

While the showers of free currency might be unreal to be fulfilled, there are certain workaround methods to rummage, ransack and fill your pockets with Robux flow.

Some of the best ways to earn/get free Robux, virtual currency are:-

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is offering various options of earning via the SB points it offers. The SB points earned on Swagbucks can be used to exchange various gifts online, like the Roblox gifts to attain Robux currency. 

All you have to do is participate as a member of their online surveying community and complete the surveys. As you complete the surveys, you will earn points. 

2. Zoombucks

Zoombucks website is a notorious one; it processes and gives away coins for doing something that most of us absolutely abhor–watching ads. 

When you watch ads without interruption, the Zoombucks website will provide you with two options: you can either use the profit of points in exchange for cash or Robux codes. Therefore, by merely watching a couple of ads, the Robux currency can be collected. 

3. Strong Pixel

While this might seem like the most gullible claim to make, Strong Pixel is apparently an online game that can grant Robux to the players. All the user has to do is play the Strong Pixel game and reach the pinnacle of level 10. 

Upon doing so, a reward shall be proliferated to the user. This reward will be in the form of Robux codes that the user can later use to gain Robux money. At most, three Robux codes might be granted. 

4. QMee

Qmee can be called a reverse working site; it provides refunds for all the online purchases that you have made on different stores. While the application cannot grant you your spent money or goner Robux codes from the Roblox platform, it can provide refunds of purchases from other online stores. 

Then, you can use this refunded money to buy more Robux codes on Roblox. 

5. Jetpack Chicken

Jetpack Chicken indeed makes you a chicken in the game where you have to run wild and jump high while getting entangled in obstacles. This online game also promises to win you three Robux codes. 

You are supposed to play the Jetpack Chicken game and win in the end. Upon winning, three Robux codes shall be awarded. 

6. Slide Joy

It might seem like a bother but worth a try. 

SlideJoy is an application that the user can install on their mobile. Then, instead of your screensaver, ads will be played on the screen. Now, whenever you slide the ad, some points will be earned. 

Now, exchange these points to get free Robux codes!

7. PointPrizes

PointPrizes is also an online community that grants points to the users upon completing a survey. In this, the user can join easily without any cost and then start surveying. They can also earn points by watching ads, completing tasks and referring to peers. The points earned can then be used to redeem rewards of money. 

Now, the user can use the money to buy Robux codes. 

Other Means

Mostly, if you do not avail of any of these conjugative methods, the only official endeavours that remain include the following:-

  • You can purchase the Robux virtual currency via mobile app, or browser or Xbox apps
  • Users with a membership account regularly receive stipend of Robux to play Roblux games
  • Users with a membership account get the chance to sell shirts and pants. The profit earned on the same can be used to purchase Robux
  • Users who build or create games on the Robux platform also get the benefit of earning Robux virtual currency. There are certain rules to follow though; the game created on the Roblox platform should be playable, easy-to-use and also accepted by the company. Only then will the user receive codes of Robux to avail the currency. 

Beep Beep!

Roblox has made it clear that there are only a few methods, either official or workaround ones, to avail the Robux online currency. However, if you do happen to come across a certain Robux Generator Tool that says and promises to generate Robux, it is a scam. Therefore, be aware of all these sites that might be malware-laced to latch on to you.  


Released in 2006 with the boisterous bash, the Roblox online gaming platform circumvents through all its initial low traction barriers. It has gained over 202 million monthly active users in 2021 which is a tremendous growth from the 146 million from 2020 last year. 

Around 43.2 million users use the Roblox platform daily which is a huge rise from a mere 16 million in 2016. 

Therefore, it suggests that Roblox has become a favourable platform for many with the evolution of technology. The hiking popularity suggests a spike in the craze to avail Robux currency to play the online games on Roblox.

So, the above-mentioned suggested methods to gain some extra Robux cash entirely for free. Let us know in the comments what you think about it!

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